Some pretties from across the pond

I love British home magazines and bought a small stack of them at Christmas time (my wallet said ouch!).
I looked through them over and over soaking in all the beautiful Christmas goodness inside.

An ad in the back of one caught my eye.
It was for a company called Bliss & Bloom.
Every photo in the ad featured such lovely things.

So I had to go to their website and have a look around.
I thought you might like to browse too. :)

Soak in all the pretty things......

I adore the muted colors.

Are you like me and want one of everything!

Merry Christmas!!!!

So I had hoped to take an adorable photo of my boys and wish you all a merry Christmas.

First Levi tackled Grant.
 Yes, the 20 month old is beating up on the 11 year old!
But it's all in fun.

Then when Levi saw that I was trying to take his picture he went into major pouting mode.
I give up!
So anyway, Merry Christmas, from my picture perfect family, to yours!

More Christmas past, this time in the kitchen.

Last year I hung little wreaths from my kitchen cabinets.
It was an idea I got from the blog Joys Of Home.
 It was so festive.
I really loved the way it looked.

I bought extra wreaths at after Christmas clearance sales last year so I could hang wreaths on all my cabinets this Christmas.
 But I ran out of decorating steam this year and chose not to hang the wreaths.
 And I'm o.k. with that.
It's good to know your limits and not overdo things.

If you're stressed out at Christmas it's no fun for you or your family.
The wreaths are in storage, waiting patiently.
Hopefully they will make an appearance next year. ;)

p.s. I simply used push pins to attach the ribbon to the back of the cabinet doors in case you want to try this.
Here is the link where Joys of Home hung wreaths on her cabinets.

Christmas Past

For those of you who are new to my blog I thought it would be fun to show you some of my favorite Christmas projects from last year. Just click on the highlighted words to be taken to the complete post.

I made a pair of walnut topiary and featured them in a winter wonderland tablescape.

I made some metal reindeer ornaments. They require a little patience but are well worth the effort.

I took these cheapie wooden ornaments....

And made them into cute tree ornaments using scrapbook paper and Mod Podge.

Lovely Christmas Inspiration Photos

country living
My Internet was out for a couple of days and I missed you all sooooooo much!!!

country living
So glad to be back!
 As soon as my little one goes down for the night it's my time to peruse all of your lovely blogs
and soak up all kinds of good inspiration!

southern living
I hope you all enjoy this little collection of pretty Christmas pictures from various magazines. :)

country living
My son is officially out on Winter break and I am SO excited!!
No more homework, yay.
Now we have time to go look at Christmas light and listen to Christmas music......

country home
We can go out to dinner, make Christmas crafts.
And much, much, more!!

country living
I hope you are having all kinds of Christmas goodness with your family too!!!

Christmas Tour

Welcome to Fern Creek Cottage's Christmas home tour.
If you click on any of the words highlighted in green it will take you to that post for more information.

Our tall green front door was calling out for some traditional red decor.
Come on in and see some more!

In the entry way I went for a simple look.

In the living room I had fun decorating this bookshelf.

A DIY blackboard, mercury glass and sparkly trees on top.

Homemade tags tied to the baskets on the bottom.

On the coffee table a white and gray tray.

The tray was a DIY project too.

Our winter wonderland fireplace mantel with embellished dollar store stockings.

Lots of silver sparkle here.

The dining room is brown, gold and copper.

Have you noticed how just about every display in my house involves deer?
I'm a little obessed with them. :)

My 20 month olds room got a little Christmas fun too.

We did a birdie theme for him.

My 11 year olds room featured something he loves.....
the Chicago Cubs!