French Gray Table

ooh, la, la!!

I found this darling table (bench?) at the thrift store for $6.00. Yes, you read that right. Six dollars!!!!!
I was so happy when I plopped it in my cart. I then attempted to juggle the table and a toddler trying to climb out of the cart at the same time.
Moments later a lady passed by my cart, saw the table, and said "why don't I ever find anything like that!"
I said "get here five minutes earlier". Just kidding, I didn't really say that.
I just smiled. I was busy trying to make sure Levi didn't crack his head open.

Don't you just love all her curves!!
My original plan was to sand down the top and put on a fresh coat of stain and then paint the legs white.
However, when I started sanding the top I found out that at some point the top must have fallen off and someone had glued it back on.
There were little blobs of dried up glue all around the edges.
Not a great candidate for refinishing.

So I painted her a creamy white. Then heavily distressed the piece.
She was pretty, but I wasn't satisfied.
I knew what I wanted to do, but was scared.
So I lived with the piece for a week, hoping the white would grow on me.
No, it really wasn't what I wanted!
 I wanted an antique gray wash on her.

The glaze I own is brown and I didn't want to go out and buy new glaze so I decided to try an experiment.
I mixed two parts glaze with one part gray acrylic paint. It was the color of putty when all mixed up.
I started nice long strokes of gray on the top and then immediately wiped the excess glaze off.
It was exactly the look I was going for (don't you love it when that happens).

I have found that my glaze does not like to be wiped at a whole bunch.
So for the legs I would paint some glaze in the crevices, wipe it down, let it dry.
Then I would go over the rest of the leg with the glaze.
Trying my best to have nice even brush strokes and then wiping off the whole section I was working on.

I ended up with a few areas like this where the paint is "bunched up".
 Yes, that's a very technical paint term. I don't know why you've never heard it before?
Let the furniture piece cure (dry) for a day or two, then you can gently sand down the area.
You can go over the area with a little more glaze if you need to.

I like to pretend this little table was found in the attic of a very elegant old French woman.
Her children discovered it after she passed.
"Where did mama get this table?" they wonder.

See, she grew up in a very wealthy household.
But as an young lady she fell in love with a poor peasant.
He had dark eyes and dark hair and a heart full of sunshine.
Her parents disowned her when she ran off with him.
The only reminder from her old life was this pretty little table she brought with her.

When the children were little they would climb all over it and jump off of it, as children are known to do.
Mama was afraid someone would get hurt.
So up to the attic went the elegant little table and over the years it was forgotten.
Until now............

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  1. It's so cute! and I can totally understand that woman's comment...having seen prizes in other's carts after arriving 5 minutes too late.

    Another trick a wood worker told me it to add the stain color to the get to skip a step that way. Pretty much the same thing you did with this, smart girl!

  2. Darling find Lisa! I love your thrift shop story, LOL! I think I was that other woman asking you why she never finds anything like that, because I swear I never do!! ;-)
    You did a great job with the paint & glaze. It is not my thing....I can do simple coats and some sanding, but my cousin Tara is the furniture painting master!!

  3. I'm so glad you did it grey. It's perfect. And love the tale that goes along with it.


  4. I love the table. The color is perfect!! What a wonderful still life!!!!! And your story is so charming. I make up stories to go with still life's I create too!!

  5. Lisa lucky you with such a great frugal find! And you made her gorgeous, somehow a bit of grey on things suits you just perfectly. (I'm just trying to keep the grey out of my hair.)

  6. I love it! The hubster and I are refinishing our breakfast room table/chairs. After they were painted I attempted my very first "antiquing" application. Utter failure! It just looked dirty. So we repainted them and I'll have to keep practicing. Your table on the other had is absolutely beautiful! Way to go!!!

  7. Ah, you are such a romantic!!! I love your story. I do the same thing when I find something wonderful. I think that comes from our childhood where we would "playlike!" That's what we called it! LOL!

    I love your sweet little table and the paint treatment is perfect.


  8. Your table turned out wonderful!! Love the story :)

  9. I adore this table! I can't figure out why I am so hooked on your style, when my house is all warm colors and mission/art & crafts! Your photos are so gorgeous and appealing... I envision myself in your house on vacation!

    Please keep it up :)

  10. Great did a great job with the color. It looks beautiful. And how very lucky that you found such a lovely "heirloom" from France! your story

  11. It's perfect! I am going to have to try your experiment. I may have to email you for help if I fail!
    Karen xo

  12. Your table looks just fantastic!! Love the pillow too.

  13. I am a new follower. I love your little tables. I have some pieces like that and I have always thought they would look good painted like that, and glazed. You have proved my point...and after I showed my husband, he is almost convinced!


    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  14. Ha Ha your shopping trip sounds like mine. I'm always wrestling with my boys... Although at the thrift store I usally let them run wild.
    Love the little bench. Soo cute.
    I'm heading over to enter your giveaway now. I'm having one too. so stop by.

  15. Thank you for visitng my blog. :) I LOVE this table . . .you made it look so beautiful!! I am totally intimidated when it comes to painting furniture . . . I need to try it.

  16. p.s. I love your blog! I am your newest follower. :)

  17. That table is gorgeous! And only $!!! The thrift stores around me only carry clothes and small household sad.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  18. Love the gray! Beautiful transformation! *Becca*

  19. what an adorable table (and story too!)
    You did a lovely job with the finish - love it!! :)

  20. Such a sweet table Lisa~ love it all pretty in white!! Love your sweet little story too!! :)

  21. She is gorgeous Lisa! I love what you did and I love your story! :) I always say the same thing about never finding great things like this. My timing is awful! :) Enjoy her! :)

  22. Gorgeous table. I love the color!

  23. Beautiful table Lisa! I love the color and the lines of the table. Thank you for sharing this at my Open House party. Take care.

  24. I am so impressed! #1 that you found it for $6 and #2 that it looks so gorgeous now!! I love the look of it along with the lavendar and pillow. So inviting!

    Visiting from No Minimalist Here's party. Thanks for sharing!


  25. Hi Lisa I am so glad I found your blog through Sherry's party!! Love the table transformation it looks fantastic! Just became your newest follower would love you to follow back. Martina

  26. You do up the prettiest things! Love her curves!

  27. Gorgeous table!! You did a lovely job!
    Pamela :)

  28. Great job! I love the way the color turned out...And great story to go along with it! Vanna

  29. Absolutely beautiful finish! You were right, this table looks so good with distressed gray! I love the shape of it too.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment about my chandelier.


  30. It is gorgeous!!! The color is perfect! And I love the story. It would be the perfect story with a beautiful ending in your home . :)

  31. You do manage to find the best things Lisa, I don't know how you do it! That table looks beautiful, I love the glazing...very french indeed :)


  32. oh my!! its just PERFECT! what a great color! and I love the "story" behind it! So fun!

  33. This is to crazy. I just bought that same table at an auction for $12. The only difference is my has a tray that lifts off the table. Now that I see how beautiful yours has turned out, I know what color to paint it and glaze it. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  34. you're a genius. loving the finish you dreamed up with that grey acrylic cocktail and will def give it a whirl. what a find - that table is so curve-licious.

    so happy to find you via miss mustard seed. come visit!


  35. You know I think they look pretty cool. and the table is very beautiful and I got my eye on that pillow, have a wonderful weekend

    The Shabby Chick

  36. Beautiful, amazing what paint and imagination can do, huh?