Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween
May you all receive only treats!!

Using Green in Fall Decor

The November issue of Country Living had an article on using the color green for Fall decorating.
The photos they had in there were just beautiful and I decided I wanted to give it a try with things in my own home.

I love all the varying shades of green you can find on the mini pumpkins and gourds.

The textures and colors are so pretty and it is a very calm look.

I just took a metal thrift store tray and layered on some crinkled brown paper, thyme and sage from my garden and then placed my gourds and pumpkins on top. Easy peasy and my favorite thing right now.

I've been showing you inspirational photos on my blog from Country Living and BHG and my favorite photos are always the ones with urns. So why wasn't I using any of the urns I have for Fall decorating?

I chose a favorite rusty urn, ringed the top with sage and placed a gourd on top.
So easy but I think it has a lot of presence.

I'm loving these warty gourds this year!

For this look I used some faux pumpkins that I bought on clearance from Target last year.
I really love anything that has texture and a natural look and these fit the bill.

I put a dishtowel in my wooden pedestal to fill it up a bit, added the pumpkins and then tucked sage in between the pumpkins where it was needed.

I pulled out another urn for this look.
This time putting a pumpkin on top.

I added little bits of thyme around the top. So sweet looking.
I think any of these ideas would look cute on your Thanksgiving table.

Finally how about a little bit of traditional orange!
Lately Target's dollar section has turned into the $2.50 section.
But it was still a good deal for this cute little vase trio.

I love little vases because there is always a little something blooming here in Las Vegas.
 With a mini vase I can have something pretty sitting by my kitchen sink whenever I like.

Gorgeous Coastal Home

Hope you don't mind if we take a little break from pumpkins.
I fell in love with this home from Coastal Living and am excited to show it to you!

I love everything about this kitchen!
 The finish on the cabinets, the chandelier, the stove hood.
Excuse me as I wipe the drool off my keyboard.

Big doors, big windows and big beams on the ceiling.
I'm going to stop myself from saying bigger is better. ;)

The muted color palette is fabulous.
Doesn't it remind you of a foggy day at the beach?

Spiral Staircase

Just look at these HUGE windows that look out to the sea.

Can't you just imagine snuggling up here with a book?
You could crack a window and listen to the waves crash against the shore.

(cave woman speak)

Great bathroom.
Even though it's not so pretty, I do like the T.V. in the bathroom.
It would be great to watch Flipping Out PBS, while soaking in the tub.

So, when can I move in?
Do you want to come to?
We could form a DIY commune!

More Pumpkins

More ideas for your pumpkins from Better Homes and Gardens........

They are numbered and in an urn*love*

The pumpkins look so good with this rustic bench.

A pumpkins swag. Is this cute or what!

A pretty pumpkin party in the barn.
(try saying that three times fast)

Such a cute place setting.

Lots of wonderful natural elements being used in this table arrangement.

All the pops of orange give this party such a very atmosphere.
( Love the farm table)

It's seems like it would be alot easier to carve you pumpkins this way that having to hollow them out.

I just can't get enough of pumpkins in urns!!!!!!

Fall at the Bellagio

The conservatory at the Bellagio does the most amazing seasonal displays. They are out of this world!

Here's my boys in front of a giant scarecrow. In spite of their somber expressions they did have a really fun time. Seriously, what is up with the scarecrow looking happier than my boys!

So many colorful Fall flowers and interesting trees.

I'd like this giant metal obelisk in my yard.

Can you say over the top. Love this giant pumpkin.

Creepy but happy tree man.

Multi hued pumpkins nestled beneath him.

Aren't these giant Venus flytraps cool!

My favorite thing was this covered bridge with metal tree, water feature and gorgeous flowers.

The gorgeous ceiling at the conservatory had these giant leaves hanging from it.
It looked like they were glass.

I don't know what this had to do with Fall but inside the conservatory was a green house filled with orchids.

They were gorgeous! All different shades of purples and pinks.

I adore these orchids inside old crates.

This massive display was in the lobby.
The conservatory at the Bellagio never disappoints!