Vintage Christmas Vignette

Last year I did most of my Christmas decorating using silver and white.
I found I really missed having the bright, cheery pops of red.
Red and green is classic Christmas and it just feels so festive.

I set up this vignette using some new vintage finds.
Along with some old favorites.

I recently got this fabulous vintage bucket from one of my favorite stores Tattered Tiques.
I love how rustic it is and the wonderful green color.
After Christmas it will go in my youngest son's bedroom; which has a woodsy theme.

I found this old fabric wall calender at a flea market this summer.
I love faux bois so I was immediately drawn to the wood grain background and the bright red and green are perfect for Christmas.
The font used in the printing has a wonderful old world look to it.

This Santa is new, but I like that he has a vintage look to him.
I nestled him into some fresh greenery and dropped down some red balls and a big, red, wooden snowflake.

I haven't found a frame the right size for the calender yet, so it's just tacked to the wall.
In the vintage bucket I placed a live tree that I wrapped in some red floral fabric.
The cabinet normally has our phone sitting on it, but right now the phone is sitting on the floor. :)
Oh well...tis the season!

Favorite Vignette @ Savvy City Farmer


  1. Hey Lisa. This is certainly a favorite vignette of mine that I have seen. I love that bucket!! I love the calendar and have to say that I wish it said 1968 instead fo 67 because that's the year I was born. :) Love the greenery with the Santa tucked in. So pretty and so festive.

    Oh yeah, did I say I love the bucket? :)

  2. Well ain't that charmin? Love it. Ya did good!

  3. What a cool bucket and a lovely vignette. I usually do neutrals with silver etc. in the living room and dining room but I have too many special pieces in red and green not to use them, so it's red and green for the kitchen and family room.

  4. The bucket is perfect for the tree. Love the entire vignette. Happy Christmas.

  5. Love, love, love it! everything from the cabinet to the bucket to the wall hanging. Thanks for sharing, liz

  6. Lisa, I love all of it, that bucket, that calendar, just love it!

  7. You are putting me to shame. To shame. :)

  8. Lisa I remember my mom having a calender like that in our kitchen growing up. Your vintage vignette looks beautiful! Martina

  9. i'm LOVING the vitage bucket! What a perfect peice for that area. I've decorated with golds and silvers this year and am missing the reds too..

  10. I love it! My mom still has all of her fabric calendar tea towels - it really brings back memories of her kitchen where she always had one displayed :)

  11. Such a beautiful vignette! I love the red and green...fabulous! That bucket is perfect and the calendar adds just the right touch!!
    Thanks for sharing

  12. Hi Lisa! I love the calendar, let's see 1967 and the colors of it do go so well with Christmas decorating, that was one lucky find for you!

  13. Hi Lisa, what a great vignette! Love that old bucket with the tree. Growing up we had one of those fabric calenders each year. so cute! brings back lots of memories. thanks so much for sharing the fun at VIF! xo

  14. I love what you did with that little green bucket. It looks adorable, and has found the perfect home! We love seeing what everyone does with their vintage treasures. Great little vignette!

  15. if you ever discover the bucket missing...come knocking at my door ... heehee

    thanks for linking!

    adore your farmhouse style