Craft Closet questions answered

I got some questions on the part of my laundry room I'm calling my craft closet.
I'm going to try to answer them here and show you more detail on how I organized this area.

Very embarrassing "before" photo. Super messy and disorganized.

Step 1: Store large pots and urns on the top shelf.
Add baskets to hide away craft supplies. (crafts supplies are still a mess at this point.)

I found these cute little containers at Target. They are inside the baskets to help keep my supplies organized. To be honest I'm still working on getting this just the way I want it so I can find things easily.

I keep board games on the bottom shelves and a garbage can on the floor (not shown).
The games were not cute so I decided to make a skirt out of a coffee sack to cover them up.

I folded over the top of the sack so I could slip a spring rod inside.
 I covered up the seam with this brown ribbon.

I had to cut the sack so the printing was centered.
 I covered up the cut areas with this trim I found at Walmart.

There were some holes in my coffee sack :(

I covered them up with buttons.

I added this adorable ruffle to the bottom.
I purposely made the skirt a little short. I felt it would get too dusty if it brushed the floor.

Did you know you can get ruffle on a roll?
I bought mine in white and then dyed a piece in coffee before adding it to the burlap skirt.
I don't sew, so this whole skirt was put together with fabric glue and hot glue.

Next up: Adding cute tags to the baskets.

I was asked where the baskets came from. I got them from Costco a couple of years ago.

A couple of people wanted more details on how I made the tags.

Here's all my supplies.
Step 1: Rub distress ink all around the edges of the tags.
Both ink and tags are from the craft store.
Step 2: See the things that look like travel stickers? Well they aren't stickers, you use a popsicle stick to rub them onto paper. I purposely didn't line mine up and only rubbed half of an image on some of the tags. I think it has more interest that way. I got my rub-ons on clearance at Michael's craft store.
Step 3: Add the number stickers. These are not scrap book stickers. They are heavy duty vinyl stickers. I found them in Walmart with garage sale signs and address plaques.
Step 4: I used twine to tie the tags to the baskets.

I hope I've answered all your questions.
If not drop me a comment and I'll go back and edit the post to answer it. :)


  1. Thanks for all the info!! Love all that you did here. Your tags are fab!

  2. Very cute! Reminds me that if I ever get the holidays over with, I have had plans forever to make a similiar curtain for my sewing area. I love how you put the ruffle on yours too.

  3. Thanks for all the good info. Everything does look wonderful.

  4. Ruffle on a roll!!!! Oh my, now I'm in trouble :)
    I'm loving this, so pretty and I love all the tress in your post above!
    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  5. I love it: "the games were not cute". Made me laugh. :) Your curtain is adorable and I love your idea of covering the holes with buttons!! Awesome!

  6. Really nice look! I love all the creative custom shortcuts. I too don't sew much and have used that ruffle to cheat. You've inspired me to go organize my cupboard of not cute games ~ THANKS!

  7. I love this! The button detailing makes even more perfect! ~Marcy

  8. HI...looks GREAT! I am thrilled to see that you didn't sew this...I can't sew a stitch and I would have shy-ed away from making a skirt like that. Now I know I can do it too :) Thanks for the inspiration, Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  9. this is so darling...every time I see it I smile...that ruffle just makes it fully complete.

  10. visiting from 52 weeks of organizing - love the cute storage & ESPECIALLY the coffee bag skirt!!! very innovative!

  11. I love all your clever solutions to making everything pretty! Sometimes organized spaces look a bit drab, but yours has personality and tidiness! Great job!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  12. I love your posh organization! It has great style!

  13. I love how pretty it turned out. Your curtain is so pretty and covering the holes with buttons is genius!

  14. Just found this post through Funky Junk. I LOVE the buttons to cover the holes. What a great idea! And that ruffle is just too cute. Then the Scripture at the bottom when I scrolled down to comment is the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing. Blessings!

  15. That coffe sack is just the right touch, especially that ruffle on the bottom! And the buttons are so clever.

  16. This is just so cute! I love everything..the baskets, the burlap. :)
    I remember seeing this post somewhere else and just loved it!
    Thanks for linking it to my party and adding my button to your post.

  17. It looks great. I love the curtain.