Gingerbread Tree

Back in 2008 I saw a little gingerbread tree on the blog Joys Of Home.
It was so cute I just fell in love with it.
I've been wanting to do my own ever since and just never got to it before now.

But this year I found these adorable gingerbread men at Target and knew they'd perfect!
I think the kitchen is the right spot for a gingerbread tree, since that is where you'd normally cook them up! One year I bought a tub of gingerbread dough so I could whip up a few cookies whenever I wanted and having that stuff around was dangerous! (to my waistline :)

I put my whole kitchen vignette in this great vintage crate I just picked up while out shopping with my friend Heidi. She saw it first, but then she put it back down a and I just couldn't resist!
Heidi has a Christmas tour of her beautiful home on her blog right now.
 You have got to check it out!

For years now I've just loved the look of a Christmas tree in an old bucket.
I was so happy with how well my tree fit in this old bucket I had.
Check out the really cool crinkled crepe paper in the bucket, I'll talk about it in a moment.

In my old crate I also place this Santa.
I found him at the grocery store a few years ago.
His colors are bright and cheery, but I love that his clothing is that of an Old World Santa.
Old World Santa's are my favorite!
I also nestled in a bit of greenery and a gingham ribbon.

On the wall I hung this Christmas Subway art I found at TJ Maxx this year.
I snatched it up so fast when I saw it!

My sweet friend Heidi gave me a beautiful Christmas cone she made filled with all kinds of wonderful Christmas treasures. (I should have taken a picture, darn it!)
There was this sweet little angel that I placed on top of the tree, beautiful red and white plaid ribbon, those shiny flower things you can see in the photo. (I don't know what they are called)......
(ok, I found out they're light reflectors)

There were also vintage cookie cutters, which are just perfect on a kitchen Christmas tree and that crepe paper I placed in the bucket was also in my wonderful Christmas cone.
Thank you dear Heidi!!

As a wife and mother I am in the kitchen a lot...A LOT.
It is so nice to have this bit of Christmas cheer greeting me each day!

Favorite Vignette @ Savvy City Farmer


  1. I love pretty and rustic too! I love Christmas trees in buckets as well!

  2. So cute ! Love the subway art and the cute gingerbread men !

  3. This is such a lovely idea Lisa! I always love coming over here to get ideas. We are not doing much decorating this year. (I'm more in a packing mood than getting stuff out mood) I can't wait for our first Christmas in Seattle. Thanks for the lovely tips, you always find the best deals!

  4. all delightful - the bucket - the box - the crinkle paper. You've stolen my heart!

  5. Good morning, Lisa. I LOVE your little tree. I also love that crate, but you knew I would. LOL...I really have enjoyed seeing your vignettes this year. They are so warm, cozy, pretty, rustic and fun. Love it all.

  6. I love it! I am a huge fan of gingerbread men, and women ;) I have several items I have collected over the years and someday when I have grandchildren I plan to go all out with a gingerbread Christmas in my kitchen. Very cute!

  7. So beautiful! I love, love, love the rustic bucket! That subway is fabulous!



  8. It is so adorable Lisa and I love your sign! Your vignette is festive and perfect and I bet the kitchen feels so cozy with it. :
    I hope you are enjoying the holidays and the snow!!! :)

  9. Lisa, thank you so much for stopping by Take Six. It has allowed me to find your lovely blog and be so inspired by your Christmas decorating. Happy to be your newest follower!

  10. Hi, Lisa! I'm so glad you stopped by for a visit and left a comment!

    Your little tree is adorable! It looks so great in the bucket.

    I look forward to following your blog!


  11. Love this whole vignette. Those are the cutest gingerbread men.

  12. What a cute tree and I really love your Santa too, he has a sweet face. ;0) I have a tree of candies-cupcakes and sweets in my kitchen and am working on a wreath..I think the kitchen theme of goodies is totally my fave too :0)

  13. This is the sweetest tree I've seen this year.. I adore it.. Maybe next year I can have one. Its just so holiday perfect..

  14. Oh you are so creative! What a cute idea for a kitchen tree! And I love the subway art - I see a trip to TJM tomorrow!

  15. This is so adorable! How perfect a gingerbread tree in the kitchen. I love your vignettes always so beautiful and I always learn something new from them.

  16. Ok, everything about this tree is perfect! The sign in the background, the bucket, and I especially LOVE the wood crate it's in. Wow, I'm taking notes on these ideas for next year. Thanks Lisa. :)

  17. Your kitchen Christmas vignette is perfect. So adorable. I love the gingerbread men!!!

  18. Adorable Lisa! I love the red and the vintage touches.

  19. Beautiful vignette and wonderful photos! Have a very Merry Christmas!