Beautiful Bedrooms

My mom and brother are coming to visit next week so I'm putting craft projects on hold and getting my house all nice and clean. Then Levi follows behind me and messes it up, sigh. I also am shopping for guest room bedding for the new daybed (fun!). So today a quick, easy post, but one I hope you will enjoy. Beautiful bedrooms from Country Living. I've numbered them so if you are so inclined....leave me a comment and let me know your faves! Have a great week-end lovely girls!!!!






















Levi's First Birthday!

How is it possible that Levi is already one year old!! Boy did the year fly by! We threw a cowboy themed party for him and it was loads of fun!!

I found these adorable vintage cowboy party invitations on Ebay.

You've heard of a tablecloth right? Well I made a counter cloth for the party. I took bandana printed fabric and hot glued on some fringe and laid it out on our kitchen counter for decoration. I added some farm toys and cowboy hats too.

Some cowboy rubber duckies and red, white, and blue stars were more decoration.

Mini corn bread muffins. Cowboy cute food!

We had a proper BBQ for lunch. Homemade pulled pork I slow roasted for 9 hours the day before. Served on Sweet Hawaiian rolls. Homemade coleslaw, bbq chips, cornbread muffins and some yummy baked beans we picked up from Famous dave's BBQ restaurant. Yummo!

I tried to find "cowboy" soda's. This is what I came up with: litttle mini bottles of Coke, Cactus Cooler soda (I bought because the can looks cool, but it turns out it's really tasty) and Cream Soda because the can had a vintage look to it. (the kids drank juice)

Cute bandana plates and napkins.

Instead of getting matching cake plates I went with these red, white, and blue cherry plates.

I had a bucket of vintage looking candy out for decoration.

I went to all the bakeries around and NO ONE made a cowboy cake. So I had the bakery make me this cake with grass and water on it and added my own horses to the top. Turns out if you buy a cake without a kit used it cost less too.

The kids were all to little to play pin the tail on the donkey so we just used it for decoration. It also made a cute background for photos.

The cowboy party favors were placed in bandana bags I found on Ebay and tied with raffia.

"Happy Bithday to You"

Do you think he liked the cake????

Here I am with my little buckeroo.

Grant and Levi.

Daddy and Levi.

My little cowboy had a great day!


Bargains and a question for you....

Look at this awesome old farm basket I got at a rummage sale this week-end! It's really unusual to find something like this in Las Vegas. Okay, I'm playing with you didn't start out looking like this.

This is how it looked when I found it. Let me tell you; it was a bear getting all the rope off! It was all knotted to the basket. My fingers were starting to turn blue from the dye in the blue rope as I cut it off. If your hobby is tying rope around baskets like this...I apologize for destroying this one!

Once I took all the rope off the handles wouldn't stay up anymore, so I broke them off with a hammer. That part was fun!

I decided to keep the rope on the bottom. It looks kind of cool and I was sick of cutting rope off! If you are wondering about the pillow it's from Victorian Trading Co.

I had to show you these lilies my mom sent us for Easter. They have been blooming like crazy ever since we got them. I just love them! Thanks mom!

I found this pot at Marshalls on clearance for $2.00. Yay! The lilies look great in it.

I got these "thingies" at the rummage sale too. I'm going to have fun displaying them in different rooms in the house. I love little doo dads that I can move room to room as the whim strikes me!

Here's my question for you guys....I got this lamp and shade at Walmart. I really like it, but the shade looks a little big to me. Maybe I'm just not used to it yet. What do you think??

I've kept the plastic on the shade in case I decide to return it. Please let me know what you think. I seem to change my mind every five minutes!

Have a great day everyone!