Making Tags (and locker basket news)

I got an email the other day from Linda at Lavender Ridge.
She wanted to know how I made the lavender tag in my master bathroom.
Well, just in case anybody else wanted to know too, I thought I'd show the whole class. :)

I started with a Fresh Scent sachet, like these here.
They are paper packets with good smelling stuff inside. You can usually find them in the candle aisle.

Dump the contents out.
Then cut out the part of the image that you want to use for your tag.

Glue your image to a piece of scrapbook paper cut slightly larger.
Punch a hole in the top and you're done!

I used some twine to tie the Lily of the valley tag to a pot sleeve from Pottery Barn.

It's part of a vignette in my entry way.

The bunny looks kind of lonely.
I think I need to add a nest or something.

The beach tag was tied to a candle in my boys bathroom.

When my oldest son got home from school I asked what he thought of it.
He said it looked kinda "girly".
"What's girly about fish and shells?" I asked.
Well, it turns out the printing (which I didn't read) says the words calm and beauty, therefore, it's girly.
Uh, okay......

In other news:
Remember when I found these locker baskets at Homegoods.....

........and painted them to look like antique locker baskets?
If you want to read about it click HERE.
Well, I know not everyone lives near a Homegoods, so I wanted to let you know I saw some of the green metal baskets at Stein Mart this week.

Finally,  my giveaway for the red crown burlap sack and crown vintage tin is still going on.
If you want to enter leave a comment on this post.

Hope you are all having a lovely week-end!!!!



  1. I got the green ones at Steinmart. I am going to use them in my hutch. Working on some liners for them.

  2. I've used those sachet packs in my car and never thought to make tags. Such a great idea. Some people are always thinking ahead. Thanks for "switching on the light" for me. (;0)

  3. OMG it was that easy. I thought you may have used line art or graphics. I will have to keep my eyes open in the candle thanks. I like what you did with the wire baskets.

  4. What a great idea. It seems a shame to throw away these pretty packets and now we don't have to.
    Thanks to you!!!


  5. I love those locker baskets. How come I never see anything great like that at Homegoods :)

  6. you are just too clever for words. you can make the simplest thing look so beautiful

  7. @ Megan - I never thought to use those yummy smelling packets in the car!! I feel a trip to Target coming up. @ Lisa - thanks for the great ideas!!

  8. They look kinda girly... I love it! Boys, I tell ya!

    I love the way you think! I buy these all the time, probably due to boys :) I'll have to remember this!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  9. haha! I wanted to hang a fish plate in my boy's room today...he said it was girlie because it had a hydrangea next to the fish... :) okay, he is right :)
    I'm following!

  10. Oo! I'm off to Stein Mart, hope they still have some! Thanks. :-)

  11. The tags are wonderful!! He thought it was girlie huh? Too funny!!
    Love the locker baskets.
    I need to repaint mine to look more shabby for sure!

  12. What a great idea!! I would have never thought of that.I'm going to look for those packets.They look great.


  13. Thanks for the A+ lesson today! What a cute and creative idea!! Great baskets also...

  14. It's all so pretty! I love the tags.
    I have the red baskets from HG! Love the color of the green!

  15. I'll have to check out the baskets at Stein Mart. I bought an upholstered chair there last week. I like your tag idea.

  16. Hi Lisa, love all your pictures. Those wire baskets are to die for. I was looking at the bunny and thinking something around his neck could work, using hessian or twine of course lol. Maybe a clay tag.


  17. Those are adorable tags, what a great idea! I love the sea side tag tied to the candle. :)

  18. IT is SUCH a coincidence that you are linking back to your metal basket tutorial, because I just found a metal basket at Goodwill for $3 and have come to find out how to antique it (:
    Thank you for your inspiration!

    ~Janelle @

  19. I'm back, I walked through my living room and heard a commercial for Stein Mart. They are having their 12 hour Saturday Event and even better, there are coupons! Here is the link for many coupons including $10 off $25 purchase!