My vintage style pantry

I'm going to start out my pantry makeover post by showing you a little project I completed for it.
I found this crate at the thrift store.
It used to hold children's toys, I think fake fruits and veggies.

I wanted it to look like an old crate.
I started out spraying the whole thing with heirloom white spray paint.
I was using up a can I had and it served as a base coat.
I then mixed two gray paints together. Not mixing them completely.

Here's how it looks so far.
I wanted both grays to show as well as bits of the white to show through.

I then brushed on a coat of glaze.
The next day I felt the crate still wasn't dark enough so I added a second coat of glaze.

Here's the completed crate.
It has a vintage feel to it now.

I placed it next to an old Pepsi crate and filled them both with food.

I've shown you my beloved chicken wire baskets before.
They came from Homegoods.

I liked these baskets so much I went back and got a couple more.
I like shallow containers in the pantry so I can easily see and grab the food inside.
~please don't judge my food choices~  :)

On the floor I placed a gray basket from Tuesday Morning.
It holds a big bottle of vinegar and distilled water (that I use in my steam mop).

On the top shelf, my faux vintage locker baskets.

I didn't do anything to the shelf with canned goods because I wanted to be able to grab them easily and move them around as needed.
Maybe I'll make pretty gray labels for all of them....
ha,ha, just kidding!!

A shot of the whole pantry.
I also scrubbed the shelves before putting all the food back in.
 It's amazing how grubby they were!
I should mention, this is the cleanest and most organized my pantry has ever been.
Also, there is not nearly the amount of food that is normally in here.
Because we're moving I've donated a lot of un-opened food and have been working on using food up.

I must say I'm loving having a cute, clean, pantry.
I wonder if I can maintain this in my next house?

The Lettered Cottage


  1. I love your pantry, I wish I had one that big.. I also like how neat you are...great job on making the box old worn.


  2. Your pantry looks great, Lisa! I wish mine looked that pretty and organized. Love all the baskets and the crate that you aged.
    I guess, I missed something but best of luck in your plans to move!

  3. Now i'm going to have to go and swipe all of Olivia's (my daughter) Melissa and Doug containers...LOL!!! Love what you did with it. And I think your food choices are just fine!

  4. Wow I love all the vintage baskets and crates. It makes your pantry look so homey.

  5. So pretty and so it!!

  6. that is the prettiest pantry!! I love it!

  7. Your pantry looks great Lisa! Love the crate, you did an awesome paint job on it.

  8. Lisa!! This MAY just be my favorite blog post of yours! It is incredible. I love every single photo. I have a lot of those Melissa and Doug crates and am going to copy you...100%. Thanks girl. :)

  9. It looks so nice! Amazing what some cute baskets and crates can do.

  10. I wish my pantry was anywhere CLOSE to that! lol love it!

  11. You did a great job making the crate look old and worn! Pantry looks great and organized too!

  12. Love your baskets and bins! I wish my pantry looked that pantry! Actually I wish I had a pantry but even if my shelves looked that pretty I would be happy! :)
    Happy Easter my friend, I hope you are enjoying your week. :)

  13. Great job on the crate...Your closet looks organized to the hilt!
    Enjoyed finding you and surfing through your blog!
    Happy Easter to you and yours,
    nice to meet you!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    sweet Up-North Mornings...

  14. Wow, your pantry looks great. There is no chance, I repeat no chance of me achieving this neatness at my place. Oh well, one can dream it is very inspiring. I can aim for a look this neat one day.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Donna xx

  15. Turned out great, love the lockers and vintage crates.

  16. Oh, it looks so nice! I love how you used crates and wire locker bins...I have some crates in my pantry, but mine is in need of some major help;) Thanks for the motivation!

  17. I loooooove your faux vintage locker baaskets! The way you aged that crate is fantastic! You have a lovely pantry. :) Visiting from The Stories of A 2 Z! Hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

  18. Gorgeous Pantry! I love those chicken wire baskets! Too cute!

  19. Gorgeous, love all the baskets you have incorporated!!

  20. Your crate turned out beautifully. I love your pantry. You are just like me - everything has to be in a container and then placed on the shelves. My husband doesn't get it. Have a lovely day. x Sharon

  21. Looks great!! I love the chicken wire baskets. :) I am inspired to make my pantry cuter. (I like the gray labels on the cans idea.)

  22. I love your pantry!! I have some of those same baskets. Arent they great!