From mirror to chalkboard

At Christmas time I promised I would blog about how I made this chalkboard.
I have been putting it off because I don't feel it is truly done.
But I'm going to go ahead and talk about it anyway.

It all started with a large mirror I found at the thrift store.
It was an icky yellow color and one of the finials on top was broken off.

But it was quite tall and had a nice shape to it.
It also was only $8.00.

It had these rusty metal legs screwed to the back so I assume it used to be attached to a dresser.
As you can see I started by sawing off both finials.
I used my miter saw and it was FUN!

I then painted it white. I thought I would love it white, but I didn't.
It looked to much like a dresser in a little girls room.

I knew I wanted to make it into a blackboard, but I was scared.
Then I saw this post, at The Life of Lou Lou where she turned a very similar mirror into a blackboard.
(it's gorgeous, check it out!)
I emailed and begged her to tell me how she did it.
She was kind enough to email back and said she turned the mirror around and painted the back of the mirror with chalkboard paint.
Very Clever!

However I found when I took the mirror out that it was super heavy and the frame was actually quite light.
I also was concerned that one of the menfolk in my house would crash into it or throw something at it one day and it would get broken.
So I went to Lowe's and had them cut a thin piece of wood for me that fit the inside of the frame.
When I brought it home I cut the top corners off myself to fit the arch in the top of the mirror.
I painted three coats of blackboard paint on the board, letting it dry between coats.
I then used Gorilla Glue to glue the board inside the back of the frame.
I weighed the wood down with some heavy books and let it dry overnight.
As this photo shows I ended up using a lot of glaze on the frame so it wasn't so white anymore.

This is what It looked like at Christmas time.

And I've shown it to you next to my gray table.

Here is how it looks today.
A little on the plain side, but I'll be fluffing it up for Valentines day soon.
I still feel like the finish is missing something.
I want to do something with that cool flower like detail at the top but I'm not sure what.
But it's good enough for now until future inspiration strikes.
I should mention, the frame is plastic so I can't sand it to distress the piece.

This is my message of the day, for you.
Hey, don't say I never get deep on this blog!

Edited to add photo from Valentine's chalkboard tablescape:

I'm joining Freckled Laundy's Chalkboard Party!

freckled laundry



  1. I love how it turned out! I'm on the hunt for a cool large frame to do the same.

  2. I love the chalkboard I'm on the powl for one maybe I'll be lucky enough to find a bargain like u.I'm new to your blog I luv it I check in often.

  3. It is so pretty! Maybe you could paint just the flower, like a chippy gold or taupe or something to set it off. Just a thought!

  4. That looks fabulous! It's the fanciest chalkboard I've ever seen. Love it!!

  5. Beautiful!! I am on the lookout for a big mirror!! Thanks for sharing! Sue

  6. Lisa I love the mirror/chalk board. Good move not using the mirror backwards, I'd be afraid of an accident too! Great job!

  7. Love this chalkboard! I made a chalkboard with a pertty frame months ago...but I'm wanting another...I just love the way they look. Love the cabinet its setting on too.

  8. I love making chalkboards, too Lisa, and this is a great makeover! You turned an ugly duckling mirror into a fabulous and functional accessory!

  9. Great idea...I saw some the other day they had done windows. I love mine I have painted on a door

  10. A great makeover - I like chalkboards. Somewhere I have still a great wooden plate - let see ... ;)



  11. Hi Lisa,
    Once again you have taken something plain and turned it into pretty and fabulous!!!


  12. what a beautiful transformation! thank you for sharing your secrets! Came over from WW!

  13. I just love your chalkboard. It looks wonderful!

  14. It turned out great! I love the detail on it and you can't beat $8! I love it just the way it is - don't change a thing :)

  15. Well I think it turned out fabulous! Can you do a post on how to use the glaze? I have to try me some of that stuff! It looks awesome! I guess I'm just afraid to experiment beyond much of normal painting, LOL! ;-)

  16. Nice job on the mirror and twice as nice at $8.

  17. Very nice! I love chalkboards because I love using words to decorate with. Pretty obvious probably.

  18. Wow! That turned out wonderful. I love it. Have a great day.


  19. This is the second chalkboard post I've been to on White Wednesday...I'm sensing a theme. What a GRAND idea - it turned out beautifully. Happy White Chalk Wednesday - Tanya

  20. Well I think it looks fantastic!! I just love that mirror!!
    Well done!

  21. I love chalkboards! I never pass up a mirror or old frame when I am out junkin! They go fast in my booth!

  22. Great job, I would love to do something like this.

  23. Looks great Lisa. I've been trying to find something with a cool frame that I could make into a chalkboard, but so far no luck :)

  24. Love mirror projects! ... you've created a stunning piece here!

  25. Oh it turned out fabulous! I just love all of this painting going on everywhere. You are giving me inspiration to pick up my paint brush and finish some projects :0
    I am new and am now a follower.

  26. I love the chalkboard. I keep buying mirrors to make one and haven't done it yet. I need to get busy. ~~Sherry~~

  27. On my to do list.. I just need to get the piece of wood... good to know Lowes will cut it... Home Depot won't :(

  28. I am in love with your chalkboard! I think the finish looks great as is too. I have a few large frames laying around that I would love to make into chalkboards. Thanks for the inspiration!

  29. It's a stunner to say the least!! Excellent job Girl! I just love chalkboards, can't seem to stop making them and so I really love the inspiration you have given us all with an old dresser mirror! Thanks for sharing!!


  30. Lisa, it is so lovely! I've been thinking of doing the same.. gotta find one! Take good care~

  31. Wow, I would never have thought that was plastic! Looks like great wood detail to me.

  32. Lisa! I LOVE it... It looks perfect! The frame that my board is really heavy, so I didn't have that problem. Your's is gorgous!

  33. love that, lisa! i love all of its different vignettes, too- it is always the crowning piece!

  34. What a fantastic find! The frame is perfect for a chalkboard. Loving that gray table too!
    Thanks for joining the party!


  35. Clever clever idea! The frame is so elegant, and the chalkboard adds a bit of "edgy-ness" to it. Great job! :)

    xoxo laurie