Anthropologie in Arizona

While vacationing in the Phoenix area my family humored me and let me visit the Anthropologie store. It's only the second time I've been to one and once again I was charmed by all the wonderful displays. I took some pictures to share with you. :)

I am drawn to black and white botanical prints so this pillow caught my eye.

I really love these large glass bottles everywhere I see them. However they are not very toddler friendly.

Love this chunky, rustic, bench and the metal basket atop it.

These shelves had a very subtle beach theme. I think it's a great summertime look.

Hmmmmm, how can I make some boxes like these......

I don't care for the mustard colored paint, but everything else is delightful.

Some very whimsical pillows.

I hope you all enjoyed the little tour!


  1. Thanks for the tour. I love that little sofa. I've never been to Anthropologie myself so I really enjoy seeing when others get photos. I've a feeling it's one of those stores I could spend hours in. :)


  2. Great tour. I live here and I havn't been. Guess I really need to make the trip. Hugs, Marty

  3. We have a couple of Anthropologie stores here in town, and I love to go visit from time to time. They have the most creative displays. It is always a treat. Thanks for taking us along to the Phoenix store. ~ Sarah

  4. I love their stores. They always have something that surprises and delights.


  5. It looks like such a neat shop to visit. I wish we had one in our area. May have to road trip it.

  6. Isn't Anthropologie amazing?

    I love those bottles too but we are already having to think about child proofing things around here for baby Mason.

    Lovin' those fun pillows and that tufted love seat in the last photo.