Bringing color to my patio

Normally I love neutrals, but I was feeling like my patio was looking kind of blah.
A summer patio should have a sense of fun to it.
So how to add a little color, but not spend (almost) any money?

(my cuties in the background are getting ready for a squirt gun battle)

We've had some big thunderstorms this summer and the strong winds broke some of my pretty nick nacks I had sitting outside.
 So I gathered some metal items from around the house to use on the patio.
 Hopefully they will stay intact in a storm.

I sprayed them all with Rustoliem in aqua.
It was really bright. I was kinda horrified!
So I grabbed some sandpaper and sanded the heck out of them.

Ah, much better!  Much more me.
Spraying all the pieces the same color unifies them and sanding them gives them the vintage look I love.

We have this fabulous cloche my son gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago.
I did get his permission before I painted it. :)

This birdcage was originally dark green, but when I sanded it the brown metal shows through.

The small finial was cream and the larger one was brown.
The difference between the shades of aqua really surprised me.
It is much lighter on the finial that was cream underneath.
Which sounds like it should be obvious, but spray paint usually covers pretty good and I wasn't expecting such a difference.

Do you want to see more?
I'm going to show you the whole patio in my next post......  :)


  1. All your painted pieces look gorgeous!! I love the aqua.


  2. Oohh, I love the hit of turquoise! And the sanded finish is perfect! The weather here has been crazy lately - good luck! liz

  3. Lovely - the aqua goes really well with the stone and cream colours of your cushions. Your boys look so sweet! x Sharon

  4. And a beautiful color you brought it in!!!

  5. Your patio is looking good and very cheerful!


  6. Oh I love the touch of turquoise. It looks fabulous. Hugs, Marty

  7. Lisa, You painted the pieces one of my favorite colors! They look wonderful in aqua.

  8. The aqua was a perfect choice! I laughed when you said you were horrified! That must have been bright!
    The sanding was a good idea to tone it down and make it more you. I hope no storms bother them!
    Have a pretty day!

  9. I like the pop of color, but you can do a little more to tie it all together. Such as a pillow with that color in it, or a outdoor rug with the color.

  10. Lisa, I love all the aqua and they look so pretty distressed! I can't wait to see your whole patio :)


  11. LOVE! Can not wait to see the whole patio!

  12. HI Lisa, love what you have done. It looked great before and looks great now. I have gone with different colors on my decorating it. I spray painted a watering can turquoise and a planter and then planted some periwinkle bluish flowers in the planter and loved the end result. The aqua is just a pretty color for outdoors. YOur place looks great.

  13. Love the blue vintage look. Your porch is looking great, Lisa. Hope the new house is going wonderful.

  14. Love your little pops of color, Lisa. The distressing turned out so good too :)

  15. I really love the color and love your cloche! Also, your yard looks so AWESOME!! When you are enjoying that lovely grass think of this poor desert dweller, haha ;0)

  16. That cloche is fabulous and now blue...totally awesome!
    Can't wait to see the whole patio!!

  17. Love it.. I'm so glad you guys are settling in looks like you have a beautiful yard too...


  18. Every single item on your patio is beautiful. I'm especially drawn to that wood topped urn? side table. Can you share more about that? Love it!

  19. Your patio is so beautiful and I love the color that you added! The little cloche is so cute, he has great taste. :) I hope everything is surviving the storms that are coming through today. Enjoy your day and stay cool and dry!

  20. I love the colour you chose! It adds just the right pop of colour and I love that you sanded them to make them look more vintage :)