Our Tree

I decided to do something a little different with our tree this year.
We used our same red and white ornaments from past years, but decided to add turquoise and aqua blue.
I didn't realize until after I posted these photos that I forgot to put the tree topper on the tree!
The star was crooked so I've been meaning to ask my very tall hubby to trim the top of the tree so the star would sit straight. Oh well......

The pops of blue are festive and fun and it didn't cost much because I just used cheap glitter ornaments.

Also new this year, putting our tree in a bucket.
I've been wanting to do this for a couple of years now.
I found this big one at Lowe's and made sure the Christmas tree stand could fit inside.

Our tree is in the living room.
We don't use this room much so I don't have to worry about my little guy messing with the tree all day long.
When possible I like to place my tree in the window so I can see the lights from outside.

You'll notice some other bits of blue in the room as well.

I'll be talking to you about my paper whites in my next post.

Blue acorns in a cloche and blue Jelly Belly candy canes in a canning jar.

I have sparkly stars hanging in the entry way to the room.
I'll show you more of the stars in a later post as well.

I'm borrowing the union jack pillow from my oldest son's room.

I can't wait to start putting presents under the tree....
 but I don't trust my munchkins to not peek if I put them out too early!

Did you notice the big NOEL picture above the couch?
It started out as this horse picture from the thrift store.

I painted the frame white.
 Next, I painted the picture dark brown, then blue on top of that and then a little white.
 Finally I painted NOEL in white leaving bits of the undercoat showing.

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  1. What a pretty room and tree! I love the NOEL sign. I've been wanting to use a tub for our tree too, but haven't found one big enough yet. What a lovely look with the snowflakes from up above.

  2. I know I post the same thing each time but I love your styling. Do you have any tips or tricks you can pass along? Do you go shopping with something on mind or do you pick up things as you go?
    The blue looks amazing!

  3. Your tree is so pretty. I love the mix of colors, it's very festive!

  4. Your room looks so pretty!!I love the mix of colors.


  5. Your tree is beautiful and I am seriously dying over that NOEL sign. I love it!!!

  6. Your tree looks great. Love the pillow in their that you stole from your son. You might need to keep it.

  7. Your living room looks so pretty. None of the traditional reds and greens all over the place. The aqua and red look perfect together! And I love the NOEL sign!

    I just planted paper whites today and I really doubt they are going to bloom in time for Christmas. I'm just happy I have my house decorated in time! lol! How do you like living here in Chicago?

    Happy Holidays!


  8. looks really great! the blue candy cane is so cool~

  9. Your room looks terrific!! Love the tree! And the touches of blue...nice!!

  10. The room looks pretty, but I have to say my very favorite thing is your noel sign....Love it!

  11. Great touches of blue in here and that chair with the Union Jack pillow is fabulous!
    I love how you transformed the horse picture to NOEL!

  12. Pretty color palette and love the silver snowflakes hanging from the ceiling.

  13. Your tree is so pretty and festive, and your room is a true beauty! Thank you for sharing it!

    Thank you for linking to the Christmas Tree Party at 2805!

  14. AHHHH! I love your Noel picture!!! and the mushroom, and the paperwhites and all the blue touches!

  15. I love the tree both ways! The big washtub you have it in is fantastic! And that painting you repurposed! WOW! I would never have thought to do that with a large painting -- GREAT idea and well done!

  16. I so love your Christmas tree! That was a beautiful Christmas tree decorating ideas here, especially the ornaments and decors. Soooo fabulous!