Guest Room Preview

There is still LOTS more that I plan to do to the new guest room, but with family on the way this will have to do for now. Here's a little sneaky, peaky of my progress.

Here's the bed. I plan on getting large 26x26 pillows to go all along the back, but I haven't found the perfect ones yet. The quilt was $29.99 at T.J.Maxx. I love that store!

The artwork will be eventually be moved to another spot in the house. I found this antique table for a steal.

It's always nice to have a chair to sit on when you put your shoes on in the morning. I'll explain the sheet in the background in a future post.

This is the beautiful pillow I won from Fleamarket Trixie.

I found this beautiful silver bucket. Perfect for some fun reading at night.

This is the enty way to the room. This is definately going to change. But I thought I'd still go ahead and show you how it looks now.

There is still so very, very much more that I want to do with the room. But at least it's starting to look cute. :)


  1. I think it's lovely. I want a quilt JUST like yours (I have one on my bed now in garnet) to freshen up for spring, but I have a black cat, a gray cat, and a gray tabby cat. I just can't do white.

    I LOVE the table and I HEART the key to my heart idea on the table top.

    So sweet. Love your home, girl!
    :) Laura

  2. It looks so pretty. I can't wait to hear the story about the sheet.

    I know your guests will feel very special in this lovely room.

  3. Those iron vases by the door are beautiful!
    So is the whole room!
    Yeah, I was wondering what clever idea you have for the sheet.
    Guess I'll have to wait to find out.
    TJ Maxx is my friend, too!
    Thanks for sharing the room!
    It sure is sweet!
    Blessings to you!

  4. Your guest room looks beautiful! I love the day bed and little table. They look great with that white quilt! And the chair and's all amazing! You did a great job!

  5. Lisa,
    It looks wonderful! Don't you just love finding bargains at TJ's? So what's behind the curtain??? :)
    Great job!


  6. Love your blog- great ideas- and inspiration- the room is looking lovely- so crisp and clean - I love the chair with the pillow- and I love the plant stand. Great Idea.
    Much ideas here
    Karryann look forward to following you

  7. Your guest room looks great. I love the chair and pillow. Thank you for stopping over to check out all my transplants. I was able to get them all in and I have almost finished weeding all the flower beds. This week will be spent transplanting overgrown flowers from one bed to another. Have a great week.

  8. It's looking lovely in your guest room. Your guests will never want to leave!


  9. Absolutely stunning!! I can't wait until it is completed:)

  10. The room is looking fabulous! So welcoming. But I have to say that you have my curiosity piqued. What is behind that sheet????? HA!

  11. You have such a great eye for arranging tabelscapes. I love what you have done - - a beautiful, relaxing room. Are you taking reservations?

  12. Love the pillow you won and the idea of using the metal container for a magazine holder!! Might have to "borrow" that idea!!!

  13. Oooh, gorgeous! We are starting work on re-doing our guest room, great inspiration! Love that quilt, we just got a white matelasse coverlet for springtime and I am really loving it! Anyway, just wanted to say hi and that I stumbled across your blog, definitely following, it's gorgeous here (great sidebar, too!) XO!

  14. Wow Lisa, your guests are very lucky indeed to be able to stay in this beautiful room! You have done such a lovely job. Enjoy your time with your guests ~ Tina xx

  15. I love love love your room. So many things that are great. Gosh. I am happy I stopped and looked.

  16. So pretty Lisa! It's refreshing to see some dark woods make their way back into decorating again. Just makes your lights look even lighter. :) Nice touches!


  17. Lovely! So tranquil, I want to curl up there with a good book....

  18. You have a lovely guest room. So many nice thoughtful touches for your guests too, like the magazines, good reading lamps, and the comfy chair.

  19. Hi -- it looks wonderful!
    I don't know if you've found your square pillows yet, but I found excellent ones, VERY inexpensively, at JCPenney. My daughter had already taken the down ones I'd had on our guest room bed to use at her apartment, so I just got polyfill and they work great with the shams. And I think cost less than 10 bucks each.

    I wandered here from The Lettered Cottage! Nice to meet you -- Cass