Ye Olde Apothecary

I just love old apothecary jars.
I've never bought one though because so far I've never found one for a "steal".

So on a seemingly different topic, I was cleaning out my fridge the other day and decided to get rid of an old jar of Chili Sauce. I bet you know where this is going. ;)

When I washed out the jar the label came off. I was walking it out to our recycle bin. I really, really, did plan to throw this out. Then it struck me how the shape of the bottle had a vintage look to it.

So I printed out an apothecary label from the wonderful Graphics Fairy and used Mod Podge to adher it to the bottle.

There you have it.  A new "old" apothecary jar.

I filled it with flowers from my Chaste tree.

Behind it is a wonderful old box I picked up at an antique store. It has wonderful patina. The little mercury glass bird was after Christmas clearance at Target.

Laundry Room Love

I have been redecorating my laundry room this summer and I'm close to being done. So I thought it would be fun to look at some inspiration photos of some really beautiful laundry rooms. Enjoy!

Sources: British Country Living, Cabbages and Roses, unknown, Houzz, last two Hampton Design.

My two treasures.....

I've have two treasures I've bought this year that I just love.
Both have little stories to go with them.
 So sit back and I'll share.....

Once upon a time (when I lived in Illinois) I bought an antique scale.
The price was very good, $12.00 I think.
It was beautiful and I loved it.

Then one day the top broke off.
This was before I knew blogging existed.
I had never heard of epoxy.
So I.....
Well I......

I threw it away ~gasp!~


I feel like such a dummy!!

I recently decided I need to put the past, in the past, and move on to the future.
 So I've bought an antique scale off Ebay.
 She's rusty and curvy and I just LOVE her!
I'm a happy girl!
All's well that ends well!

I found this beautiful candlestick at an antique mall.
For some strange reason I didn't buy her.
I was getting other things that day and I guess I just felt I had to draw the line somewhere.

Of course I couldn't stop thinking of her.
I was kicking myself for not bringing her home.
When I went back to the store she was gone.
Of course.

Except it turns out she wasn't gone.
Many months later I returned to the store.
She had been placed in a different spot, way up on a high shelf.
And now she is mine.
We are living happily ever after. ;)

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Platter Up!

I found this pretty Italian platter at an antique mall. It didn't start out looking like this though.

This is how it looked when I found it.

I really like the engraved detail on it.

I can't tell what it is made of. It's not metal and it feels to light to be wood. Can any of my Italian bloggy friends tell me?

First I gave it a coat of white paint.

Then I used some glaze brushing it on and then wiping it off. I then highlighted some area's with more white paint and a few area's with some brown paint.

It's now up on my fireplace mantel and I'm really enjoying my pretty new piece.

I'm sure it will get moved all around the house.

I've joined these awesome parties!!
White Wednesday @ Faded Charm
Met Monday @ Between Naps On the Porch

Stone Cold on a hot summers day.

What's better than stone?
Stone with old wood, mmmmm.


Do you like stone as much as I do?

p.s. Loving having fun in the sun with my two boys!

Taupe & White

I love, love, love, taupe and white rooms!

They may be boring to some,
but to me they are soothing and lovely.

Reminds me of chocolate and cream........mmmmmmm!

I'm a lucky girl!

I am a lucky girl to have won another wonderful giveaway!! The lovely Mara from Home~Shabby~Home hosted the give-away. If you haven't visited her blog, go quickly you are in for a treat!

I won this beautiful pillow which is looking great on my living room couch and.....

These gorgeous magnets! The pillow and magnets were made by Michelle at Amor Designs, she has an Etsy shop, so you can get them too!

Sweet Mara let me know in an email that my giveaway goodies are quite the world travelers. They were made in Australia,  then sent to Mara in Italy, and now are home with me in the USA! Wow, I'm actually envious of a pillow! I want to travel to Italy and Australia. :)

Thank-you so much Mara!!!

Pretty Garden Decor

Michael's recently had their garden accessories 50% off and I went a little crazy. Wanna see what I got?

This sweet little birdcage. I just love it! The top comes off so you can put whatever you like inside. I quickly made the little tag that's hanging on it.

This white bucket is my favorite piece. It has an old world look to it. Can't you just see it hanging from the well that Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a cup of water from?

This is how it looked when I got it home! I put my Michael's bag O' goodies in the car and right when I closed the door, the bag fell out of the car and the door smashed my bucket up!

But never fear; there isn't anything a little Gorilla Glue and duct tape can't fix!

Good as new (but looking old....the way I like it!).

When I saw this piece I knew immediatly what I was going to do with it when I brought it home.

I took the bucket out of it's cage (?) and sprayed it with oil rubbed bronze spray paint.

I think it looks much better now.

Sweet little caddy.

I'm going to have fun changing out the displays inside it.

A aged looking "toolbox" another fun piece that will constantly change.

I need to stay away from Michael's for a little while now. ;)