Laundry Room

I started this laundry room make-over at the beginning of the summer.
 I even showed you a couple of projects I'd made for the room.
Then I decided to take the summer off to play with my boys.
 Hmmmm, now Fall is coming to a close. So I kicked it into gear and got this laundry room done!

I'm calling it my cottage, French, shabby, laundry room.
Maybe not, bit of a mouthful.

On the wall next to my dryer:
A license plate I found at a local antique shop and a thrift store piece I made over.
The little wash basin picture is from The Graphics Fairy.

I made this sign for above the washer and dryer.
I rarely "press" my clothes, but I do repeat.
And repeat and repeat and repeat.......
I feel like I live in this room some days!

Next to my washer:
A washboard I gave a make over to.
A French street sign I found on Ebay.
A little crown hook (that I've painted.)

On this wall the door that leads into our garage.
Thus it is almost impossible to keep the floors in here clean.

Above the door a metal Laundry sign I found on vacation in Utah.

We have these built in shelves in our laundry room.
They tended to become a big cluttered mess.
So I've found a way to organize and hide.

But first let me show you what I've hung on the wall.
An antique washboard and an herb box filled with fake wildflowers.
The other three herb crates are in my guest room.

I love making tags!

I used some rub ons, stickers and distress ink.

In the baskets are many of my craft supplies.
I have them in cute containers.
I'll show you more in a future post.

Down below: our family has many, many board games.
We love to play games, but they aren't so cute to look at.
So I made this skirt out of a coffee sack to cover them up.

Behind the door, a cheap piece of art I threw together.
I avoid ironing as much as possible, so I will rarely see it.

So I hope you've enjoyed the little tour of my made over laundry room.
Here's a few more pictures for you......

Tutorials for laundry room projects click HERE. Tutorial for burlap skirt and tags click HERE.
Before photos of the laundry room are HERE.


  1. Your laundry room looks wonderful! Well worth waiting until after summer!! I love your signs!

  2. Now that's a laundry room I wouldn't mind spending time in. Tons-o-laundry, here too! I love your sign and the storage bin area. What a great idea on the grain sack skirt w/ruffle. Looks great, Lisa! I'll be back to check out your tute!

  3. oh wow. This is so nice. I LOVE the vintage feel to it. I love all the white and love the coffee bag you used! Ok I just love all of it!
    Great job.

  4. i love it!! my fave part is the tags you made...... i need some of them. :) i have old tags just dont know what i need to put it all together. oh, and the baskets. where are they from?? i need them!!!!

  5. Such cute details! I love that basket on your washer... :)

  6. That is the prettiest laundry room!!! I love everything about it, the signs, the baskets, the tags, the pillows, all of it!!

  7. Amazing how much work one little room takes. Great job! I LOVE the baskets with tags. I think they are my favorite.

  8. Gorgeous, always!!

    I bet doing mountains of laundry now is nothing but a pleasure!! :-)


  9. Totally cute. Great little touches...I'd love to see how you've organized your craft stuff in the baskets. I'm in the middle of trying to do that too, and I'm failing miserably!

    LOVE that coffee sack with the ruffle!

  10. Fantastic job switching your laundry room from utility to pretty. Not such a place to spent time "repeating" any more!

  11. Very inspiring Laundry makeover. I will definitely be bookmarking this for future reference as my laundry is crying out for a little tlc. Thankyou for the inspiration.
    Donna xx

  12. Your laundry room is fabulous!! Perfect solutions for a well used and often neglected space!!

  13. debbie@apurposefulhome.blogspot.comNovember 19, 2010 at 9:26 AM

    cute, cute, and very organized

  14. Very pretty! I love everything you have in there.

  15. I love a pretty laundry room, and this one is so special! (I wish I had more than a walk-through from the kitchen to the garage.) Love the made-over washboard. Everything looks perfect and so well organized!

  16. I like all of your neutrals and the coffee sack curtain is adorable.
    What I would give to keep my laundry room tidy looking like this! Does yours actually stay this way? :-) I have a pal who is fanatical about picking up after everyone ALL the time and she never has clutter. My house looks good one day a week- cleaning day! My laundry room tends to become a catch-all room since it is off the back hallway and bath.
    ~ Sue

  17. I just love your laundry room! By chance do you sell your handmade decorations? I am in love with the sign you have above your washer and dryer. I'd love to hear back! Thanks!


  18. I used to live in 38 (Furnas) County in Nebraska! Can't believe it's now right across from the Avenue de Champs-Elysees! So funny! Love your laundry room! Came over from Kelly's Korner.

  19. Cute laundry room and I love your number tags on the baskets! ~Deb~

  20. WOW!!! Gorgeous, every square inch! I adore all the vintage touches throughout. Truly a work of DIY art. :)

    And those tags... LOVE. I've been attempting to create Funky Junk biz cards along the lines of tags like that and here you go and nail the look. Sheesh. :) Are those scrapbook supplies you used? Ive never scrapbooked a day in my life.


  21. Love this laundry room! Its perfect with all the little touches. My fav is the sign you made that says wash fold press repeat!

  22. I wish my laundry room looked like yours. I love it. It is so neat and organized looking. I love the sign that you made. Very, very cute. Please stop by my place and visit some time. Not sure how I found ya, but I am going to look around some more before I go. Teresa

  23. What a lovely place to do laundry. I bet you just love washing clothes now and can't wait for everyone to dirty their clothes up. I was especially interested to see what you used your coffee sack for, as I'm going to be getting some later this month and have yet to decide how to use them.

  24. I love all the personal touches you have in your laundry room
    I'll be sharing my photos next week. I'm still working on our laundry room.

  25. Your laundry room is very cute. I love the sign you have above the washer & dryer.

  26. I'm back. I needed to feature this on SNS 27's sidebar this weekend. :)


  27. I love the pillows and the basket! I also notice that you like french signs, just like I do. Maybe you'd enjoy to visit where you can find wonderful enamel signs.

  28. Love the room, nicely done! The laundry sign was great find, i'm envious.

  29. Who knew a laundry room could be so pretty!

  30. That's one stylish laundry room!! COngrats!

  31. My goodness what a fun laundry room! Great job! Jacqueline

  32. I would love to do laundry there!

  33. Beautiful job! I love all the special little touches, the tagged baskets and coffee sack cover look wonderful. Thank you for sharing and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  34. I LOVE that skirt...and those yummy pillows tucked inside the metal basket. Your entire laundry room is fabulous. Makes me wish mine wasn't in our creepy basement! Thank you so much for linking up to air your laundry Friday. The features and party resume tonight, my sweet.


  35. What a gorgeous space you've created, well done!

  36. I love what you did to the built in shelves! Where did you find those baskets?