A Mini Tour of My Home

Our family moved into this home in June and I have soooooo much more to do in terms of decorating.
But sometimes it's good to celebrate the little things you've accomplished and not get caught up in all the
"I wanna do this" "I wanna do that's"
So here is a mini, quicky, un-edited tour of a few rooms in my home.

One of the first things I did when we moved was purchase the Ektorp sofa from Ikea.
It then took me two months to get around to putting the slip cover on (pathetic!).
It still needs some tweaking as you can see.
The Frenchy looking end tables and coffee table are a recent craigslist purchase.
I will probably paint and sell the coffee table, but may keep the end tables.

If you have questions about anything you see in this post just ask in the comments and I will answer you in the comment section as well.

I took literally months of searching but I finally found Restoration Hardware style chairs at TJ Maxx.
 I found them at different stores, but within a week of each other.
Even though they are a lot better priced than RH, it still was a splurge for me.
But I had set aside some money from selling some of my furniture on craigslist before we moved.
So I paid cash for these beauties and I love them!

My entry way as you walk in the front door.
I'm cooking up some ideas for how to decorate it for Fall.
This house doesn't have a fireplace so this will be my "go to" holiday decorating spot.
The cabinet is from Kirkland Home.

Lantern and plaque are from Hobby Lobby.
Cloche was a Christmas gift from my son.
He got it from Steinmart. He's a good boy!

There is still a lot to do in the dining room, but I like the direction in which it's headed.

I think it has a French Country look to it.

The curtains are Waverly from Ebay.
I need to add fabric and trim to the bottom to lengthen them, but I don't enjoy this type of project so don't hold your breath on it happening anytime soon.
The art work is framed vintage book pages of ferns I bought from Etsy.
The metal piece is from JoAnne fabric.

I bought this gi-normous buffet off of craigslist.
It was made by Fancher.
I like the finish it is now, but would love a dark walnut top and a painted white bottom.
We'll see.....

This art work will get moved to another room and something farm inspired will go into it's place.
I adore the lamps.
They are from TJ Maxx. The shades are burlap.
I am a sucker for mixing rustic and elegance together and these fit the bill.
I'd love to put them in my family room, but they'd get broken in about two minutes.
So up high on the buffet, in the room we don't use seemed to be the better choice. ;)

Check out the hardware!

I'm crazy about the arch in the dining room entry.
I hope to paint this winter to emphasize it more.
(very messy butlers pantry in background-don't look at it)
Hey, I said don't look!!

There's a little niche in the wall next to the dining room, that you can see from the front door.
I've placed a metal urn inside filled with silk hydrangea's in different shades of lavender and plum.
Next to it is a cherub candle stick.

I found the candlestick at an antique mall in Las Vegas.
I loved it, but it didn't come home with me at first.
I kept dreaming about it.
When I went back it was gone, or so I thought.
The next time I shopped there I stumbled upon it.
It had just been moved to another spot. Yay!

                                                                    Feathered Nest Friday


  1. Thanks for the tour... I enjoyed it all - you have a very lovely home!

  2. Oh, you have such a pretty home;)
    Thank you for sharing.

    Lovely greetings...


  3. Hi Lisa,
    I think your home is looking lovely and you are making progress. You've only been there for three months, so I think it looks great.


  4. You've definitely accomplished a lot. Well done. All looks lovely! liz

  5. Your home is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)

  6. I think you have done a WONDERFUL job, looks great....and I like the living room coffee table, maybe you would like it better with some paint?? whatever you done, I am sure it will look awesome!!!

  7. Your decorating is coming along so nicely, Lisa. I've lived in my house fourteen years and you've probably done more than I have :) I love the two chairs you placed in front of the window, that looks so good!
    xo Tricia

  8. Good for you for celebrating the small steps! I love the huge urn in your entry way.

  9. For just moving in you sure have done a lot! So beautiful. Love all you've gotten accomplished. ;)

  10. Lisa
    Its Beautiful I love what you are doing. Looking forward to more of your design talent


  11. Hi there, I love your pieces. But for me, I'd try using one of the end tables between the 2 chairs--kinda moving the wood around the room. Big, chunky cream or grey lamps for the end tables, and a wooden lamp for the lighter table. Please send us more pics as you continue your decorating. Allegra

  12. Your home is looking so lovely! It's coming together nicely - hard to believe you just moved in. Me, on the other hand, feeling rather pathetic in comparison - need to get my butt in gear!

    Love your coffee table btw... it would look great painted grey or black. :)

  13. Lisa your home is coming along beautifully!! You have some gorgeous treasures and I love the TJ Maxx chairs. I just love how a house becomes a home. :)

  14. Tudo lindo, obrigado por nos mostrar.
    Feliz semana, beijo

  15. Lisa, you are doing a wonderful job decorating your home. I love the dining room and those chairs in the window area are gorgeous. I really like your coffee table just as it is but I understand we all have different tastes. You might like better when you get everything finished. Shannon

  16. HI Lisa :0) Thanks for sharing your home with us, it is lovely! I look forward to all the wonderful thongs you will be doing in the future too! God bless.

  17. Lisa, i love your rh look a like chairs they were worth the splurge they are beautiful. Love the pillow on it too. Darling home. Lindsay countrygirlhome

  18. Hi
    Lisa, Thank you very much for your visit and taking the time to comment! I have visited you but hate to admit its been way to long now since my last visit. I love your style and taking great notice in your mix of it all the love of all things FRench and the love of flea market chicness.

    I am goin g to enjoy my visits with you, for you inspire me as well.

  19. Welcome to Chicago...I hope you are loving it here! Your home is beautiful and you have so many wonderful ideas! Love the RH inspired chairs in front of the window!


  20. Lisa your home is beautiful and I LOVE your style!! I have a chair in my living very similar to your two. Thanks for the tour, Martina

  21. Gorgeous~ I am loving your space already!! :) Thanks for linking up at Feathered Nest Friday!! How are you enjoying your Ektorp sofa?

  22. Loved the tour...and it's all looking so very NICE! And I love your coffee table too. It has character! :)

  23. Hi Lisa~
    Your new home is absolutely LOVELY! Love all the window light & the floor length window.. yes, I'm a little obsessed with window lighting. ;-) Love your sitting room with the Ektorp! You have a great philosophy & it is important to not get caught up in the long-term home improovements.. it's good for us to celebrate on the little accomlishments.. Rome was not built in a day. Take care sweet Lisa!

  24. Nice tour! I love the way you've styled your beautiful things!

  25. Your new home is beautiful. I especially love your new sofa and those chairs. I am so jealous you found them at tjmaxx! I have been lusting after the RH ones too but they are WAY out of my budget as well!

  26. You're home is very lovely and it's coming out beautiful! I love when one starts the decorating here and there...my best part!! Hugs, FABBY

  27. What a beautiful home! Love what you did with your living room! Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  28. You have a beautiful home! I have that same plaque as you do in your foyer - I have mine in my kitchen:) I love your white rooster - a white rooster is on my "want" list these days! I will enjoy following your blog:) ~Kim

  29. Lisa~
    Your home is coming along beautifully! I love all the choices you've made so far and can not wait to see more. Have a lovely day.


  30. I think you've done a lot in a short time. Am glad to finally see the Ikea purchase. I was going to bug you about that. It looks fantastic.

  31. LOVE the chairs you found at TJ Maxx!!

  32. Dear Lisa, It took me 15 years to have a white house :). Always step by step. Enjoy every single! You've done a lot in this short time ...


  33. Love the couch and chairs, looks like you are doing a great job at putting your new house together! Thanks, Laura Cottage and Broome

  34. Your house is coming together very nicely. Love everything you have done so far, and by the looks of it, we are going to see quite a few makeovers too. Can't wait.

  35. Lisa, I had so much fun with you today. Levi the best behaved 2 yr old ever! I love the look of your home ~ and those RH chairs that you found at TJ Maxx. I saw them last week at my TJM and almost bought one for my living room!!
    See u soon,

  36. Lisa, Thank you for the tour of your beautiful home!
    I bought the same Ektorp sofa at ikea last year- with the pink slipcover. It is all wrapped in plastic ready to go to the new little house - hopefully soon! I do want to get a white slipcover for the sofa to have on hand if I want a change from the pink.
    Those wavery curtains are stunning.
    Have a pretty day!

  37. Lisa, it's just beautiful and so very homey at the same time. That's very hard to accomplish and you did it spot on! :) Have a good day, Susan

  38. Loved the tour....I am especially loving the burlap lamp shades!!!

  39. Been peeking around your home and I just love it, it looks great so far! I can totally relate to wanting to do so much more...we moved into ours in March. I just bought the same ektorp sofa, I'm liking mine and think it looks more expensive than it is when it's all put together with the cover on. Yours looks great! Since we live close, we should get together sometime...

  40. I absolutely love your blog! Your home is a haven of rest I am sure! Love it. Agree with your style and your ideals. My blog is not so elegant and is too simple right now. I have much to learn but I'd like you to drop by. I think I'd enjoy your friendship.

  41. Your home is beautiful! I say go for it on your hutch! It will look fantastic!

  42. Everything looks great so far. You've found some wonderful pieces. I had to laugh about you saying not to hold our breaths about the curtains. I just bought some for my dining room that are not even at the bottom! Adding some kind of trim is the answer but we'll see if it ever happens. :)