Dollar Store Challenge entry 2

I had so much fun creating things for Living with Lindsay's Spring Dollar Store Challenge!

A pastel candy topiary. I think Willy Wonka would approve!

Here's my loot from the dollar store: A mug that served as my pot, a package of marshmallow candy, a strofoam cone, a votive holder and candles. It turns out there was already a candle inside the votive holder so I didn't need to buy the package of candles after all.

I stretched the candy out a bit so it went from the top of the cone to the under side of the bottom and held it in place with stick pins. I only did three at a time letting them harden (go stale) before adding more candy. I used a stick from my yard for the "tree trunk" part of the topiary.

I cut a scrap of scrapbook paper I had into skinny strips and crumpled it and placed it inside the mug. The glass votive holder is so pretty. Just goes to show you never know what you're going to find at the dollar store!


  1. Lisa that is gorgeous! You are so creative. You amaze me everytime I visit. Thanks for sharing!! Hope you have a fantastic day ~ Tina xx

  2. This looks like a lot of fun, Lisa! Your topiary looks delicious! : )

  3. Lisa,
    That is so darn fun!!!! Such a clever idea!
    smiles, alice

  4. so clever and looks so that's eye candy!!!

  5. You are amazing (everything else I was going to say I can't spell - how pathetic is that) Kay

  6. This is really thinking outside the box! If I wasn't a follower before, I am now :).

  7. Super cute! I would love to do a Candy Land or Willy Wonka party someday. This would be *perfect*!

  8. That topiary is awesome!!! Love how you used that candy!

  9. Super fun! I know if I made this topiary at my house it would get eaten before Easter.

    At least nibbled on by my 2 year old! ;)