Decorating Disasters

Sometimes when I'm crafting things just come together so easily........and other times they are a disaster. See the berries in the apothecary jars. This was a "brilliant" idea I had. Take dried fruit off my tree, place in apothecary jars, and have beautiful decoration for FREE! I kept these in my kichen and admired them everyday.

One day a friend was about to arrive and have lunch at my house. At the last minute I noticed the apothecary jar lids were a little dusty and went to clean them off in the sink. Next thing I know the kitchen is starting to stink....BAD! "What is that smell?" I wondered. Then I realized the fruit in my jars was rotting. Yikes! I put the lids back on and quickly lit some scented candles. My friend had a good laugh about it when I told her. Later that day I threw my "brilliant" idea in the garbage.

Here is my lame attempt at stenciling. Not quite spaced evenly. :) But I will try this project again.
"You hear that stenciling?" "I will master you!!!"

Early this Spring I attempted to make a topiary out of malted candy Easter eggs.

Hot glue and candy do not mix. Duh!

What kind of decorating disasters have you had?


  1. Hi Lisa,
    Oh my goodness, at least you can openly admit your mishaps! LOL!

    I was spray painting an old vintage suitcase the other day and I was down to the last coat. I noticed the heirloom white was coming out tan!! Don't know what caused it but I had already sprayed it on the suitcase and made a mess. Now I am going to try brushing it! burrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    There are many more too. Too many to tell.


  2. Oh these are all so funny. I don't have any pictures of mine, but believe me I have far more disasters than successes. I just keep trying anyway. Hugs, Marty

  3. Yup, I've had some of those, too, Lisa! Sometimes simple things that are easy to fix and somethings things that I've stuck in the back of the closet.

    One was those unfinished wood frames from Michaels, with the peg that stands it up. I did the paper different than I had planned and disaster.

  4. This is how almost ALL of my projects turn out!

  5. I think you have the makings for a great blog party there! Think of all the funny stories to be shared!

  6. LOL! It happens to all of us!!!

    I vote for the blog party as well!!!

  7. I just love this post - how funny! I had a similar situation with my large apothecary jars. All summer long I couldn't wait until fall to place some of those little white pumpkins in the jars along with some vintage decorations. I went nuts finding all of the pumpkins I would need and arranged them just so. I was loving the whole thing until the next morning I noticed how the jars were all steamed up. I guess since I used real vegetables, you can't keep a lid on the jar. My other holiday decorating disaster was the Christmas I decorated our entire outside with beautiful handmade wreaths and garlands using fresh fruit (like in Colonial Williamsburg)....the squirrels loved it as much as me and ate every piece of fruit except the pineapple!

  8. You are too funny! I have had some pretty amazing craft bloopers myself. I love the melted candy topiary!

  9. Too bad about the spring topiary, it's so cute! Luckily, no disasters lately!

  10. Ha! That topiary idea was fabulous! Sorry about the bloopers! That sure happens. I have many to many to list! LOL!
    Love your glass jars by the way

  11. Thanks for sharing. It made me feel better about all of my crafting mistakes. I just thought it was me.

  12. LOL!
    Sorry I have to laugh- Im so glad Im not the only one who does things like this.
    If you do master the stenciling please tell me how you did it because Ive tried SO many times and faily- I just free hand things now.

  13. Hi Lisa,
    I found your blog because you recently visited mine and became a follower...THANK YOU! I'm so glad I did, because of love your DIY mishaps funny!! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one out there having those same kind of "oops" moments (lol).
    Have a great day! ~ Jo

  14. I can see myself doing the same thing in each of these situations! Thanks for sharing's really cute!

  15. See we are not all perfect! but we are pretty close huh? lol Did the same things with some candy once. Not lovely!

  16. Oh Lisa, so funny! Who would have known those berries would rot!!! They looked good though:) I love your decorating disasters and have so many myself I really wouldn't know where to start!! I think the gorgoeus Kim was onto something in her comment, I reckon you have a great idea here for a linky party! I would link to it:) Hope you had a wonderful weekend and have a lovely week ~ Tina xx

  17. Okay, the hot glue and candy one is so great!!!

  18. Love the honesty! Like I said this will be a fun "hop"

  19. So far, I think you get the prize on the Sad Saturday lineup, lol! You made me laugh, that's why. :)


  20. Lisa- Thanks for linking this great post to Sad Saturday! I, too, have had my share of disasters- and yes, fresh fruit/veg. in apothecary jars is one. Hope all your commenters know that they can link up next month for the next Sad Saturday (the second Saturday of the month)- the more the merrier. :-)