Mother's day; a day early.

We decided to celebrate part of Mother's day a day early.
I hate going to restaurants when they are crowded and busy,
so we dressed up a bit and went out for a fancy brunch today.
I had an Italian margarita omelet; fluffy eggs filled with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes and fresh basil.
Mmmmmmm! Yummy!

Grant took this photo of me and Levi today and I just love it!
One thing I won't miss about Vegas, the ugly cement block walls in the backyards,
they remind me of a prison yard. Yuck!

After brunch and some play time for the kiddos we went to a nearby furniture store.
I really love this table I saw. It is a great inspiration piece for me.
I plan on selling my kitchen table and chairs before we move and hope to make over a craigslist or garage sale piece in Illinois.
I really like the combo of weathered gray wood on top and white legs on the bottom.

I want to thank all of you soooooo much for your camera suggestions!
You guys always come through for me!
I did get a new one and these are photos straight out of the box of a fully open flower from
my pomegranate tree.
I need to read the instructions soon (boooooring!)

I hope all of you have a wonderful Mother's day!!!!


  1. Happy Mothers Day Lisa~ what a darling picture of your and your sweet little man! :)

  2. Happy Mothers' Day to you too!! Wonderful picture! And your photos are wonderful!
    Enjoy your day of rest and relaxation.

  3. Now thats one you are going to want to frame!
    So precious and what a story that tells :)
    Im not one for busy restaurants either...I would just as soon go on a picnic :)
    I love that table and chair set..I agree with you that the colour of wood next to those white legs is strikingly beautiful!
    Happy Mothers Day to you!!

  4. And to you as well, Happy Mother's Day


  5. Happy Mother's Day! Sweet sweet photo of you and your son :) Jeff and I lived in IL for most of our lives. You will love how green it is there. I miss it.

  6. Hi Lisa! I hope you are enjoying your day today too my friend! That photo of you & Levi is so, so sweet! Girl, you really made me laugh out loud with your comment about the cement block wall! I guess I didn't even notice it because it's what I see everyday too! From my prison yard to yours, Happy Mother's Day!

  7. Awwww, your little guy looks so adorable looking up at you! We celebrated a day early also, my husband works Sunday thru Thursday but I agree with you, everything is much less busy!

    Happy Mother's Day:)

  8. Happy Mother's Day Lisa!
    Such a cute photo of you and your adorable son. :)
    - Susan

  9. What a lovely photo Lisa. I love it.

    Happy Mother's Day!


  10. ~Happy Mothers Day!~ Love the photo it is so precious~ Hugs, Rachel :)

    French Farmhouse 425

  11. Happy Mother's Day! Great picture of you and your son. And I love your dress!

    By the way, I had to laugh after reading what you wrote about your husband buying Shape magazine. I would have responded in the SAME EXACT way. But you both joke about it now right??? :)

    Thanks again for leaving such a sweet note on my blog!

  12. What a great pic of you two! So adorable.
    I think we're on the same brain wave - I'm thinking about the weathered wood/white combo for a table too - isn't that funny?
    I hope you had a lovely celebration xo

  13. I am so glad that you had a wonderful Mothers Day, what a sweet picture of you and Levi. I am like you, I don't like crowds and think that that was a great idea to go a day early. :) I hope you enjoyed your actual Mothers Day as well! :)