What's Up?

Last week was my son Grant's spring break so we headed to Illinois for a house hunting trip.
It was the first time Levi (age 2) had been on a plane.
Not my favorite experience in the world and let's leave it at that!

The weather was kinda yucky while we were there but we still had a really nice time.
It was so lovely to see large expanses of green grass after living in the desert for six years.
Bulbs were blooming and we saw daffodils everywhere.
It was really beautiful!

We found one house that is a possibility but aren't 100% sold on it yet, so we will keep looking.
I'll keep you posted.
I'm trying my hardest to find a house with hardwood floors.
It would be a dream come true!
The three houses I've lived in (as an adult) have all has cream carpet.
I am so over cleaning light carpet!!!

When we got back to Las Vegas tons of stuff had burst into bloom.
Spring is so wonderful!
(the flowers on this tree smell heavenly!)

All of the flower photos in this post are blooming in my yard right now.
I overexposed them in picnic for fun.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy....
So, I took the boys to Legoland in the Chicago area and they had tons of fun.
(It is almost impossible to get Levi to look at the camera right now, grrr)

Our hotel in the suburbs had this cozy fire burning in the lobby everyday.
So nice after driving around in the rain to come back to a fire!
They also had a bowl of candy and cookies in the lobby.
You can probably guess that my kids were pretty thrilled with that!

For part of our trip we stayed in Chicago.
This fancy chandelier was in our hotel.
It's my dream chandy!

Proof that Levi does actually smile!
He loved going down the "big kids" slide by himself.


  1. How exciting to house hunt but I can imagine it's stressful too. I've never, ever owned a home of my own...sniffle sniffle...oh well, someday!

    Young boys + cream carpet = not fun! I hope you find hardwood floors!

  2. your boys are so cute...how lucky getting to go see real live grass!! LOL...I miss green. ..Good luck on your house search :0)

  3. What cuties! Sounds like a busy trip! you're going from sand to green, I'm going from green to sand! Hope you find a good place - we don't have one picked until we get to Dubai and it's SO important to me to find something I love :)

  4. Sounds like a fun trip, except for the plane ride! I LOVE looking at houses. I hope you find the perfect one :)


  5. I, too, miss all that green being a KY girl. Doing that cross country move myself not too long ago, I feel your pain!! Hope you all can find a home that you love! If you are unloading any of your stuff here in Vegas - let us locals know!!!

  6. Your kids are too cute! And definitely try to hold out for those hardwoods. Good luck with the ongoing search and thank you so much for leaving such a thoughtful note on my blog. Hope all is well!


  7. I must have missed something. I didn't even know you were moving!

  8. Look at you with your green thumb in the middle of the desert! Thatta girl :) What kind of flowers are blooming in that tree??

    Glad you had such a lovely trip too:) I find it hard to believe you are having a hard time finding a house with wood floors in the midwest?!


  9. I am so glad that you had a wonderful time, sorry about the plane ride. I hope that you can find a home that you love and make your own. Your yard is gorgeous! I love your flowers. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Oh my! I have had my share of flying with little ones on house hunting trips! Glad that's all behind us.

    I hope you find a wonderful house with hardwood floors. It was always fun to me looking at houses.

    Your boys are so cute. Levi is growing like a weed.