My Patio......again

You may be asking yourselves....didn't you just show us your patio, like a few minutes ago.
Yes, it's true. I've already shown my patio this summer.
It was something I put together quickly to have a pleasant spot in which to watch my boys play outside.
But a few things were buggin' me......

Like this table.
I liked the style and the size but, the wood was a little to "orangey".

So I painted her with Old White chalk paint.
Sanded the heck out of her and applied wax.
So much more cottage style now.
So much more "me".

When we moved into the house there was this one lone plant next to the patio.
See me in the window?
I'm not wearing any pants.
(I totally stole that joke from Amie!)

I've now dug out a little bed and planted some flowers.

The other side of the patio looked even worse.

I dug out another little bed and put in hydrangea and butterfly bush and some other plants.
I hope to be surrounded by flowers next summer.
I also placed my thrift store wine rack turned potting bench on the patio.

I found this cute pillow at TJ Maxx and it picks up on the other aqua accent pieces I've placed
 around the patio.
I also finally got around to planting my fern in my hypertufa pot.

When I was digging up my flower beds I saved some of the moss and placed in on the soil in the planter.
I just love the fern with the moss with the stone!

Here's a closer look at some of the distressing on the table.

Unfortunately I never found the right indoor/outdoor rug for the space.
That's just something I'll have to add next summer.

The other side of the patio is the same as my last patio post, but I'm going to show you a
 bunch of pictures anyway. :)

The other thing I hope to find is the perfect little side tables to place on each side of my settee.
Oh the joy of the hunt! you really have to leave????

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  1. Just in time for this crazy cold front, right? Love the table. Still hoping to try out that chalk paint at some point! well done. liz

  2. Love it! What kind of wax did you use on the white table? I've been looking for a good one to use!

  3. Your space is so delightful and your right a great place to escape to. I can hear your boys ouside playing in the yard and you enjoying every minute of it. I love the painted table, yes I rug would be great you may can find one on sale with summer over. drop by my blog I am hosting a giveaway celebrating my 100th followers. Kathy

  4. I looks fresh and cottagey!

  5. This is amazing! Love it! Also wanted to let you know you won my giveaway! Let me know what print you would like. I so look forward to hearing from you. Have a beautiful and blessed day! :)
    -Molly B.

  6. Love what you did with the table! Looks great on your patio!

  7. It looks fabulous!! Love the treatment on the table!! And the plantings really bring life into your patio! Perfect spot for some iced tea and a good book!!
    Waaaa! I don't want summer to leave yet either!

  8. What a pretty spot! I love your table transformation. Now you'll be all ready to go for next year. I don't want summer to leave either :(

  9. It is beautiful! And the table is GORGEOUS!!

  10. I am enjoying all you are sharing about your new home! The table looks great! I have an old coffee table very similar to that in my basement - my husband nailed Ikea wooden train tracks to it a few years back... his take on making a train activity table. ;-) Now I am wondering if I can pull out those nails. I heart those mushroom/grey wash Ikea baskets - I use them for storage in our bathroom linen cabinent.. I need to buy some more. We have the big ones to hold toys. Your patio looks wonderful.. would love to sip coffee in a spot that nice. Hopefully next spring ww can do something with our outdoor area.

  11. I know it's so sad to have to soon say goodbye to your lovely outdoor room! The table looks fantastic- wish I could find some chalk paint around here!
    Have a great weekend! Xo

  12. What a lovely transformation! You have a great eye! I love the fern, the moss, and the stone together too. This is the first year I didn't buy any ferns and I miss them...

  13. Ooh, I love the table painted white and all shabbied up. Such a pretty outdoor space.


  14. Your table looks soooo much better now! It's perfect for your space. I can't wait for next summer to see your hydrangea blooming. It's such a great place for it.

  15. Gorgeous! I absolutely love your patio furniture.

  16. Your space is so delightful and your right a great place to escape to. I have same that blue stone, I got that from river side. Your table looks so much better now! It is perfect for your space.

  17. I just feel like sitting there watching the kids and drinking lemonade! It's lovely, and I love what you did to the table. Also, JEALOUS of your winerack/potting bench!

  18. Great porch redo, it turned out so cute and I just love your table and potting station, I've got to find me a wine rack. :)
    country girl home

  19. Thank you for your beutiful visit and your little garden touches make such a big impact, its those little sweet touches that add the perfect cottage charm :)

    Loved my visit here, makes me feel like plant some winter plantings :)

  20. I love the pops of color you pretty! I enjoy reading your blog. I am new to blog land so if you would like to read my blog and follow me that would be great :)

  21. What a beautiful, relaxing spot to sit! You did such a great job on it with all of the details! Love the table -- fantastic job! I live in the NW suburbs and live in my screened gazebo but boy, it's been so cold at night this past week, I haven't been out there! Hoping we still have a nice bit of fall weather!

  22. Great looks great now...nice to meet you...going back to look around some more and follow along...come on over for a visit....Happy Wednesday, M

  23. Lisa I love your patio and would look at it anytime. :) The table looks so beautiful and I love the aqua accents. What a great place to hang out and just relax. next summer it is going to be so colorful with all your new plants!!
    Have a great week!

  24. Great job....when the plants fill in it will be fabulous!
    Love your pillows!
    Nows the time to get a rug on sale...good fun hunting!
    so fun to be there with your family !

  25. love what you did with the table!

  26. Love what you did with your white table! Looks awesome Lisa!
    I am so excited I go to see a mini tour of your home too! (Those chairs from TJMaxx are amazing! I never find things like that! I also love your muted Union Jack pillow. I have been watching one on Etsy for some time now.... LOVE those!

    Your home is lovely!

    Will you be at NaDa Farm on October 7th? Hope so!
    So glad you got to meet sweet Heidi too.
    She is a DOLL, isn't she?

  27. Hi Lisa
    The porch looks so inviting .
    I just painted my first piece of furniture with the chalk paint , I love it!

  28. Wow! I absolutely love your patio-well everything I've seen on your blog. You are incredible. Glad I dropped by. Thanks for sharing.

  29. That's a truly beautiful space, it must be so lovely to relax in!