My Kitchen

Whenever we move I like to take pictures of my home so we have memories and reminders of our old house. This is the first time I have had a blog while moving so I decided I'd share the photos with you.
A reader recently told me she would like to see pictures of my kitchen, so here we go..........

I have been very, very, lucky with this house because the kitchen is huge.
I don't ever expect to have a kitchen this big again, but I have loved it while it was mine.

This is what the breakfast room in our kitchen looked like yesterday morning.
I sold the dining set on craigslist yesterday.  A glass tabletop and kids do not mix.

I'm not crazy about the black valence and sconces anymore, but kept them up for showing the house.

I added some farmhouse country below the window tying into the black.

I found these cute jars recently at Tuesday Morning.

Our house has a very open floor plan. You can see into our dining room and living room from the kitchen.
On the other side of this dining area is our family room which I will show you in another post.

I have been really pleased with what I came up with on top of the upper cabinets.
It can be a challenging space to decorate and you don't want it looking cluttered.
I used wood and wicker platters from Ikea propped up on plate stands.
Then cheap urns and faux plants. Everything is propped up on books and wood slats.
Whatever you put on top of the cabinets gets very dusty and greasy so you don't want to put anything up there that is too important to you.

I found this reproduction metal egg gathering basket from Homegoods and it's perfect for holding wooden spoons and such. The green pottery is a old piece that I love.

Moving around the room we have more cabinets.
In my other houses I've kept things like my punch bowl and crock pot in the garage and pulled them out when I needed to use them. In this kitchen I've been able to hold every single thing in the cabinets and then still have more room. I've been very spoiled!

This is the first time I've had an island in my kitchen and it's been wonderful!
You can see my entry way and front door in the background.
That's the one thing I don't like about an open floor plan...
Someone comes over and they can see all of your mess from the front door.

Behind the white door is my pantry.

Notice how I cropped the sink. That's because there were dirty dishes in it!

Usually my laptop sits on the island. It's a nice place to blog.

The counter stools were from Pier One. They are being sold too.

See the metal wall hanging above my range?
It's actually plastic! It was white and I spray painted it black.

So there you have it, a tour of my kitchen.
I have no idea what my new kitchen will look like.
We have found a home in Illinois that we are going to rent, but I haven't seen it.
My hubby took pictures of the house, but he didn't take any of the kitchen so it will be a surprise for me.


  1. wow!
    This kitchen is beautiful!
    I keep my fingers crossed for your new home!
    sunny greetings from france

  2. Looking at all of the pictures reminds me how much I enjoy your hospitality and the countless lunches we enjoyed around your table. *sniff* I am getting a little sentimental...

  3. Oh my gosh your kitchen is beautiful and so open! I love how you did the portion above the cupboards. We had that in our old home and I had no idea what to do with them.
    I blog at my kitchen island sometimes too. :)

  4. That is a huge kitchen! I love the island with the barstools. When are you moving? Is it coming up soon?

  5. Love your kitchen and yes it is wonderful to have a really big one. My last house was huge and the kitchen was big and fabulous. I miss that. Hope your move goes smoothly. Hugs, Marty

  6. your kitchen is AMAZING! sooo much counter space and its so open! you are very lucky! i love it.

  7. I recently bought the same 1, 2, 3, jars @ Tuesday morning...great minds think alike. Keep us posted on the move and new home!

  8. Wow! That is one huge kitchen, indeed! You must have so enjoyed it. It looks beautiful. Good luck with your move.

  9. Love your home Lisa. I like what you put on the top of your cabinets too. It can be tricky getting it right. I hope that you settle into your new kitchen and don't have too much hassle with lack of storage. I could easily get used to having that much in my kitchen.


  10. That is a super lovely kitchen and I loooove your island!! Our kitchen isn't small but it is a little dark, it's on the long to do list. I hope you will be blessed with a wonderful and lovely new kitchen!

  11. That is a huge kitchen (about 5 times the size of mine). You were spoiled indeed. I love the charm you added to it. Despite being open with high ceilings (cathedral?), it appears quite cozy in the photos. Beautiful! I hope your new mystery kitchen is gorgeous!


  12. Your kitchen is HUGE! Love the way you decorated it, really loving those jars. Hmm, may have to check my Tuesday Morning! Fingers crossed your new kitchen will be just as perfect =)

  13. I like your kitchen a lot. But what I really need to know is information about the next to the last picture on your home page (the one with the white topiaries). I have been looking for something like this for a wedding decoration and have not, so far, found anything about them on your blog. Is this something you bought or made? Anything you can tell me is appreciated!

  14. Hi Sandy,

    If you send me an email I will send you the links on how I made the topiary. :)

  15. I see your moving to IL! Welcome! Your home is lovely, I hope your surprise is a good one!

  16. wow you made it such a wonderful and cozy kitchen!;)
    I cant wait to see how your new kithen looks~
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog today~

    French Farmhouse 425

  17. Your kitchen really is a dream kitchen. I love the little girl's room too. I remember when we started going to antique stores and little shops with lots of white and linen and lace etc. I didn't just think "this is pretty." I used to get an actual physical sensation in my body that is difficult to describe. If I were a believer in reincarnation I would think it must have some connection to a past life or something. I love you lisa

  18. Oh, your kitchen is gorgeous! And I love how many cabinets you have, too. That would be wonderful! We would be trouble here if we didn't have an enormous metal cabinet in our garage for storing food and a lot of miscellaneous items! (Small kitchen!) So I identify with the whole "crock pot in the garage" thing! Oh, I also love your island, I think that would be a lovely place to blog!

    I am sure someone is going to fall in love with your home in no time at all! It is so beautiful! :)

    I hope you are having a great weekend!


  19. What a big, beautiful kitchen! I have a small one in my home...I hope to have a bigger one in my next home!