A little entry way make over

There is a little space right next to my front door that is only about 15" deep.
Years ago I found this little metal table that fits well in this spot. The table was gold and red (really ugly).
I painted the table and the oval mirror above it with a brown rusty finish.

Here's a close up of the finish.
The mirror has been damaged and I decided it was time for the table to under go a change.

I started out using a can and a half of primer to cover the dark finish.
I then spray painted the table white. I originally planned to rough it up a little with some sand paper
and be done with it.

But then I remembered how much I liked the glazing treatment I did on my French gray table and decided it would look really pretty on this table too.
I mixed smoke glaze with gray acrylic paint.When I brushed it on it looked like pond sludge.
 But when you wipe it off you have a really pretty smoky gray color.
 I still wanted a lot of the white to still show through so my foam brush was pretty dry.

Because of all the swirls on this piece there were spots where the glaze splotched on and was too dark
(it's difficult to do nice smooth brush strokes on a swirly piece).
So I dry brushed some white paint on some spots and in some areas I mixed my glaze and white paint together and brushed it on.

It's a piece I had fun playing with. I wanted a build up of different paint tones
so it would look like an old piece of furniture.
 Instead of a cheap piece of furniture from Ross; I wanted it to look like it was rescued from an old French Chateau.

This weekend I had a lovely good bye dinner with two of my dearest friends.
My friend Babette blessed me with this amazing lantern from Pottery Barn.
 She picked out the perfect thing for me!
My friend Gina was also there and blessed me with some very cute gifts that gently poked fun at Illinois
 (she is from there so she's allowed!).
We were laughing and tearing up and had such a great time!
 Let me tell ya, good byes stink!!
 But God brought us together as friends and I know we will see each other again.

Beside my amazing new lantern I placed a crown pitcher full of flowers from a tree in my backyard.

I hung my framed tote bag on the wall behind my pretties.

I love pottery that has crazing on it. Do you?

Such a fun little make over. I love painting furniture!
I won't get to enjoy it for too long though, the packers are arriving in about two weeks!
So much to do! So for now I bid you adieu. ;)

I'm joining the Spray Paint Party @ Thrifty Decor Chick!

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  1. That looks perfect, love what white paint can do to things...
    Lovely greetings...


  2. It looks lovely! Soft and fresh! I also love the pretty pitcher with the crown...and the pretty pink flowers.

  3. Glazing is a tricky thing. You did a great job on both the paint and glaze. Love the lantern from your friend. Sweet of them to give such thoughtful going away gifts. I hope your move to IL goes smoothly. I said goodbye to my two best friends in IL. I hate goodbyes, too. Good thing for computers and phones. Oh, and yes, love crazing. Beautiful vignette! Good luck with everything! :D

  4. Oh, I agree that goodbyes are so hard, Lisa. I haven't moved, but two of my best friends moved away and it broke my heart. I still miss them but we do spend time together when we can and we also keep up in other ways. God binds hearts together no matter how far apart.

    Love your lantern...what a great gift. You have a beautiful entryway.

  5. Your table looks lovely! I love that pitcher, it's adorable. Heck, I love it all.

    Suzy xxx

  6. Such a wonderful change. good for you. Dianntha

  7. I love both the before and the after!

  8. Looks great... love it white I got new paint today and it's the right color this time around...


  9. It's always hard to say goodbye, so don't. Say see you later.
    Love the little table and how you have decorated it.

  10. That space looks so pretty lightened up! :)

  11. It's amazing what a little paint can do for a space. It now looks so bright and cheerful and as always your arrangment is so beautiful!

  12. It looks like a completely different table. You did a great job Lisa. I love your new lantern too :)

  13. Hi Lisa,
    Great make-over! It looks so fresh, that little crazed mug is gorgeous:-)

  14. Love the finish on the table and the vignette you created is fabulous!!

  15. what a pretty little vignette - your table looks great! it's so hard to say good-bye but what wonderful friends you have and they'll still be there no matter how far away you are xo

  16. I love that table! It looks so pretty and is so unique! How sweet of your friends to buy you gifts:)

    I have some faux tiles coming that I'm going to be making a headboard out of, I want them to look rusty so I may try the paint/glaze thing and see how it goes!

  17. Oh so pretty!!!
    Hope your week is wonderful.

  18. what a gorgeous transformation!!! it's ever so lovely! happy 100th WW!

  19. What else did you get from the french chateau! LOL!
    The piece turned out so pretty. I love how you distressed it.

    Lovely gifts from your friends too. I'm sure you will cherish them forever.


  20. Love the table, it looks fabulous!!

  21. My what a lovely transformation! Love those flowers too! Happy WW!

  22. It looks so inviting. You did a great job transforming your entryway and the colors really look beautiful together.

    I'm completely jealous you have packers for your move. It's our dream to have packers if we ever move out of the state.


  23. You make me giggle....2 weeks away and you're still redecorating around the house! A girl after my own heart! We'll go down decorating till the very end! I love the new color on the table :)

  24. What a beautiful makeover, Lisa! Your table does indeed look straight from a French chateau! And the accessories are tres magnifique! I am loving the framed tote bag:)

  25. Your table is beautiful and the paint job you did is just perfect. It does look as though it was been rescued from a French chateau! The display on top is also so pretty. I have also been looking at your previous post on your kitchen. You have been very clever the way you've added character without making it look cluttered. Best of luck for your move. I bet its exciting and daunting all at the same time! x Sharon

  26. Love your entryway makeover, Lisa, and what a great transformation of that table! Love that framed tote, too, btw... beautiful!

    ~ Jo

    p.s. thanks for your input on my new header... much appreciated! :)

  27. Your table is beautiful Lisa! I love its new look and your treasures are so pretty. What a very pretty entrance way. :)
    Good bye's do really stink and I am glad that you were able to have some fun with your friends.

  28. You are amazing Lisa! I really like what you did to that table, but if I was moving and had packers on their way, I would be so stressed out, I wouldn't be painting anything, but I am a crazy worrier like that anyhow. LOL! Sounds like you had fun with your friends, good byes are hard, & you will miss them, but remember that old grey masonry wall in your backyard and you won't be sad anymore! LOL Wishing you the best...

  29. It's look perfect i like it.
    Those pretty pink flower is so beautiful.