Making antique style lavender glass bottles, sort of.

Image from: Dreamy Whites Shop

I thought April Fools day would be a good day to post my crafting failure.
I decided a while ago to attempt to make my own antique style lavender glass bottles.
Not everyone has access to antiques and not everyone can afford them.
And it just seemed like a fun project to try out.

Did they turn out looking like the gorgeous bottles from Dreamy Whites, that you see in this photo?
Sadly, no they did not.
boo hoo

If you've been reading my blog for awhile you know how I love to make things out of my garbage.  :)
I decided this maple syrup bottle had the right shape.
(we go through a lot of maple syrup in our house)

This soda bottle also had a shape similar to an old bottle. (love Izze soda!)

On my first attempt I watered down some purple acrylic paint and swirled it around the inside of the bottle.
I set the bottles upside down on some paper towels and waited for them to dry.
Before they dried I could tell this wasn't going to work.
They were all "streaky" and looked terrible ( I didn't think to take a picture).

For my second attempt I mixed some Mod Podge with paint and brushed it on the outside of the bottle and let it dry.
Yuck, you can see all the brush strokes!
Time to wash them off and try one.more.time.

Then I remembered a post I had read by Gingerbread Snowflakes where she made her own gorgeous glass lanterns. Click on the blog name to check out her post. It is amazing!
She used a slightly different method, here's what I did:
 Mixed Mod Podge and paint together, brushed it on the bottle in sections, then dabbed at the paint with a crumpled up piece of plastic wrap.
When dry I used a bit of antiquing glaze to tone down the purple a bit.

Holding the bottle by putting your finger in it is how you end up w/o any fingerprints on it.
 Just be careful that your finger doesn't get stuck!

Do they look like antique bottles?
No, they do not. :(

But, are they pretty lavender bottles to put in a Spring display?
I think they are. :)

....and you can never go wrong with a project that's free!


  1. Oh I love how they turned out!!! What a fantastic idea! My hubby has an interesting shaped bottle of hot sauce that I'm waiting for him to hurry up and finish so I can get my hands on the bottle:) I'm definitely going to try this!

  2. WOW... those are beautiful. I'm impressed by how you did it. What color glaze did you put on top..actually what color did you use for both?? They are charming! I mujst try this. Have a wonderful weekend.... xoso Sandy O

  3. You can't win them all! The lavender is certainly a pretty shade. And you're right - they are great Spring decor.

  4. Hi Lisa, The bottles turned out pretty even if they were not what you expected. I have heard you can mix food dye and mod podge to get a translucent look. I have never tried it but it sounded interesting.

  5. Lisa, I think they look fine hun but I know that is not the look you was going for. You can use them and then toss them and your right it was free, but I love that pretty lavender color they turned out:)

  6. I love them Lisa! You are amazing that you can even think of trying this stuff! I wish I had that kind of creative mind. I always see something and want to run out and "buy" it. I LOVE your ideas! Oh, by the it summer already? Enjoy your weekend. :-)

  7. Lisa you are so creative! ;-) I love that you tried something and finally came out with a result you liked. I am brave and just try random things, too. Sometimes they don't work and the items go in the thrift shop donation pile instead of in the shop, LOL! ;-)
    My cousin just started collecting lavender old bottles and I recently found one for her. Now I kinda wish I'd kept it for myself, LOL!

  8. I think they look lovely! They may not be exacted how you had envisioned them, but they do look great! You've got me thinking about how to actually get the same result as the antique ones - I wonder if there's someway to use glass paint thinned down so you get the transparency...? hmmm..... :)

  9. They're pretty. If it makes you feel any better, I did the same thing trying to turn jars into soap dispensers that looked like sea glass - yeah right!! I have some more jars, and am going to try again. I didn't have some of the things needed, and tried alternatives - bad idea. If I can remember where I found the idea, I'll email the link.


  10. They look lovely in lavender! I love bottles, old or new.....can't throw 'em away!

    Thinking I'll get out some paint real soon and try this!


  11. You are so clever ;)! I think they look so pretty~ Hugs,Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

  12. They are gorgeous and you are so sweet!
    Thanks for sharing!!

    Deborah xo

  13. Love your honesty! Sometimes the best laid plans...haha!


  14. I love them! They look beautiful. I love the color too.


  15. Thank you so much! Yes - I've enjoyed the free time and looked the powerful thunderstorm from the covered terrace. It's good that I have stayed at home. ;)

    Enjoy the evening

  16. I think you should try again. You need to use transparent pigment instead of paint. I saw on another blog where a blogger took blue food coloring and added it to mod podge and brushed it on the outside of her bottles and it was very close to the look of aqua blue mason jars. So to get purple...mix a little red and a little blue food coloring and add to mod podge and give this a try. I think you'll get the transparent look you were trying for.

  17. Ohhhh! Love the lavender. I have been trying to decide what color to add in for spring this year and really didn't want to do something I have already done and after seeing this I am now dying to add in some lavender touches! It looks beautiful!