My Living Room

For those of you who are new to my blog welcome! G'day to those who have visited many times too!
For Poppies at Play homes tour I felt a post showing my whole house would be a bit too long so I decided to give you a tour of my living room. If you would like to see more of my home just click on any of the room photos on my sidebar and you will be taken to that rooms post. In this post you can click on any of the words highlighted in green to be taken to a post that gives tutorials on my projects.

I've never shown photos of my complete living room before and there are two reasons why.
Both reasons are behind my couch. Two huge windows that let in tons of light.
Great in "real life", but horrible glare when you try to take photos.

This little piece of furniture makes me smile because of the irony of the piece .
I only spent $60.00 on the bookshelf/cubby table at Walmart.
However I spent $120.00 on the baskets from Pottery Barn because at the time it was the only place that had baskets the right size. Crazy right!
It is a great piece though because it hides lots of kids toys.
I have plans to add some enamel numbers to the baskets when I get a chance.

I made this blackboard out of an $8.00 thrift store mirror.
The mercury glass candlesticks were after Christmas clearance specials.
I recently bought this awesome lantern at Hobby Lobby. It has great patina.
I had been looking for just the right lantern for awhile and this one was exactly what I was looking for.
Love it when you find that perfect piece that you've made up in your mind!

I know a lot of people don't like ceiling fans, but they are nice  to have in Las Vegas.
I think this one is pretty.
I got it for only $50.00 from Home Depot because it was a floor model they were getting rid of.
We had to borrow an extra tall ladder from the neighbors when my dad installed it for us.

The glass shades are really unusual.
They are shaped like flowers.
The inside is a bright amber color and the outside is frosted.
I wanted to point that out in case you just thought I needed to dust the piece. ;)

The fireplace isn't the prettiest around, that is for sure.
But it is a two sided fireplace, which is kinda cool.
The other side of the fireplace is in our family room (which I will be showing on the blog soon).

I got this great print off Etsy from the Kiki Comin shoppe.
She had it listed with white letters and colored background.
I asked her if she would switch it and make me one with brown writing and a white background
and she was happy too.
That is something I love about Etsy. It's so easy to get custom pieces made.

We have a nice chunky coffee table.
I searched for literally years trying to find just.the.right.table.
I loved this one so much. Now I'm kind of wanting something different. (oops)
Maybe sell it on craigslist and find something oval?
Hmmmm, we'll see.
The baskets underneath are from Ikea and are great for holding more kids junk toys.

Well there's that annoying glare.
On the table are two of my make over over pieces.
The pillow on the couch is from Restoration Hardware.
I'm slightly addicted to their pillows.
I always wait for them to go on sale before buying.
They are really well made and super cute, to boot!

(paint color: Valspar Faint Maple)

Next post:  I'll be showing you my guest room. :)


  1. Ohh, I want that Sunshine print! :D It's perfect. Your living room looks so peaceful and's gorgeous!

  2. What a lovely room. I like your style. (:>)

  3. Your living room looks stylish but comfortable. Love the wire basket next to the fire place with flowers. Had to laugh at your comment about the coffee table. I'm glad I'm not the only one who does things like that. I don't do it as often, but it still happens, and I always feel a bit guilty.


  4. Love your living room!! So beautiful!!
    That pillow on the couch is awesome. I didn't know they sold pillows..oh oh!! Ha!
    Chalkboard mirror is fab...oh dear...everything is awesome!! Thanks for sharing it!!

  5. Thanks for letting us take a peek into your lovely livingroom.


  6. Your living room is beautiful,love that pillow you have on your couch! Have a great weekend, Martina

  7. Love your room - it looks so peaceful and relaxing!

  8. What a lovely and serene room. Are the flowers in the pottery real? If so what kind are they. They really add a nice touch of colour:o)

  9. So welcoming and relaxing! I adore the picture above the firplace. I think rooms with a touch of whimsy are so amazing. Great job!

  10. Carrie: the flowers on the coffee table are real. It is a lavender plant. :)

  11. Great living room! Love the table with the baskets!!!

  12. I love your living room and I went to look at your dining room. Both are lovely! I would love to see your kitchen as well.

  13. Thanks for letting me take a look at your your chalkboard!


  14. I adore your home. You come up with the greatest projects for it. You can tell it is a home that is well loved.

  15. I love the whole thing! The sunshine print makes me think of your sister. I can't believe the white piece came from Walmart. That is great.

  16. Beautiful living room! You make me laugh with the basket story..that is so something I would do too! But it looks GREAT and that's all that matters!

  17. Just popping over from Poppies at Play. Love seeing your beautiful place without having to leave mine.
    Thanks for the tour.


    Gg - Notes on the Journey
    #3 (Kitchen tour from my vintage Chicago apartment)

  18. It's wonderful, what I can see on your new photos of the last posts … so beautiful insights … !!!

    I wish you a wonderful start of the week!


  19. Thanks for sharing your living room with us! It's beautiful. You're so lucky to get so much light!

    And I just emailed you back my address. Sorry about that! Let me know if you don't receive it for some reason.

    Thanks again!


  20. Love your living room! I may steal the lavender plant idea =) Thank you for the nice comments you left on my spring mantel, now off to read more of your blog =)

  21. What a nice cozy room Lisa! I'm glad you showed it to us, I think I've only seen bits and pieces of it :)


  22. I love sunshine! Your living room is so beautiful! It is very inviting! Thank you for sharing! Wanda

  23. Loving your living room! I'm also partial to ceiling fans, I love the breeze!

    The custom print is pretty awesome too. I'm going to school for graphic design so I love when people support the artist community :)

  24. Such a pretty how ornate that chalkboard is & your sunshine song in glass is brilliant! xoox, tracie

  25. Such a gorgeous space! I love how you've decorated it! Bright and elegant. I love the chalkboard and the sunshine art is priceless! Thanks so much for linkig!

    Poppies at Play

  26. Beautiful living room - just divine. Love your chalkboard and all the baskets. I'm a new follower from White Wednesday...great to connect with you.

  27. Beautiful and very serene room. ~~Sherry~~

  28. Such a wonderful room with fabulous details! So glad you shared it...and I am loving the sunlight you have. I love when sun streams into rooms, my kitchen and family room are always sunlight filled and I think it puts you in a better mood! LOL ;-) Glad you shared this on WW! Newest follower!