A Christmas Welcome!

Welcome to Fern Creek Cottage!
Inside there's lots of silver and white, but for the front door traditional red and green was the way to go.
It helps that my front door is green, wink!

I bought this wreath last year on after Christmas clearance.
I love the fake snow on it!

I grabbed my "snowy" white antique plant stand from the patio.

I placed a little tree inside.
Some simple little red balls and gingham ribbon were added.

I nestled this pick at the bottom of the tree.
A cute little red bird in a nest with lots of different greenery.
I thought it tied in nicely with the wreath.

It's so dusty here in Las Vegas that we go through a lot of door mats.
I stock up on them when they go clearance.
This door mat has nothing to do with Christmas, but it's red so it works for me!

I've had this nutcracker about 15 years.
It's so cute that it's taller than my 20 month old, Levi.

They're friends.


Uh, very good friends.

And that is why he can pull his beard.
A little beard pulling is allowed between friends. ;)



  1. Decorations are great, but Levi is even cuter. Love the nutcracker. Merry Christmas

  2. Great Christmas decorations! I'm still hauling mine out of the attic- you've given me some much inspiration to finish the job.

  3. Your front entery looks so festive. I love the wreath.

    Your adorable little "helper" seems to be having a good time!

  4. I love the colour of your front door. I also love that sweet nutcracker! What a beautiful and welcoming entrance you have created!

    Best wishes,

  5. Your front entrance is fabulous. Love the wreath!
    And the pic of your toddler with the nutcracker is priceless! Love the beard pulling!!
    Hugging you

  6. great decoration,levi is so cute!

  7. That nutcracker with Levi is priceless :) I need to get crackin' on my front porch. It's still fallified. My punkins are freezing out there!

  8. How welcoming! It looks great and that boy is just so darn cute, love the kissy pic. :)

  9. What a wonderful and welcoming front door! Your nutcracker is great and Levi is just adorable with his new friend!! :)

  10. Everything looks great! I am sooo jealous. I have wanted one of those big nutcrackers for such a long time. Levi is adorable!


  11. OMGness Lisa! Levi is adorable. Seriously lol. Those photos are keepers. I had to show my oldest son your big nutcracker. He LOVES those and he thought yours was "very awesome". ;)

  12. oh.my.goodness. that is too precious and I love the decor!!!!!
    Great job on the gorgeous child too :)

  13. I LOVE that nutcracker. DO you think he would be happy for me to pull his beard?!! That really made me smile. Sooooo cute!!

    I really like the colour of your front door, Lisa. Gorgeous!


  14. I love the pictures of Levi and the nutcracker! Auntie Kay