Signs of the times

A couple of weeks ago I made over some metal signs. Come along and I'll show you what I did....

The first sign started out looking like this. I found this beauty at the thrift store. It is made of metal so I knew it had potential.

My first attempt was this. I've shown it to you before. It's good to keep humble, lol. I painted it white with black accents and attempted to stencil it.

My second attempt: I painted it cream with taupe accents and some glaze.

Wonderfully Wordy had a sale on their vinyl so I got this "welcome" vinyl in brown. Much better than stenciling!!!! You just need to measure your sign carefully so you purchase vinyl that is the right size.

I got this sign from Ross department store. It was marked down (for obvious reasons). Even though the paper was coming off, it was a pain in the booty to get it all off. I had to use Googone and there was still glue residue on it when all the paper came off. So I'm not really recommending this project to anyone.

I painted the sign green, the raised parts of the sign were painted white and I applied a bit of antiquing glaze to this sign as well.

I also got this "family" vinyl on sale from Wonderfully Wordy too.

So there you have it. Two "new" signs for Fern Creek Cottage.


  1. They are beautiful. Love the green one!!

  2. Humble... I like that. How else do we get things right, without trial and error? Your signs turned out great. Never heard of Wonderfully Wordy but I'll have to check it out. I went to an "Uppercase Living" party at a friends a couple of weeks ago. They have beautiful vinyl lettering but it's a bit pricey. Look forward to tryin this with the order I have coming. I have an old metal sign so thanks for the inspiration.


  3. I love your pretty signs. And thanks for the link for the words.

    I'm going to check out this site.


  4. Love both your metal signs. They turned out great!

    Enjoy your evening.

  5. I love them, Lisa! Very smart to get the vinyl while it was on sale. They worked great for these signs.

  6. Yay! They look awesome. I've never tried those vinyl letters/words, but I think I see some in my future...And I have that same pitcher in your last shot :)

  7. Your signs are just gorgeous! I will have to check out those vinyl letters, I don't think I would have much luck with stencils! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  8. I LOVE THIS!! You know how many signs like that I've tossed aside, given away....The font used is really pretty on the welcome side. I'll make sure to hold onto my signs from now on :)

  9. Your signs turned out so pretty. Very well done!

  10. Love your signs! You did great and those vinyls are awesome.

  11. Great sign transformations. Love the green one with the white bringing out the details.

  12. Those turned out so pretty! I love the colors that you used. Great idea using old signs!

  13. Absolutely fabulous as always, Lisa! I love them both, can't decide which one I like best! I will have to keep my eye out for metal signs, you are amazing how you can see potential in something that I would not even notice!! Fabulous:) ~ Txx

  14. I like the idea of going back over signs like that. If at first you don't succeeed, try, try, try and try again!!

    I think everyone's first go wouldn't be great - so good for you that you kept on. And I love your later tries.


  15. I love that you reused signs! They look amazing!

  16. They both look really good. You did a great job. I actually have three metal signs left over from when I closed my shop 18 months ago - they have baby written on them and I can't get rid of them (even tried ebay). They are really similar to your Welcome sign. Now I know what to do with them!

  17. Your vinyl fits perfectly as if you had them custom made! The colors are delightful :D

  18. You are too smart! I would have just kept repainting and stenciling until it was too heavy to pick up!!!
    They both look great!

  19. I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!!!
    Seriously! Can I post these on my Gallery page!? at Wonderfully Wordy?
    ~Shelley Smith

  20. Just today I was in Hobby Lobby and saw these signs for sale. They are in the unfinished wood section! They are pricey, but right now wall decor is 50% off. They also have some great metal frames that would be great to do these word things with. When I saw them I thought what on earth would I use this for. Now I know. You are the master! Thank you!