My Master Bathroom {w/ gray & lavender accents}

I received this beautiful sign for Christmas ( it's from Etsy). I had the perfect spot for it in my master bathroom. But for some reason, I can't explain, I never got around to hanging it up. So when I read about Jennifer Rizzo's Refresh Your Room for spring party, it was the kick in the patootie I needed to give my master bath a little attention.

The colors in my bath were mustard yellow and chocolate brown.
As much as I love to eat mustard and chocolate (although not together).
I was ready for lighter colors in my bathroom.


The valence was a very pretty one from Waverly.

I found this linen and cotton shower curtain on clearance for $7.00.
It has these pretty embroidered flowers on it.

I made it into a no-sew faux Roman shade. (that rhymes!)
I simply folded up the bottom and wrapped it in ribbon.

I've had this wall hanging for over 10 years.
I love it because it can go in any room.
It has hung in a different room in each home I've owned.

I was so scared to ruin it, but decided to paint it gray and the pots white.
It's growing on me.
And yes, I realize the candles don't match.
I have been looking everywhere for purple candles.
I found one at Target (only one, grrrr).
The other two are candles I already owned.
Most of the candles in stores now days are in glass jars.
I will eventually find what I'm looking for.

My old towels....

Fresh white towels.....

So here's my bathtub corner all nice and refreshed.
Can you hear it say " aaaaaaaw".

My bathroom came with this built in vanity.

What's behind the door?
It's the loo.
(men love having their own private stall, it's weird!)

On my vanity is a little home made blackboard.
I found the tarnished silver plate at the thrift store for $1.50 and gave it two coats of blackboard paint.
Before blogging a project like this never would have occurred to me.
I love all the wonderful inspiration I get from blogland!!

Here's a peek at our loo ;)

It's difficult to take photos in our bathroom because there are so many mirrors.
If you like, you can play "where's Waldo" and see how many times you can find me in the pictures!

I took this little pitcher from another room and filled it with silk lavender that I already owned.

I am in love with the beautiful label on this soap!

While I'm showing you labels.....
I think this one is really pretty too!

Just for you...
Fresh lavender!

The medicine cabinet wall stayed the same.
A big metal key and a sweet little bird plaque.

I filled my apothecary jar with some handmade soap I got at a garage sale.
(it's not as weird as it sounds I'm friends with the person I bought it from)
I made an oversized tag to hang on the jar.

So that's it, my "new" bathroom fresh and light for spring!


  1. i love what you have done! and you have such a lovely big bathroom too. i need to 'update' our ensuite with some white paint i think. thanks for the inspiration! Kate :)

  2. you did a great job on the bath! The sign really sets it off, so light and fresh. now go soak in that nice tub after your hard work!

  3. Cah-UTE! I love that it's not overdone and the fresh lavender is so sweet. I bet it helps that particular room stay fresh smelling.

  4. I love the before, but the after is just so calming and pretty!


  5. Your bathroom is so beautiful and big!! I love your new touches and it really brightened things up. I can't believe you go that shade for $7.00! It is so pretty! :) I would love to soak in that wonderful tub! :)

  6. You did an exceptional job!! I am so inspired to get to my bathroom! I finally finished my bedroom after two years ha ha.. nice!!!

  7. gorgeous and so tranquil. I love it. Love all the accents!

  8. I love your bath redo, Lisa! I can almost smell the pots of lavender! And I really love your silver tray chalkboard, what a fun accessory! I wonder if you would have luck finding purple candles at Michael's or Home Good's? Great job!!

  9. Lisa,

    I'm having bathtub envy! Your sign was a great jumping off point. I love the new color scheme and the fresh lavender is beautiful! You have a lovely loo :) ~M

  10. What a lovely French inspired bathroom. It's fresh, new and feels fantastic.
    I have another idea for you if I might be so bold. Your cabinets would look beautiful with knobs and handles. Maybe a rustic wrought iron or and enamel look of some shape. When I revamped my bath, the old cupboard had to, the only thing I could do was update it with knobs/handles. Just a thought for you. Great job. xoso Sandy

  11. So beautiful! Your sign looks fabulous, really softens the space and I am so in love with your three French Lavender plants in their burlap covered pots, in the wicker basket...*swoon* Fabulous job Lisa!! Enjoy your beautiful 'new' bathroom ~ Txx

  12. Absolutely beautiful and so refreshing!

  13. I never tire of a few simple changes making such a big difference! It looks lovey and light and very refreshing. I bet it smells gorgeous too with all that lavender!

  14. Beautiful as always! I love your eye for things. The lavender accents tie is all together wonderfully.

    Sheer perfection!

  15. It's really lovely Lisa. Love the splashes of lavender!

  16. What a pretty transition! Love the white and I was sure I was smelling the delightful lavender fragrance I was reading your post!

  17. Oh Lisa you've done a fabulous job changing things up for spring! Can you come over and help me next?

    I love the new curatin and all the flowers, nothing like flowers to make your morning prep a more pleasant experience!

  18. Great job Lisa! I love the lavender and all you've done with it, really refreshed for spring!

  19. The "after" I love - the bathroom looks brighter and much more elegant.



  20. Beautiful bathroom. I wouldn't mind spending some time in that "loo"!
    Thanks for sharing. 8>)

  21. beautiful. love the fresh lavendar! job well done. liz

  22. Stunning--I love all the great touches. Thanks for sharing,

  23. It just goes to show that alittle simplicity can go such a long way. I love it. Its very peaceful and spa-like................Bonnie

  24. Love it!!!!!! Very nice!!!! so simple and so beautiful!!!! I love simplicity!.............Cathy

  25. Hi Lisa,

    The changes are absolutely beautiful! I love how pretty the lavendar accents are! I really love those burlap wraps on your pots on the counter--so cute!

    I'm here from Jennifer's party and am your newest follower.

    Have a great day!

  26. I love what you did! It looks so fresh and lovely!

  27. Gorgeous! Gorgeous! You done a fab job and I am loving that lavender!

  28. Bravo!
    Really gorgeous!
    Fresh, fresh, fresh...
    Have a great week

  29. Oh Lisa, Your bathroom is so pretty! I love the sign and all the Lavender touches. Beautiful!

  30. I love the changes you made, Lisa, especially the valance and choice of lavender as your accent color! It has a very serene feeling... beautiful! :)

  31. It looks so fresh and pretty! I always love fluffy white towels and pretty labels too. :)

  32. Hello Lisa,
    I love your refreshed bathroom! It's so serene and peaceful now, no offense to the mustard & brown. You're even dressed stripey like Waldo.
    Happy spring!

  33. wow it's all so pretty! i even like the before. very tranquil...i can almost smell the lavendar:)

  34. I'll tell you one thing...this is the cleanest bathroom I've ever seen! Not only clean but beautiful!
    I love all of your special touches.


  35. I love it. I might never come out!

  36. Great job with your bathroom, I love it. Your bathroom looks sort of like mine. :-) I was just at Pier 1 Imports and they have lavender candles that are white, but they sure smelled heavenly that I think would look pretty in your wall hanging! My hubby likes the private stall too..hee hee. too funny! Love that sign, and it looks perfect. Have a great week Lisa!

  37. Lovely bathroom! Love the transformation...very calm and soothing. I love lavender too!

  38. I love all of your lavender touches! I am planning to update my bathroom so I am looking for ideas! Thanks! ♥

  39. It looks like a spa with the white towels and I can just imagine how wonderful the lavender smells. Lovely touches.

    My best- Diane

  40. Oh my gosh! What a huge difference just putting white towels in there made! LUV all of the lavender, the homemade soaps, and that linen shade is awesommmmmme!!!! :) Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

    xoxo laurie

  41. All your little touches look great Lisa. Your bathroom has such a nice relaxed feel :)

  42. I love the updates you've made ~ sooo springy and fresh!

  43. It looks so lovely and bright and fresh for spring! Thank you so much for joining in on the party! You make me want to redo my bathroom now!

  44. Oh wow!! It's just so fresh and charming! Way to go, girly!! Enjoy your beautiful transformation!
    Terrell @ Frou Frou Decor

  45. Your bathroom looks so pretty Lisa!!;) Thanks for your nice comment on my post today! Hugs, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  46. I love the new look your gave your bathroom. It looks fresh and crisp with a bit of romance. The lavender tag you made looks just as pretty as the labels. I get a lot of my candles from Marshalls and TJ Maxx. They always have wonderful ones to choose from and they aren't all in glasses. I have lots of candle holders around the house too.
    Enjoy your day.

  47. so beautiful!!
    i found my way over from becca's place. ; )

  48. I Love Lavender.. My blog Your bathroom is too cute. That has just given me an idea to redo my bathroom.
    It's an awkward shape. So there is no redo in the future so I have to make due. Our sink and toilet, bath is all in gray. The walls are in linen, so Out with the old and bring in the new. I have a tulip picture in there now so.... I have toile fabric in lavender, great for window covering. Homesense here I come....