I need your advice....hard wood floors

Ina Garten's kitchen via house Beautiful

For the first time ever I have hard wood floors (yay!).
However I have no idea how to take care of them.
I think the floors on the main level are oak and in the basement we have bamboo.
The floors are sealed.

So how do you care for your floors?
Any wonderful products/techniques/tips you can share with me?
Any advice on what not to use or do?

Please share.....

...........and thank you in advance!


  1. If they are sealed that makes it really easy. Just vacuum them, then use a steam mop, like the Shark, to clean them. I use a spray wood floor cleaner, too, if I've left the steaming for too long.

  2. I use just a little soap detergent and warm water on a rag at the end of my mop, works perfectly. Wood floors are real easy to take care of. Martina

  3. I've had wood floors for years and by using a damp mop to clean them, they stay beautiful. Never use a sloppy, wet mop - even on sealed flooring.

  4. I just use a steam mop. It's great and chemical free :)

  5. Hi Lisa!
    I have researched this topic a lot not too long ago and here is what I've found to be the best method..

    1 cup white vinegar in a very warm bucket of water. Mop and then buff dry with a dry towel. Never leave standing water on the wood. I am a former Murphy's Oil soap user, but professionals will tell you that will leave a build up & damage over time.. so I use good ol' vinegar & water now - it's cheap & natural! Congrats on your new floors! I love Ina's kitchen, too.


  6. Hi Lisa, we also have hardwood floors in our little home and I use the same as Lara... white vinegar and warm water, then wiped off with a soft cloth mop (they are called Swiffers here). Enjoy your beautiful wooden floors. Hope you have a wonderful weekend sweet lady ~ Txx

  7. I use the swiffer (dry) mop to dust the floors and generally just run a barely damp mop over them. I've used the hardwood floor cleaner made by Bruce. I also have a Shark steam cleaner. I think any of the suggestions you have received are fine, just don't leave water on the floor as it will cause the boards to "buck". You'll love the easy care of your floors. We love ours!


  8. I think you will love them. I use the swifter

  9. Sorry...still "stuck in Vegas with carpet" blah.
    You can teach me all about hardwood floor care if/when I get to move to Seattle. :-)

  10. I wish I had hard wood floor too!! I am jealous!!
    I like the vinegar and water idea...sounds easy!!

  11. I usually give them a quick vacuum with the hard floor attachment and then a quick once-over with a barely-damp swiffer type of "mop". :)

  12. Our old oak floorboards and staircase (500 years old!) are unsealed but still cleaning is simple, you'll adore it! This is a suitable method for sealed or unsealed Vacuum the fluff and then use a wood floor soap, make sure it's for floors as you don't want to leave them slippery! I absolutely adore the one from the company called Method as it smells of almonds and is non toxic (important if you have pets). I also use a floor oil once in a while to replenish the wood. The floor soap is also great for flagstones too (I use it on the ones we have in the kitchen and it really lifts off the toughest of stains)! Warmest wishes from a 500 year old farmhouse in England - Glenda xxx

  13. I read the other posts and noticed that no one mentioned Bona. It is a hardwood floor cleaner, that I purchase and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Owning an electric broom is a must! I vacuum with that and then spray on Bona and wipe off with my swiffer. I hope you enjoy your hardwood floors as much as I do!

  14. Thank you for sharing this beautiful home with us..


  15. Fist of all I think you will love both our oak and bamboo flooring. They look great for long if maintained properly. Wood floors are very easy to clean. Do not use too much water for cleaning your hardwood flooring. Note that steam mops may leave water in corners. It’s advised to add wood floor cleaning concentrate to the water. There are green products, too. Finally, a wood floor maintenance kit is the best solution to start with. Take a look at the wood floor cleaning solutions here: http://www.realoakfloors.co.uk/flooring_accessories.php

  16. Thanks Lisa! So glad you liked my cabinet. I love this house. The bedroom chandelier, the living room coffee table, kitchen table...all beautiful. I don't know too much about wood floors, so I wish you best of luck with yours and hope to learn from you on them :).

  17. Get the Bona wood floor care kit.
    It keeps our wood floors looking brand new after two years.
    The installer recommended this product and he was right.