Q & A for Laundry Room, tutorials too

I received some questions about my laundry room make-over so I am going to attempt to answer them here, plus give you tutorials on my laundry room projects.
The question that really made me smile was "Is your laundry room always so clean?"
No it is not always so clean.
 But having cabinets to hide stuff away helps. I am very guilty of leaving detergent, the iron etc sitting out on my dryer, but I'm trying to get better about putting stuff away after I use it.
You can find a tutorial for this washboard make over HERE.

A tutorial for making the " Wash Dry Press Fold Repeat" sign can be found HERE.

You can find the Good Will Soap image from Graphics Fairy HERE.
This memo board is a made over thrift store find.

I bought this clip with a big magnet on the back, painted it white and tied a little twine around it.

Here's what the memo board looked like when I brought it home from the thrift store.
 It was kind of yellow and orange.
 I painted it white and then dry brushed some charcoal paint on the raised areas.

This was another thrift store make-over.

This frame was only $1.50. There was no backing and no glass.

It was also ugly and dirty.
Perfect for a make-over!

A while back I had purchased this cute basket.
It was too big for my laundry room so I ripped the fabric piece embroidered with Laundry off of the basket.

I glued a wooden #2 on the basket and it sits in my entryway.

For this artwork I simply wrapped a piece of cardboard with fabric and hot glued the laundry fabric piece on. I painted the frame white and then sanded it like a crazy woman to shabby it up.

I was asked where this basket and pillows came from. The basket is from TJ Maxx. I won the beautiful pillow you see in front from a giveaway that Flea Market Trixie had. Her Etsy shop is HERE. I don't see the pillow listed right now, but perhaps you could email her and she may be willing to make you one. The pillow in the back is from Victorian Trading Co. Click the name of the company and it will take you right to the pillow listing.

My French street sign is from Ebay, you can find a listing HERE.

I also got some questions regarding this storage area in my laundry room. Please forgive me but I'm going to put this in another post. This one is already on the long side. I promise I'll tell you all about my craft "closet" very soon!
Craft Closet post is HERE.


  1. Hi Lisa!
    I am in love with all of your laundry room details. Thanks for telling us how to create each one and where you got the items.

    I love the wash repeat sign. So cute. I might have to give it a try.

    Great post.


  2. Your laundry room, with all of its attention to detail, is just perfect. I love it all and can't wait to see about that great storage area. Good job...as usual, my friend.

  3. Me again... I know your little tags on your baskets are easy to make, but I wish you would give me a few specifics on my email if you have a chance of what you used and where you bought what you used. Thanks!!!

  4. I still am loving this!! You are so creative and your finds are perfect!! Thanks for sharing your secrets with us! :)

  5. Lisa - your laundry room is beautiful. I would want to do laundry there all the time!!! AND I HATE LAUNDRY!

    Simply gorgeous. I'm in the process of figuring out my laundry room - first I have to find the right paint. This is a great start for inspiration. As always, I love your creativity!!