Christmas trees in my boys rooms

We aren't putting up a big tree this year. With a 20 month old in the house I just can't deal with the drama! To make things a bit more festive I thought it would be fun to put little trees in both of my boys bedrooms.

In Levi's nursery I went with a bird theme.
 The normal theme of his room is woodland animals so this fit right in.

 Everything is up high on the dresser where little hands can't reach it!
Levi loves birds so it is a fitting theme.

One of my favorite things in Levi's room is this Jeanne Winters "Sing to the Lord" print.
 The Christmas Subway art printable is from the blog Eighteen25 (thank-you!).

Levi's twig lamp fits in with the bird theme.
 I decorated the tree in green, turquoise and red to tie in with the printable and tin.

Little glittery birds on the tree are from Michael's as is this cute little tin.

In my 11 year old son Grant's room we went with a fun Chicago Cubs theme.

He has quite a bit of Cubs paraphernalia already so I just had to get some
bright blue and red ornaments for the trees.

Cute vintage cars.

Perfect for a boys room, but it makes me smile too every time I see it.

This was so fun I may do it every year!

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  1. So cute. Love that you brought in a little bit of Christmas into the kid's rooms!

  2. I love the little trees!!! They are perfect!

  3. This is so sweet! I love the colors and the little birds:D I decorated my son's room too (what he would allow me to do...he is 11 now you know. ha ha)

    A Tree Just For Him

  4. Such a sweet idea Lisa and I bet the boys just love the touch of Christmas in their rooms!

  5. Love the tree in the kid's room! We did that when our kiddos were little, too. They just love it!

    Being from Missouri and loving the Cardinals, you know how we feel about those Cubbies!! lol Just teasing!!

    Everything looks great!

  6. Sweet! I love Levi's birds. I bet he he scales that dresser in his little bitty imagination!!

    Grant's trees are perfect too. Such a sports fan's type of decoration!

    We are having to watch Mason. He will reach out slowly and touch, but so far he has only pulled off something once. I have a feeling we will be doing all "off the floor trees" next year!

  7. That's lovely. Now your boys have their own little trees. They look so pretty!!!



  8. Oh what a great mom!! You made such fun ones for both! Happy Christmas!
    Hugs, Lisa

  9. Darling, Lisa! I love the Cubs themed trees! My 11 year old is a die hard "Bears" and "Cubs" fan. He would love this! Fun!


  10. Love the personal trees in their rooms. All of my kids have their own trees that we love to fix up for them with their very own ornaments.

  11. How fun! I need to find a little something for my kids' rooms :)

  12. The trees are so cute! I love the birds and the Cub's theme is perfect! It is funny because my Hubby's name is Grant and he is a die-hard White Sox fan!! :)

  13. Both of the trees turned out cute and I like that they're themed to go with the room!

  14. Those are adorable! I love them both. :)

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    PS-I LOVE the verse and that you put your faith out there...i do as well on my blog...its so nice to fin sisters in christ!

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