Using Green in Fall Decor

The November issue of Country Living had an article on using the color green for Fall decorating.
The photos they had in there were just beautiful and I decided I wanted to give it a try with things in my own home.

I love all the varying shades of green you can find on the mini pumpkins and gourds.

The textures and colors are so pretty and it is a very calm look.

I just took a metal thrift store tray and layered on some crinkled brown paper, thyme and sage from my garden and then placed my gourds and pumpkins on top. Easy peasy and my favorite thing right now.

I've been showing you inspirational photos on my blog from Country Living and BHG and my favorite photos are always the ones with urns. So why wasn't I using any of the urns I have for Fall decorating?

I chose a favorite rusty urn, ringed the top with sage and placed a gourd on top.
So easy but I think it has a lot of presence.

I'm loving these warty gourds this year!

For this look I used some faux pumpkins that I bought on clearance from Target last year.
I really love anything that has texture and a natural look and these fit the bill.

I put a dishtowel in my wooden pedestal to fill it up a bit, added the pumpkins and then tucked sage in between the pumpkins where it was needed.

I pulled out another urn for this look.
This time putting a pumpkin on top.

I added little bits of thyme around the top. So sweet looking.
I think any of these ideas would look cute on your Thanksgiving table.

Finally how about a little bit of traditional orange!
Lately Target's dollar section has turned into the $2.50 section.
But it was still a good deal for this cute little vase trio.

I love little vases because there is always a little something blooming here in Las Vegas.
 With a mini vase I can have something pretty sitting by my kitchen sink whenever I like.

Fall at the Bellagio

The conservatory at the Bellagio does the most amazing seasonal displays. They are out of this world!

Here's my boys in front of a giant scarecrow. In spite of their somber expressions they did have a really fun time. Seriously, what is up with the scarecrow looking happier than my boys!

So many colorful Fall flowers and interesting trees.

I'd like this giant metal obelisk in my yard.

Can you say over the top. Love this giant pumpkin.

Creepy but happy tree man.

Multi hued pumpkins nestled beneath him.

Aren't these giant Venus flytraps cool!

My favorite thing was this covered bridge with metal tree, water feature and gorgeous flowers.

The gorgeous ceiling at the conservatory had these giant leaves hanging from it.
It looked like they were glass.

I don't know what this had to do with Fall but inside the conservatory was a green house filled with orchids.

They were gorgeous! All different shades of purples and pinks.

I adore these orchids inside old crates.

This massive display was in the lobby.
The conservatory at the Bellagio never disappoints!

White & Gray Fall Decor

When I showed this entry way make-over a while back, Lissa from Humble Pie suggested it would look good with some white or gray pumpkins in the Fall. I loved the idea of gray pumpkins, alas I have not come across any. So I decided to pull out just about every gray accessory I own and use those along with some white pumpkins.

Here's the top of the table.

This gray cloche is one of my favorites. When I saw it at TJ Maxx I snatched it off the shelf and hugged it to myself like a long lost child. (oops, a little bit of my drama queen is showing ;)

I backed the cloche with a piece of sheet music from Graphics Fairy.  I *carefully* burned the edges (while standing over the sink. The pumpkin sits on a little painted pot with seed heads from my garlic chives surrounding it. Why let yard clippings go to waste?

Would you think I was a freak if I told you I found this pedestal at TJ Maxx and I also clutched it lovingly to my chest?

I adore this crinkly brown paper and use it in displays all over the house. Outdoors too. In this case I was to cheap to buy a bigger white pumpkin. The paper helps prop the smaller pumpkin up so it is the right scale.

I thought this "warty" looking gourd was pretty cool. I picked through the white pumpkins trying to find the ones with the longest stems.

Down on the bookshelf.......

Something that didn't make the cut for the top shelf! The frame was brown wood. I painted it gray and then did a wash with watered down white paint. Brushing it on and wiping it off. The pumpkin picture is from Graphics Fairy.

And down on the floor........

A cute little gray lantern. Can you guess what store I got it from?
No, I didn't clutch it to my chest, don't be silly!
The candle inside is battery operated, so no chance of a fire.

On the magnetic memoboard.........

Another picture from the Graphics Fairy! I LOVE that site! Confession time.....The pumpkin photo's on Graphics Fairy are of bright orange pumpkins. I tried to use the black and white feature on my printer. However, I can never figure my printer out so it didn't work. It just so happens that my printer was almost out of ink and that is how I achieved this pale look on the pictures.

Above the memo board a FALL banner. My banner is just taped to the wall. The ribbon is just for show. I didn't want to put holes in the wall by nailing it up.

I used scrapbook paper, labels, stickers, buttons and distress ink pads. Easy, peasy!

So there you have it. You can do Fall decor in neutrals if your heart so desires.

I am enjoying the new look in the entry way. However the rest of the house will have bright orange pumpkins because I love them too!

I hope your Fall is full of hot apple cider and pumpkin muffins!

Patio Reveal!

I promise I didn't mean to keep you all in suspense by stretching my patio reveal into three parts. I was simply trying to avoid having too many photos in one too long post. Anyway, without further ado, here is my patio.

Years ago I faux painted this sofa table to give it the top the look of old wood. It's been sitting in my garage for years because there was no room for it inside. It finally occurred to me to put it out on the patio. It's been great having it out here. I can change out the displays on top whenever the mood strikes me.
The bundle of sticks in the corner I found years ago at Ikea. The huge lantern is from Costco. It is a solar lantern. It let's out tons of light in the evening.

I couldn't fit the whole patio into one photo, but this comes close. Our house came with a small paver patio and we extended it to make it larger. Part of the patio is covered. Having a covered patio in Las Vegas is a wonderful thing. It gets so incredibly hot here and the cover makes a huge difference.

Here's my favorite place to sit with my feet propped up. Or lay down and read a good book.

I found replacements for the old tropical print cushions. These are bark cloth cushions from Home Depot. To be honest they are a little scratchy. I love having cushions in a neutral color though so I can change the look of my patio on a whim simply by changing out the throw pillows.

The medallion pillows are from Restoration Hardware. They are meant for outside. It gets really dusty here so I love having fabrics that I can simply hose off to clean.

A little artwork to distract from the huge sliding glass door. I simply wrapped a burlap sack around a piece of foam core and propped it up on the table. Yes, those are fake plants on the table. It gets so hot in Las Vegas that any plant not hooked up to the sprinkler system will quickly fry.

My patio table covered with roofing tiles. You can get more information about it at the bottom of this post.

One of my French pot side tables. There is storage under the lid. Love that!
(more info at bottom of post)

I found the awesome white metal plant stand (behind the table) at an antique mall.

I have another little flagstone patio in my yard. It has a bistro set on it. We never use it though because it's too hot sitting out in the sun.
Okay, I'm going to stop talking for awhile and just let you look at the rest of the pictures.

These chairs are for my little boy Levi. I love the retro look  they have. I found them at Lowe's. Another reason I like them is they are sturdy metal chairs so they don't tip over when my toddler climbs up on one.

~Thanks for stopping by!!~

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