Huge Vintage Washboard

I wanted to show you this huge wash board I found at the flea market.
I decided to put my two year old, Levi, next to it so you could get an idea of how large it is.
(most people think Levi is three, he is a big boy!)

Photo shoots with toddlers are so fun!

When I spied this beauty at the flea market the price was $12.00.
I think that's a good price.
But it gets better......

Levi says "wait 'til you hear this!"
It was on a table where everything was marked 50% off.
Six dollars is a great price.
But wait it gets better.......

Levi says "you aren't going to believe this!"
Before I can get the words "I'll take it" out of my mouth the man says...
"I'll give it to you for $5.00"

Tee hee hee
My mommy loves a good bargain!



  1. So cute, and what a deal! Love it!

  2. Lisa, You have definitely been hitting up the hot spots. I think you know more treasure shops that I do in your short couple of months here vs my two years. I need to get out more! liz

  3. levi looks so adorable and it is almost like he is telling us your story! Bottom line great find! I am envious!

  4. It's cool. Can you believe people use to wash their clothes on a board. Glad those days are over.
    Cute Kid!

  5. Wow you had a lucky day, didn't you. That was a fantastic buy. Your little or should I say big boy did a great job presenting the washboard. Shannon

  6. That is a FABulous price and what an adorable cutie pie Levi is.

  7. That is one huge washboard!! And Levi couldn't be any cuter!! Adorable!
    And five bucks???!! Wowzers!!
    Deal of the century!

  8. That washboard is sooooo great! What a fabulous find!

  9. Well that IS a bargain and that little guy is too too too adorable! What a great photo shoot!!

  10. You are so funny. Such a way of telling a story. Very talented. And Levi is too cute for words.

  11. Oh cute!! :-)

    Yes, Kane is pretty overwhelming isn't it? I try to get in & out as fast as possible. I hit my fave dealers... the same dealers are usually there (and in the same spots) throughout the whole season so I bolt, bolt, bolt & can call it a flea marketing day. Did you get any goodies? Kinda regret not getting those $1 sunflower bunches. ;-)

  12. Huge Vintage Washboard = good deal.

    Huge Cute Smile = priceless!

  13. Lisa, that is an amazing deal! I love old washboards and that one is a beauty. Your son is so, so cute in all the pictures :)


  14. That's an amazing find! And what a cutie you've got on your hands :)

  15. Levi is so cute and knows his momma! I love the washboard and what a great deal!!
    I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

  16. Love the washboard and your little one is adorable!!!

  17. Your new place is lovely. The buffet is perfect where you put it! I think it will look wonderful in white with the stained top.

    And love the new look of your blog! Hope all is well!

  18. I adore your home, it's so stunning! It's beautiful but also relaxing and inviting. I have the same sofa and just LOVE it! Beautiful!