Shell Crafts

Looking for something fun to do this summer? Or better yet a project to give your kids. Head over to Martha Stewart and look at the many shell crafts she shows you how to make. Here are just a few.....

I adore this tote bag. It would be really cute made into a pillow too.

Shell vase (I wonder how you make it? ha, ha)

Pots adorned with summer shells.

Shell napkins

Shell soap dish

Shell candles

Gee, aren't you glad I labeled all the photos for you so you could tell what they are?!! :)

Are you ready to fall in love?

I have some gorgeous, drool-worthy, white rooms for you!

All photos by Dave Coote.

Anthropologie in Arizona

While vacationing in the Phoenix area my family humored me and let me visit the Anthropologie store. It's only the second time I've been to one and once again I was charmed by all the wonderful displays. I took some pictures to share with you. :)

I am drawn to black and white botanical prints so this pillow caught my eye.

I really love these large glass bottles everywhere I see them. However they are not very toddler friendly.

Love this chunky, rustic, bench and the metal basket atop it.

These shelves had a very subtle beach theme. I think it's a great summertime look.

Hmmmmm, how can I make some boxes like these......

I don't care for the mustard colored paint, but everything else is delightful.

Some very whimsical pillows.

I hope you all enjoyed the little tour!

Touring a dairy farm in Arizona

We took the kids to lots of fun places while in Arizona; the zoo, the aquarium, etc. My favorite trip was a tour of a dairy farm. Superstition Farm is in Mesa Arizona and I highly recommend it!

The farm was very clean and the cows are very well taken care of.

Despite temperatures of around 113 degrees, we still had lots of fun!

My sister gave Levi this adorable outfit. Perfect for our visit to the farm. Notice the green tractor on the front.

He matched the green tractor that took us all on a hayride all around the farm. On the hayride we learned all about dairy farming. It was very interesting.

After the tour we got to go pet the animals in the farm petting zoo.

Levi just loves animals! I love these two photos my sister took of him.

She captured the pure joy and delight on Levi's face.

Grant got to hold a chicken. I thought he was pretty brave.

Levi got close to this fluffy girl too.

There were lots of charming touches around the farm. I wished I could take this sign home with me.

I haven't told you the best part yet. After the farm tour we had free ice-cream made from the milk of these cows. It was soooo good! This is a special promotion they are running in July. We loved the ice-cream so much that later we visited the farms ice-cream shop in Gilbert Arizona called Udder Delights so we could have some more.

The farm also had an adorable store. I bought a darling, white, rooster pitcher.

I couldn't help wonder if someone on the farm blogs when I saw this chalkboard made from a lovely old frame that had been painted white.

I also got a Birch Beer soda from the shop. It tastes similar to Root Beer. The only other time I've seen this soda has been while visiting Amish country in Pennsylvania. So it was quite a treat to have it again.

I'm Back!

I am back from Arizona. We had a really wonderful time and I will post more pictures soon.
This lovely green and white "room" was inside the Z Gallery store in Arizona.
I missed you all!!

Road Trip

Skona Hem

I'm going on a road trip with my two boys (hubby has to stay home and work ).
I've never done anything like this and I am a little nervous.
But I am more excited.
We will be visiting my dad in Arizona.
My sister and her kids will be driving from California and will be there too.
I can't wait to see the cousins playing together!
We have lots of fun activities planned.
 I won't be posting for awhile so I can focus on family fun times.

I will miss you my friends.
See you later...alligator. ;)

Shabby Laundry Sign

I am very excited to tell you about this new sign I made for my laundry room. (I photographed it on my fireplace mantle because the light is better.)

This HERBS sign has been hanging above my washer and dryer (see how dark this photo is). I love the sign, but what do herbs have to with laundry?

So I decided to make a new sign, but I wanted it to look old. I primed and painted a board and then used my electric palm sander to roughen it up.

You may remember my pathetic attempt at stenciling. I knew I need some help with this sign!

I follow a wonderful blog called House Of Smiths. Shelly, has a vinyl lettering business called Wonderfully Wordy. I decided vinyl letters were exactly what I needed for my sign. I was able to customize the color, font, size etc. of my vinyl with Shelly all with a couple of emails.

The vinyl was super easy to apply and it looks so great! Way easier than stenciling!

My sign turned out just as I hoped it would!

I repeat (wink) if you are wanting to make your own custom sign, but painting free hand or stenciling intimidate you, vinyl lettering is the way to go!

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