Our Guest Room

This room used to be our office, but when baby Levi came along our guest room became a nursery.
We still needed some place for guests to sleep and once we got a lap top we didn't need an entire room for our office anymore.

The room is too small to put a queen size bed in.
I was thrilled when I found this Restoration Hardware daybed on craigslist.
It has a trundle underneath so the bed can sleep two people.
There's a down filled mattress topper underneath the white quilt and sometimes I like to
 sneak in here and read a book.
It's very comfy and cozy!
Then my kids find me and I'm terrified of their grubby fingers touching the white quilt- so I have to usher them out and leave my tranquil space.

I've loaded the bed with lots of pillows. It feels so good to sink into them while reading.

The burlap pillow is from Restoration Hardware (on sale).
The other pillow was custom made from the Etsy shop Styled Spaces.
 She listed it as a smaller pillow and the printing was black.
I asked  her to make me a 26x26 pillow cover and change the printing to a khaki color.
Like I said in my last post, I love Etsy because most of the sellers are happy to do custom orders.

I hung my French signs, which are thrift store makeovers, on the wall.
I also have put my French gray table, also a thrift store makeover, here in the room.

These ugly oak veneer bookcases had to stay in the room.
I gave them a little makeover with some fabric and wallpaper.
If you want to know more about it you can click HERE.
Behind the curtains are lots of books and photo albums and the top shelves hold pretty things and
 vintage style baskets.
 I love things that are both pretty and practical. The baskets look good, but also hold a lot.

In the little wall space between the closet and one of the bookcases I hung my beloved herb crates.
I got these for my birthday last spring and it took me quite a while to figure out what to put in them.
I'm finally happy with what I came up with. (the fourth herb crate is in my laundry room)

In the top box I placed a white crown oil pourer and a faux herb.
The crown pourer is propped up with a soup can.

I've had this ceramic pomegranate plaque for a long time.
I really loved it but never could find the right place to put it in the house.
I propped it up and wrapped some burlap ribbon around it and I like it in here.

In the bottom box some faux herbs and a little metal birdcage.
The birdcage used to be black but I painted it.

So that's it. Our cozy girly guest room.
There is more I'd like to do, but since we're moving I'm going to leave it like this and have fun playing with the room some more in the new house!

Which we haven't found yet..... (please pray for us) :)

                                                                     French Country Cottage


  1. Love this room, Lisa. It looks oh so very comfy and cozy. I would love to curl up there for a nice little nap.

  2. What a great solution for your guest room needs! You certainly gave it your frenchy touch and made it very cozy for guests! ;-)

  3. Oh Lisa, it is just beautiful!!
    I would certainly love to escape to a room just like that & read a book. I have been admiring those wood herb boxes from Farmhouse Wares for a long time! Hear you loud & clear on the kid alert thing. I have to hide all the pens in this house up high unless I am supervising.. my son has been know to sketch octopus's on anything.. thank goodness for magic eraser.
    G/L with your move out to the Chicago suburbs.. you are going to love the Kane County Flea Market!
    :) Lara

  4. Just lovely Lisa! I luv all the little touches you've added to make it a one of a kind room. Really pretty!

  5. Lisa, Your guestroom is gorgeous. Love the daybed and all your pillows. The skirt for the bookcases was such a cute and creative idea. Beautiful room!

  6. I love every bit of that room. All it needs is a lock on the door and a mini-bar!


  7. Sooooo lovely and inviting!!!!


  8. Lisa this is the most beautiful room I've ever seen. I love everything you have on your selves! Can I move in?
    Susan @ homeroad

  9. That is absolutely beautiful! I love the way you took the dark wood of the daybed and dressed it up with all the lighter shades. Looks like it came right out of a magazine!

  10. What a beautiful room Lisa! This looks like the perfect spot to spend an afternoon paging through magazines. I love how you dressed up the bookcases and all your treasures are gorgeous! Great find on the day bed too! :)

  11. What a fabulous guest room. And it definitely looks like a great place to read a book for sure!!
    Love those crates!!!

  12. Oh, I love this room! I can see why you love to sneak off here to read. The bookshelves couldn't be any cuter! I like how you used the skirts on the lower half. Your pillows and daybed are beautiful too! Such a tranquil space. ;)~M

  13. Hi Lisa,
    I love the bed and all of the pretty pillows. You worry about grubby little fingers and I worry about kitty fur! LOL!
    I also love all of your decor.


  14. Oh Lisa I love this room and the pillows are to die for... I know you said that you got the boxes for your birthday But where can one find these ? You will find a house and make it your Home I will say a prayer for you...have a great day and don't worry...


  15. So very pretty! love all the pillows & the vintage touches in your room! xoxo, tracie

  16. Your daybed is just wonderful and the pillows make it so cozy!
    Nice Room!

  17. Oh my gosh, that room is GORGEOUS! I'm afraid I might just hole up in there and never leave.

    Happy WW,

  18. Thanks so much for your visit. Your guest room is beautiful. I would also spend time there if I could. I had to laugh about you leaving once your boys discover you there. I am like that with my sitting room - white sofa's and boys don't mix well! Have a lovely week. x Sharon

  19. Lisa,
    This room is a haven!
    Love everything you've created here...
    Those crates and the beautiful words on them are dreamy!
    Love, love, love this peaceful room!

    Deborah xoxo

  20. Great room! when would you like for me to come by for a visit, I will bring my suitcase! lol!

  21. Oh, I love it!!! Forget guests....I'd move in myself!!!

  22. I love your guest room! The daybed looks fabulous with all the beautiful pillows and the little French gray table in front. I love all your wire baskets and treasures displayed on your shelves too. It is a beautiful and tranquil space!


  23. What a pretty room Lisa! It looks very nice and cozy, especially with all of those pillows...I'm a pillow person too. Those herb crates are amazing! I'd love to find something similar :)


  24. so lovely and dreamy - you did a splendid job!

  25. Your guest room looks lovely! I adore the little herb boxes you hung on the wall, what a sweet and creative way to display them:) I'm going to check out that Etsy shop...as if I need more stuff from Etsy!!

  26. What a pretty room! I'd love to be the lucky guest who gets to stay there. The pillows are lovely. I'm enjoying your home tour pics and look forward to your new home and how you decorate each space. I guess we're both on the move huh? My best wishes that things go well for your move as well xo

  27. Beautiful guest bedroom. Love all of your French accents. Tiff

  28. Visiting from White Wednesday. Love your guest room. It looks so inviting with all of those French fabrics.
    ~ Julie

  29. I love the white rooster! He is lovely!

  30. I just love your colors in that room. So peaceful and calming. Great job.

  31. What a pretty room, your guests will feel so special in there. xoxo

  32. A very pretty guest room. Your guests will love it. Thanks for sharing. Karie

  33. I LOVE your room Lisa!;) It looks beautiful and so cozy~ Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving me such a sweet comment! HUGS, Rachel

    French Farmhouse 425

    *I am putting you on my blogroll!;)

  34. What a beautiful guest room! We are working on our 3 guest room and you have certainly given me so great ideas! I am thinking of a murphy bed for the room but love this trundle!!

    What a great job prettying up simple bookcases too! Love it

  35. I'd like to make my reservation now please :) This is so lovely! I love what you did with the book shelves -- the fabric and all the accents create such a peaceful space! Your lucky guests!

  36. What a dreamy and sweet space! I too would surely nest in here.

  37. What a lovely, fashionable and cozy
    sweet room. Love it!!
    Love that french table in front of your daybed, and the idea with the fabric to cover your shelves and the baskets, you did a great job of accesorizing, and love your herb boxes and the way you fixed them up as well. Great room, can't imagine any improvements could be possible,
    but I am sure you will think of some as most of girls usually do!! lol
    Blessings, Nellie

  38. LOVING your sweet and charming guest room!! Those pillows are darling and the crates- so sweet! Love how your bookcase display works for function and pretty too! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  39. Oh wow, I LOVE your guest room! Those herb crates are wonderful! I would love to have some pillows like that too. Your color palate is so soft and warm, and natural. LOVE IT!

  40. Oh wow, so pretty! You've inspired me to work in our guest room...it's more of a "storage area" (dump) right now!


  41. What a gorgeous room! Love the bedding and all the vintage touches.

  42. Gorgeous guest room! Makes me want to curl up and read a book with a cup of tea cooling next to me.