More Pumpkins

More ideas for your pumpkins from Better Homes and Gardens........

They are numbered and in an urn*love*

The pumpkins look so good with this rustic bench.

A pumpkins swag. Is this cute or what!

A pretty pumpkin party in the barn.
(try saying that three times fast)

Such a cute place setting.

Lots of wonderful natural elements being used in this table arrangement.

All the pops of orange give this party such a very atmosphere.
( Love the farm table)

It's seems like it would be alot easier to carve you pumpkins this way that having to hollow them out.

I just can't get enough of pumpkins in urns!!!!!!


  1. I love fall and all the beautiful colors! Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures! Lots of inspiring ideas! ~Marcy

  2. The pretty pumpkin swag is adorable. So many great projects, so little time! Have a great weekend.

  3. Fabulous pictures. I too love the pumpkins in the urns!! And that swag is adorable!!

  4. I agree. I love the pumpkins in the urns. Great inspirational photos for us.

  5. Great photos! I love that farm table, too. How fun to put the small pumpkins on the white cakes plates and stack them. I like that! The place setting is wonderful. That would be nice for Thanksgiving. Lots of great ideas and so colorul and festive.

  6. all these are great!