My Dining Room

Welcome to my dining room. I'm joining Kelly's Korner as we all show our homes room by room.

My dining room has a very open floor plan as you can see. I do like the feel of an open room, the down side is almost no walls to hang pictures on!

I really love the size, shape, and style of my dining room chairs. I do NOT like the fabric. I found the chairs at a furniture outlet for a song and some day I will get around to recovering them (I hope!).

I have a taupe and white paisley runner on table all year around except Christmas. I like that the neutral colors can go with any event or holiday decor.

The wicker charger, plates, and napkins were all from Walmart. The napkin rings I found on clearance at Target. I wrapped the metal ring in some twine for added texture.

I wrapped these candles in raffia and string and then added a push pin from Ballard Designs.

I do love my table. I looked for a dining room table I liked for years and years. When I found this one it was love at first sight! However, I still waited a couple more years before I bought it because I refused to buy it until it went on sale. Does this make me cheap or frugal? I'll leave that up to you to decide. :)

I layered my runner with this cool textured stuff (I don't know what it's called). It's similar to burlap. I have a confession.....the ruffled is just held on with tape!

My china cabinet is a cheapie press board piece I bought at Lowe's years ago. It was white, but when I bought my table I faux painted it to look like dark wood. A new china cabinet or buffet is on my some day wish list.

Here is the top of the cabinet.

I backed the inside of the cabinet with burlap and have fun making little vignettes inside.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Magazine Table Make-Over

Hello Ladies. I hope you've had a great week!

I call this piece of furniture my magazine table, because you can hold magazines in the sides of the table.
 If someone knows the actual name for this type of table let me know.

Anyhoo, I've owned this magazine table for quite a few years. When I bought it the color was 1970's brown. I painted it black and it went with black furniture in my office.

Well thanks to wireless computers, we no longer need an office and I decided to paint it white.

I then distressed it with an electric sander.

I am really diggin' it white.

She has such pretty curves.
 I'm jealous. lately my curves have been turning into bulges. :(

Please enjoy 2,000 more pictures of my table. One from every angle (wink).

Thanks for stopping by!

Furniture Feature Fridays

My Uncommon Slice Of Suburbia


Love and a hatbox

Here is another little make-over I did for my mom.
It started with this cute little box. My mom likes things that are both pretty and practical, so I thought she could use this box to hold things, like maybe the tv remote on the coffee table.

I didn't like the icky gold color and as I mentioned in my last post, my mom loves white.
When I painted the box white the cool texture on the box stood out even more.

I very lightly highlighted a bit of the textured areas with some pale gray paint.

I used these cheapie stencils to send a message to my mom.

Love and hearts. Very appropriate!
My mom lives in California and we don't get to see each other as much as we would like, so now she has a daily reminder of my love for her.

When I took this box out to my patio to photograph it my 17 month old, Levi, plopped this pile of white rocks on the table. How perfect do they look?! I think I might have a little prop stylist on my hands!

Changing Up A Coatrack

I always like to show you the after shot of my makeovers first.
 Because why start a post with something ugly!

Except in this case the before wasn't ugly at all.
I've owned this sweet little coat rack for quite a few years now. I used to have a pink and green guestroom that it looked great in. But when Levi came along the guestroom turned into his nursery and this coat rack has been sitting at the bottom of my closet.

My moms birthday was this month; now don't worry I gave her store bought gifts too, but I decide to paint this and send it to her. It seemed like something she would like.

My mom loves white. So out came my big ol' can of white paint and away I went.

I highlighted a bit of the raised areas with some taupe paint.

My mom doesn't go for the distressed look as much as I do so I tried to keep it light.
I hope my coat rack likes it's new home ;).
And more importantly, I hope my mom loves it.


Make your own Patio Tables

I made two of these large pots into side tables for my patio.
Come along with me and I'll show you how. :)

I found these large French Anduze style pots at a local nursery, but I wasn't crazy about the color.

I primed them and then spray painted them Heirloom White.

I then used glaze and some brown paint to give them an aged look.

I bought  pre-made round table tops at a home improvement store. My dad cut two circles out of wood to fit the inside of the tops of the pots. My dad then screwed the pieces together for me.

I then stained the tops and coated them with poly. They are on a covered patio so they don't get rained on. They do get dusty because it's windy and dusty here in the desert.

The stain I used is walnut Minwax.

Besides the tables looking looking cute.......

.............they are also good for storage.
I can just lift up the lid and pop stuff inside.

This was a very simple project. Thanks to my dad for cutting the wood for me!

If you'd like to see the whole patio click HERE.

If you'd like to see how the tables held up over time click HERE.