White & Gray Fall Decor

When I showed this entry way make-over a while back, Lissa from Humble Pie suggested it would look good with some white or gray pumpkins in the Fall. I loved the idea of gray pumpkins, alas I have not come across any. So I decided to pull out just about every gray accessory I own and use those along with some white pumpkins.

Here's the top of the table.

This gray cloche is one of my favorites. When I saw it at TJ Maxx I snatched it off the shelf and hugged it to myself like a long lost child. (oops, a little bit of my drama queen is showing ;)

I backed the cloche with a piece of sheet music from Graphics Fairy.  I *carefully* burned the edges (while standing over the sink. The pumpkin sits on a little painted pot with seed heads from my garlic chives surrounding it. Why let yard clippings go to waste?

Would you think I was a freak if I told you I found this pedestal at TJ Maxx and I also clutched it lovingly to my chest?

I adore this crinkly brown paper and use it in displays all over the house. Outdoors too. In this case I was to cheap to buy a bigger white pumpkin. The paper helps prop the smaller pumpkin up so it is the right scale.

I thought this "warty" looking gourd was pretty cool. I picked through the white pumpkins trying to find the ones with the longest stems.

Down on the bookshelf.......

Something that didn't make the cut for the top shelf! The frame was brown wood. I painted it gray and then did a wash with watered down white paint. Brushing it on and wiping it off. The pumpkin picture is from Graphics Fairy.

And down on the floor........

A cute little gray lantern. Can you guess what store I got it from?
No, I didn't clutch it to my chest, don't be silly!
The candle inside is battery operated, so no chance of a fire.

On the magnetic memoboard.........

Another picture from the Graphics Fairy! I LOVE that site! Confession time.....The pumpkin photo's on Graphics Fairy are of bright orange pumpkins. I tried to use the black and white feature on my printer. However, I can never figure my printer out so it didn't work. It just so happens that my printer was almost out of ink and that is how I achieved this pale look on the pictures.

Above the memo board a FALL banner. My banner is just taped to the wall. The ribbon is just for show. I didn't want to put holes in the wall by nailing it up.

I used scrapbook paper, labels, stickers, buttons and distress ink pads. Easy, peasy!

So there you have it. You can do Fall decor in neutrals if your heart so desires.

I am enjoying the new look in the entry way. However the rest of the house will have bright orange pumpkins because I love them too!

I hope your Fall is full of hot apple cider and pumpkin muffins!


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I love the way you use neutrals. Such a gorgeous colour palette...but there's so much gorgesouness to look at that it feels restful AND interesting. Beautiful!

    I love the way you have used those gentle tones with your Fall decor.

    We don't really decorate for Autumn in England but if we did I think ours would look pretty similar to this.

    I'm wondering if you'd love the paint colour we've used in our bedroom, a Farrow and Ball colour.

    I did a whole post on it recently. I'dlove to hear what you think: here's the link.

    I'm loving Following you, by the way.


  2. Ahhh!!! Your fall display looks so good that I want to reach through my computer screen and steal/borrow all of your lovely items. That gray cloche is my favourite, though. I would have done the exact same thing. :)

  3. You are indeed the mistress at displays. And I suck. There you have it. Love all the pumpkins, white and gray. Love love love!

  4. That is so pretty! I love the pedestal and cloche and I would have hugged it too! :) Everything came together so wonderfully and I love the way you filled the cloches with the pumpkins and paper!!

  5. I love it!! It is sooo soft and calming.

  6. I just love all these colors. Very, very nice looking display & sooo serene to my eyes. :)) That pumpkin poster is really neat!
    Lara ♥

  7. Lisa,
    Everything looks so wonderful! I love the white pumpkins w/ the grey! Don't you just love Graphics Fairy??


  8. Very very pretty, my friend. I love the grey and white. All of your details are just great.

  9. This look is very stunning. I love your library table, cloches and pedestals. The understated elegance makes quite a statement.


  10. This is so very pretty. Love the softness of the gray and white.

  11. Looks very serene and beautiful. Love the cloches with shredded paper. Great eye!

  12. Oh, wow! I really love everything about your entry way. The cloche is gorgeous, and I love your addition of the sheet music! I adore the Graphics Fairy, too. I'd be lost without her! Your pumpkin image turned out great! Guess that's one good thing about running low on ink!

  13. I love your look here! How unique. The colors are great!

  14. You are TRULY so talented at decorating. This is GORGEOUS.

  15. oh SO SO cute. I love it all. So different and I love that!
    Great job.

  16. Lisa it looks so lovely. I really like the gray and white together.

  17. I'm visiting from cottage instincts. Love your display!!! I'm totally gonna use the sheet music idea- I had NEVER even thought of backing a cloche with paper! Thanks so much for sharing!
    shabbyfrench.blogspot.com is my decor blog:)

  18. Lisa, this looks fabulous!!! I love it all (especially your fave cloche...gorgeous!!). You have an amazing way of arranging things and this vignette is beautiful! I also LOVE your FALL banner...so simple but just stunning!! ~ Tina xx

  19. you did a fantastic job with your banner! But my favorite part is the warty gourd and white pumpkin in front of the tray! That looks so good!

  20. Oh, man. This is gorgeous, Lisa! Absolutely love every single detail.


  21. It all looks so beautiful Lisa and autumny without the autumny colors...I love that! And how great are those white pumpkins? Don't know how long they've been around but when I first saw them I thought, "Sweet, shabby chic pumpkins" :-) Love, love, love your entry way vignette.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  22. what alot of effort but well worth it me thinks! i live in northern france, where i work as an artist/antique dealer, and am surprised at how 'flemish' your look is. please come visit me,if bored, one 'n all; Linda...

  23. THis is gorgeous! Will you come help me with my entrance :) Thanks for linking up! Hope you have a great week!

  24. This is beautiful!! I am a new follower ... I love your blog. And I love your style ... so understated yet perfectly beautiful. I hope you'll come check out my blog. :)

  25. PS I posted this on my Facebook page, hope it's ok :)

  26. Love this so much! well done!

    here from the linky party!

  27. Very nice and so elegant! I also decorated with white pumpkins this year. I love how they look!

    Stopping by from Transformation Thursday!


  28. I love your fall display in all its neutral beauty. Love the white pumpkin mixed with your things. So pretty.

  29. Great touches. I really love the musical paper. It's all so tasteful. Well done.

  30. I'm always stumped when it comes to just fall decorations-everything seems so bare after halloween-yours looks great!

  31. I love your neutral Fall decor! The pedastal and cloche from TJMaxx are fabulous ... love how you added the sheet music, too. And, your white pumpkin is so pretty sitting on top of the shredded paper! So, so pretty! Take care, *Becca*

  32. I love your decor, so beautiful:))
    Greetings from Europe, Biljana

  33. Love the zinc, esp the pedestals.
    I too, dig for longest stems, (thought I was a little weird) , now, not so much....
    Loved the low ink results. I'll have to try that next time I'm low ...with the crazy cost of inks...

    and thoroughly enjoyed your post. Glad I stopped by!


  34. Wow, I think this looks wonderful. The gray just softens the whole look and gives it an old vintage weathered look. It turned out amazing. You have a beautiful home and I'm finding that I need to look around your blog and see what other goodies you have posted about!
    I'm your new follower!

  35. I love your fall display and love your whole blog. I just became your newest follower! So I won't miss a post.

  36. I do love the contrast-and your display is WONDERFUL!!!!!

  37. How beautiful this all looks! You've done a fabulous job with this little table vignette! Love the gray and white to pieces.

  38. Very good job. Love the gray with the white.

    come visit