A Fall Mantel (except it's not a mantel)

For the first time in my married life I am living in a house without a fireplace.
It's ok though because with a toddler in the house we wouldn't be lighting many fires anyway.
I decided a cabinet in the entry way would be a good spot to change out displays with the seasons.

My original plan was to use wonderful gold wildflowers and brown grasses
 that are growing wild all around us right now.
However, it is pouring buckets outside today, so I used some snapdragons I had in the house instead.
Maybe I'll change out the display later.
We'll see......

I do love pinks, purples and plums so it's kind of fun to change up the colors of fall.
Although I'm sure I'll use orange and such in other parts of the house.

I haven't bought any pumpkins yet, because our town is having a harvest festival next weekend
 and I want the boys to pick them out there.

So I searched through my holiday stash and dug up these wonderful textural pumpkins in soft tan tones.
I always love how lush and full fall decorating is so I put in little bunches of mums to fill in the display.

I found this large raffia type pumpkin at a thrift store years ago.
It might actually be an apple. I'm not sure.
Let's pretend it's a pumpkin. ;)

The gorgeous plate and the vintage rosette I found last week at a estate sale I went to with
 my new friend Heidi.
 She has the blog Dreams Intertwined.
Heidi is such a doll and we have been having so much fun together!
I'm going to tell you all about our shopping adventures in another post soon.

Years ago I bought this faux bough vase from Ballard Designs.
I adore faux bough, but for some reason I never found a place to put this vase in my last house and it sat in a cabinet in the garage. Sad isn't it.
So when I was thinking about my fall decorating this year I knew I had to use this vase.
The wood grain is perfect for fall.

Art in my entry way is a little tricky because there is a stairway behind it.
With hardly any wall space I decided to just prop my "herbs" sign up against the stair rail.
I think it's a fun touch.

So here you have it.
Tans, creams, fuchsia and plum.
A girly take on fall.
I hope you like it.

The Lettered Cottage


  1. So many thoughtful details. It is simply lovely. And the splashes of fuchsia and plum make this PERFECTION. :)

  2. Lisa I love how you used all natural colors, it looks beautiful! Martina

  3. Hi Lisa,
    I love the pretty setting that you've created. It's looks as lovely as any mantle. Love the colors your chose too!


  4. I love your It's not a mantel mantel! The pops of color are so pretty and I adore the pumpkins, so natural and beautiful my friend. :)

  5. It's always funny - you decorate a fall mantel and I think about spring ;) Only some weeks and christmas decoration starts. 12 months go by so fast ...

    Your fall mantel looks beautiful - I like the little details!


  6. Great place for displays since you don't have a mantle :0) It looks great, and I think your apple is a pumpkin too,hehe ..also love that vase!

  7. Lisa
    I love love your display and how perfect it fits. Love your sense of style and great eye for all the details.


  8. Lisa, Everything is beautiful! I love the Herb sign and the Ballard vase.

  9. Definitely a pumpkin. :) I met Heidi a year and a half ago at the Chicago blogger's get together I believe and yes, she's a doll.

    Love the 'mantel'. Tucking mums is a GREAT idea!

  10. Maybe not a mantel but you are defintely blooming where you are planted (or using what you have).
    Very cool pumpkins thanks for sharing.

  11. Hey Lisa. I think your "mantel" looks just marvelous. Love it all especially the sign propped up there. Such an interesting statement with it on the stairway.

    So happy you have found a buddy to "play" with.

  12. So pretty~ I love the colors you chose- they are lovely! :)

  13. I was attracted to the colors of your 'mantel' in the thumbnail picture. Very pretty and creative, and such beautiful things! You don't need orange to say Fall... The sign is a great way to hide the stairs a bit. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed it!

  14. What a pretty pretend mantle :) The texture and the little bits of color are perfect for fall.

  15. Oh, I love your muted, raffia pumpkins. I am always in search of your not so typical pumpkin/fall decor. I'll have to keep an eye out for something similar. Love your non-mantel! liz

  16. Very pretty....even without the fire!!!! Love all the attention to detail!! All the best,Chrissy

  17. I love this look for fall with the addition of the flowers...so pretty, Lisa! I adore your new finds as well and that thrift store rafia pumpkin too:) Beautiful display!

  18. Having lived in many homes without mantels, I'm used to having to decorate little spots for the seasons. I love your fall display and your little pumpkins are so cute! :)

  19. A perfect substitute for a mantel. I'm thinking that stockings could hang on your staircase and your table could be the mantel during the holidays.

  20. Hi Lisa,
    I love your new house. Everything looks so pretty.
    We are about to change up our den and thinking about getting a sectional which I am a little worried about. I was thinking instead about using two sofas and I have always loved the way the Ektorp sofa from Ikea looks.
    Would you mind telling me how you like it?

  21. Beautiful!! I don't have a mantel either. I use two old stereo cabinets and a niche. But, that's the beauty of it!! =)

    You did a beautiful job; it's all in the details!

  22. I adore this vignette!! Love Fall and Christmas in unique color schemes! You are brilliant!