A wee buns makeover

A wee buns (very easy) makeover. 
 I've been reading Patrick Taylor's series of books An Irish Country Doctor
and I have all things Irish on the brain! 
They are very sweet books and I'll be sad when I've finished them.
Which has absolutely nothing to do with this project so I'd better plough ahead (get on w/ the story or task).

A Tuesday Morning store has recently opened up near me so I thought it was my duty to go take a look.
I found this cute little metal wall pocket for only $2.99.
Blue doesn't go with my decor,  hence the makeover.

I sprayed two coats on white spray paint on and then used a dry foam brush to highlight the raised design in front with black acrylic paint.
 I also painted all the edges of the piece black.
I didn't mind if the painting wasn't perfect because it gives the piece more of a vintage look.

The wall pocket even came with a plastic liner so the piece won't rust out when you put plants in it.

Then I had some fun playing with vignettes in my kitchen!
First I put a little fern inside and put some green pots around it.

Next I filled it with lavender.
 Can you make lavender look bad?
I don't think so!

Well, I'd better stop craking on (talking incessantly) about this and get some housework done!


  1. I like the before and after look - but it certainly is nice and clean looking now. Very fresh! Happy Spring!

  2. Both were great but the white looks real good with the lavender!

  3. this is cute!
    I agree...Lavender looks good in anyhing and anywhere!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. What a fantastic idea!!!


  5. So cute, what a simple makeover! ;-)
    Happy weekend!

  6. Much better in white! It's so pretty!

    We don't have a Tuesday Morning here ):

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Very cute Lisa! Love it with the fern and with the lavender. You are really gifted with paint my friend!

  8. Looks great Lisa. I can't believe all the great things you find and how you are able to transform them!


  9. Very, very cute! Nice paint detailing.

  10. Oh, the white really looks better and I like the way the lavender looks against the white. I want some lavender to put in my yard this year. Now if I can only figure out where to put it.

  11. so pretty! and you're right - lavender always looks great :)

  12. I love the makeover.

  13. That is so pretty, your makeover made a world of difference! And no, you can't make lavender look bad:)

  14. Wow! $2.99 and a little paint can always make us happy, right?!?

    Love the fern in it, but you just can't beat the lavender!!

    Happy White Wednesday!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  15. Thank you for sharing..beautiful post and blog..

  16. I love the B & A! Love the lavender, too! I love what a little white paint will accomplish!

    ~Mikey @ Shabby French Cottage

  17. love its new beautiful white color
    come see what I shared on my blog today at http://shopannies.blogspot.com