Paint, Paint, Paint

I'd like to introduce you to my new little vignette next to my front door.
Wait until you see how it started out! the ugly police!!

According to the information on the back; Geraldine from Colorado painted this still life in the Fall of 1971. Don't hate me for covering up your painting Gerry! It was marked down to $5.00 at the thrift store. They are the ones dissing you, not me!

First I glued on some left over roofing tiles from my patio table re-do.
The tiles did not want to stick to the canvas so I had to weigh them down until the glue dried.

I painted the frame and covered the roofing tiles with fabric.

The roofing tiles are magnetic. Click to see how to make magnets.

Ta-da!!! A lovely memo board.

Oh, look who came driving by on his little tractor!
Take your eyes off the baby for a moment and notice the black library table behind him.
There is nothing wrong with black, but I painted it so it would coordinate with everything else. 

My husband watched me paint the table this lovely creamy white. He was not around when I distressed the table. When he saw it distressed he said "what happened to it?" Then before I could answer he said "oh, you did that on purpose." He just doesn't "get" distressed furniture, LOL! I'm sure some of you ladies out there know what I'm talking about!

I found this awesome basket at Ross. Unfortunately it was to big for my laundry room.

I was able to rip off the fabric laundry tag and I replaced it with a wooden "2". I bought it unfinished from the craft store and painted it white and gray. I then hot glued it onto the basket.

I really like it !
I chose the number two for my two boys. :)

Here's how it looks all put together.
Now let's break down the accessorizing......

I found this at a shop when I was in Southern Utah.
I'm sure some off you talented ladies out there could make one.

Flowers in a thrift store container.
 I love sage green so I grabbed the metal pot quickly when I spotted it.

Greenery under a cloche. The pot was terra cotta colored. I painted it too.

Some books I ripped the covers off of. I tied a few with twine.

A cute little piece I got on clearance from Anthropologie.

Isn't it great what a little (alot) of paint can do!

I have to admit I find myself staring at the area quite a bit now that it's all come together.
Although I wish that thermostat wasn't showing.

I plan to hang some of my sons artwork from the memo board.

Once again, the BEFORE......

The AFTER! (I think my husband even likes it, lol)



  1. Hey, what a great post!

    I really love what you've done. It all looks brilliant. I like the lined basket. I've got a wicker basket that we use for shoes. I might line it now I've seen how good yours looks. ;-)

    And I honestly hadn't noticed the thermostat until you said. But I know what you mean. It's hard to fit style round thermostats, isn't it!

    That must have been a lot of hardwork, all that painting....but WELL DONE! It looks fabulous!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Every little detail looks perfect! What a creative girl you are :)

    Love the little plant w/ the burlap, and the picture frame it all!

    ok, this is funny ~ I got WAY distracted in the middle of this comment to you- looking at the Fern Creek Cottage frame & when I came back I noticed you just left a message for me on my blog! Ha ha too funny:)

    Anyway, everything looks great! Bookshelves too :)


  3. You did a great job!!! I love the after!!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. Silly husbands - - mine doesn't get it either!

    Your newly painted foyer display is very pretty. I just love how smart and thrifty you are. Such an inspiration.

    Looks lovely.

  5. Love it! Looks like all that cream paint you bought is being put to really good use. I might have to steal, I mean borrow, the idea for a magnetic board.

  6. I think it looks really great, it's so lovely and fresh looking. I realllly love those library tables and they are on our "to make" list -although the list is quite long, hehe.

  7. i LOVE this!! you are so talented! i would put this exact look in my home if i could! it's definitely given me some inspiration! thanks and great work!
    - courtney

  8. How fantastic is your entire vignette? Love all of it. Great job :).

  9. Wow girl! From drab to fab for sure! I love the memo board, the table, the flowers, the little pot....I love it all!!!

    Your did a wonderful job and yes, paint makes all the difference.


  10. They put those stinking thermostats in the worst places, don't they know it's STYLE before CONVENIENCE! lol
    I'm very fortunate that my husband not only "gets" my style but embraces it, it's my FIL that makes me laugh when my MIL says something like "isn't this table that Irma found beautiful?" and he'll say "yeah!, it just needs to be touched up where all the paint scraped off" LOL!!!

    Everything you put together is absolutely beautiful, as a matter of fact your whole blog is just yummy and I plan to visit often!
    Do you have a followers button or do I have to bookmark your page?

    BTW thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog!

    "See" you soon,


  11. Oh I LOVE it! So fresh and pretty!

    Visiting from "Sunday Showcase"

  12. It looks great! Like it all belonged together all along! LOL!


  13. Lisa, this is all so perfect! You did an incredible job. It is so peaceful and beautiful. I would LOVE to have that table. I have actually been looking for a small table just like that for my hallway back door entrance....still no luck.

  14. What a pretty vignette! I love the magnet board and that unusual shelf. I understand the comment from your husband. Just today I painted a plant obelisque. My husband watched me paint it, then start sanding it. He said, "What are you just painted that." It turned out pretty cute I think. I'll probably post it tomorrow.

  15. It looks so much better now...really pretty and practical too!!!


  16. Lisa, WOW!! I LOVE your everything that you have done! I can't believe how much difference white paint makes. Your home is so beautiful and you have done such a fabulous job as usual!! I LOVE it:) PS: Love the little guy on the tractor, such a fabulous accessory:) Wishing you the loveliest week my clever friend. Hugs~ Tina xx

  17. I love your new finds! My grandparents had a book shelf like that and I would love to find one too! Your made is so pretty! My hubby doesn't quite understand the distressing part too! :) The frame and the basket turned out so cute too!!

  18. that is truly one of the best makeovers I've ever seen! I love EVERYTHING about it! it's beautiful! Maybe for fall you could slip a white or grey pumpkin into the mix.

  19. Love it all!! What a nice statement by the door. Your treasures coordinate beautifully. Love the memo board! And that basket...yummy!!

  20. It looks great - all of the pieces tie together perfectly. I love the detail of the button hanging the key art!


  21. Wow,
    This looks amazing. You have a great eye! Love the magnetic notice board, that's my favourite item.
    Donna xx

  22. Very impressive, as usual. Kay

  23. Very nice, my hubby doesn't get the distressed look either! Well Done.

  24. Inspiring! I love all the details pulled together. Could you come help me do this at my house??

  25. WOW! This is gorgeous! You did an amazing job, I love paint and what it does!

  26. SO beautiful Lisa!!! You always get the look just right!!!!! I can never make things looks so "magazine." Thanks for sharing!

  27. Lovely. So many pretty little touches, even the distressing ;) I also like the way you style your rooms.

  28. Very lovely makeover! What a wonderful place to see when you enter your house!! Angie xo

  29. Love book tables like this, but love it 100 times better with the distressed white. It looks fabulous, I would be standing in front of it and admiring it too. I enjoyed how you gave credit to the artist who in 1971 created the artwork -very funny.

    My best- Diane

  30. Wow ~ you have put together such a wonderful vignette!! I love every detail ~ so happy I stopped by!!

  31. Wow -I really like it now-so fresh and inviting!

  32. This looks just great, Lisa. I would stare at it also if I were you. It all just works...

  33. Hi jumped here from Under the Table and Dreaming! BEAUTIFULLY done! You should be very proud of yourself! A quick question? What type of paint do you use when you paint and distress? I have a few bookshelves to work on and not sure where to start! THANKS! Kymmie M.

  34. How beautiful and pulled together it looks now. I am always tickled to see how wonderful white paint can be for a new piece. I love the new look and your creativeness.

  35. I really like the piece in black, but in white it is 'wow'! You did a great job, I love the whole look of that space. And the little one on the tractor really completes the picture :)

  36. Love the library table and the frames transformation is wonderful! Beautiful.

  37. AWESOME! I adore the whole thing

  38. Love so many things about your after pictures!!!

    The sweet little button, the number 2 on the basket, the distressing on your furniture, all of the white, etc. etc. etc.


  39. Just before I read your blog posting (I came over from Miss Mustard Seed) I was looking at my very ugly thermostat,(at least yours is the right color!) and realized that a basket on my desk was the same shape. I dumped out the stuff in it and just popped it on top. Very simple. Sorry I can't post a picture of it. Hope this makes sense! Your entry way is sweet. I'd be staring at it, too!


  40. LOVE it {and your thermostat even coordinates!}

  41. This looks incredible! Like something from a Pottery Barn catalog! Great job! :)

  42. Beautiful redo! It's amazing how much a little paint changes everything. Of course, you have a great knack at finding beautiful pieces, too!

    Happy New Year,

  43. Looks so pretty! You did a great job!

  44. I am sure someone else mentioned this, but I did not even notice the thermostat until you mentioned it!
    Looks great!

  45. What a transformation ~ looks wonderful. Every detail
    Stopping by from FJI-SNS.

  46. Absolutely LOVE everything about your entry way ~ fabulous job! What do you end up using the basket for underneath? That inspires me for my entry-way re-do that's for sure. I'm trying to figure something out for shoes/socks dilemma!

  47. Thank you for your kind words! The basket is empty. I just use it for decoration. However I love your idea of putting shoes in it! My son is always leaving five pairs of shoes by the door. :)

  48. Love love this! This post made me a follower!

  49. It all looks really nice. What color paint is on the walls?

    1. Thank you! The paint color is Faint Maple. The brand is Valspar from Lowes.