Fall Door Decor

Well once again it's raining here so I can't show you my front stoop all decked out for fall, but I can show you the wreath that I made for the door.
A door that's lovingly covered with toddlers fingerprints.
I've given up on it ever being clean!

I bought this metal door hanger on clearance at Target a couple of years ago.
But when it's hanging on the door and it gets a little windy it bang, bang, bangs against the door driving me mad! Cute, but not functional doesn't work for me. But it makes it a great candidate for re-purposing.

I bought this adorable flower trim at the fabric store.
It was a bit too white to go with the antique look of the rooster, so I dyed it using tea.
The gray background is giving the tea dyed flowers a bit of a weird coloring in this photo, but you'll see how well they match in the next picture.

See how pretty the flowers and rooster look together!

I used some burlap looking ribbon to make some leaves for the flowers. Everything was hot glued onto a grapevine wreath. The wreath hangs from a suction cup hook on the glass door, but I like the look of a wreath hanging from a ribbon. So the ribbon is just for show.

I do like the rain, but I hope the sun comes out this weekend so I can load up on pumpkins and show you the front of the house. :)

freckled laundry


  1. This is so pretty! And I LOVE that chair too! AND the pillow in it! Sooo pretty!

    Lou Cinda :)

  2. What?? You didn't want to get soaked in the rain to give up a photo??? Love the wreath! I've always wanting to try staining with tea but never worked up the courage to try it.

    Can't wait to see your actual front porch!! :)

  3. The Rooster is very fun. Love the wreath, and I also love that grain sack pillow, it all goes together so nicely.

  4. The wreath looks great and what a beautiful vignette you created around it! Martina

  5. So pretty, Lisa. Love the flowers and how feminine and pretty they are.

  6. Everything is so lovely. I'm wanting that pillow!


  7. Cute Lisa!
    Love your chair, pillow and your wreath:-) you are such a creative girl!

  8. I love your wreath!! It's gorgeous.


  9. Lisa, Your wreath is so pretty! I love the rooster in the center! The cane chair and pillow are beautiful too.


  10. This is beautiful! Aren't kids fun??

    found you from Air your laundry Friday!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  11. Oh my Lisa - aren't you something. That wreath is just too cute.

  12. ...so very charming!
    what a lovely wreath:)
    xo, Rosemary

  13. That looks so good, Lisa. I love the rooster.

  14. So pretty! I love the flowers on it! Have a great weekend! Xo

  15. Lisa,
    So very pretty...your wreath,the vignette...including that amazing door...and those precious fingerprints!

  16. I love it Lisa, what a great idea. The tea-stained ribbon turned out beautiful!
    I am so glad that the rain has gone and I hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather!!

  17. Ohh thats so beautiful. what a gorgeous wreath.So beautifully displayed too
    Hugs June xxx

  18. I love this, Lisa! Thank you for linking up!

  19. I always love everything that you create! Thanks for sharing on such a beautiful blog!