Thrifty Valentine's decor

I've tried to decorate for Valentines day using things I already have around the house as much as possible. Sometimes it takes the fun out of a project if you keep having to run to the store for supplies and you keep having to shell out lots of moolah. Here are some decorations I made for our family room.

I framed a piece of burlap and glued on some red ribbon and red buttons in the shape of a heart.

I hung these tags on the lamp. I bought a heart punch last year and it is so fun to use. Perfect shaped hearts everytime.

Here is the other end table in our family room.

I got these black frames from Big Lots and will use them for pictures after Valentine's day. I used scrapbook paper and buttons for this one.

Another tag.

I wrapped a candle with faux burlap ribbon. Then added a scrapbook paper heart and another button.

I also decided to make my first ever banner.

I really didn't know what I was doing. I attached it all to cardboard from a frozen pizza box!

Even though it's really small, it's still kinda cute.

My supplies: Scrapbook paper, scrapbook tags, rub-on letters,buttons, and my heart punch.

Silver finds

I love ornate silver and I love it tarnished. Less work for me and I think the aged patina is lovely.

I found the candlebra at the Goodwill for $2.99
The butter dish I found at a garage sale for $1.00. The rose knob at the top is so pretty.

Shabby Valentines decor

My "shabby chic" Valentines display should really be called shabby cheap. Because I made it with stuff I had lying around the house. I wish I could say I made it with stuff from my neatly organized craft room! But alas, that is not the case. (wow, I just used the word alas!)

It started with these frames I bought on clearance from The Picture People. The frames were green and pink, which was not going to work for displaying pictures of my boys. So I painted them white and then aged them with some black antiquing medium. While I was painting them I got to thinking about the fact that both frames have hearts at the top and that got me thinking of a Valentines display.

For the rectangle frame I painted cream hearts all over a piece of burlap. I have a heart punch so I used the negative side of the punch as a stencil.

In the circle frame is a piece of burlap with one cream heart in the center and a crown rub-on on top. Now having shown you this I have to tell you I do not recommend trying to use rub-ons on burlap. It didn't go on very cleanly and I had to touch it up with a little black paint.

So there you have it; a cheap, cheerful, little Valentines display!

BTW: I've read on several blogs that it is much easier to work with burlap if you spray it lightly with water first before cutting it and boy does it ever! For once I didn't have little, brown fuzz balls everywhere.

After the holiday is over I'll take the burlap out, put the glass back in and add some pictures of my cute boys!

Oh happy day....

Our adoption of Levi became final today!!!! He came to live with us when he was 12 days old and he has brought us all so much joy. He is a very bright, happy, wonderful, little boy and we thank God everyday for the blessing He gave to our family.

Valentine's tree

It's been awhile since I've posted one of my own projects on the ol' blog. There are many reasons for this: my little one starting walking at 8 1/2 months! I was not prepared for this and I spend a lot of time chasing after him. I also found putting away all the Christmas stuff to be a bear of a job. Can I hear an AMEN out there! Then there is just get back to regular life after winter break with dentist and doctor appt.'s etc. Anyway, without further ado.....

Here is my Valentine's tree!

I'm going to show you how I put it together.

I made some tags for the first time and I LOVED it!! You will be seeing more tags on this blog!

I used distress ink, ribbon, buttons and scrapbook stickers.

I found these wood hearts 4 for $1.00 at JoAnne's.

I covered them with scrapbook paper. I also hot glued on some twine loops for hanging.

If you'd like more instruction on making them click here.

I bought this at an after Christmas sale and covered it the same way.

I rested it in the pot. The mercury glass bird was after Christmas clearance at Target, less than $1.50 woo hoo!

I taped this old ribbon I had from last year onto some red candles and also taped the curled ribbon onto the fabric. This way I can easily remove it when Valentine's day is over.

So there you go! Oh, I forgot to tell you about the tree.

It's a large branch from my yard that I spray painted white. It is sitting in some floral foam which is covered with Spanish moss.

All the elements took a little while with my little one toddling round. But all are simple and fun to do.

Isn't this tree going to be fun to decorate at Easter!!

snow day

Two out of the five years I've lived in Las Vegas we have actually received snow. I'm sure most of you are surprised to hear this. We don't get a lot of snow and it doesn't stay very long; but it does snow in Las Vegas. But not this winter. So we drove up to the mountains about a half an hour away and had a snow day. (o.k. it didn't last all day but I'll get to that)

This was babies first time seeing snow!!

He started out very excited!

"hmmm, what is this stuff?"

"very interesting!"

"I'm cold and unhappy now!"
So we only got to spent about 5-10 minutes playing in the snow.
Snuggled up with mom is much better!

Our snow clothing (or lack thereof) is quite pathetic as you can see!

And now a bunch of mountain photos. Please to enjoy.....

We stopped and took some photos of the grounds of the Mount Charleston resort.

They have a lot of these really cool wood carved statues.

It's a man made pond, but still very pretty.

It was a fun time and then we were off to brunch and hot cocoa!!