Ramsign Giveaway!

This giveaway now has ended

I was thrilled when Ramsign contacted me for a giveaway!
Their enamel signs are so beautiful! I wish I could win one!
Take a look at these wonderful photos and you can check out more at their website.
You get to choose your own enamel name or number plaque!!

You could obviously use a  Ramsign enamel plaque for a house number or address,
 but I have a few other ideas.
Does your family have a number that's special to you? Place that number in your photo wall.
For example your anniversary or the number of kids you have.
I also think one of these signs could be part of a fantastic vignette inside your home.

To enter just leave me a comment telling me what your plans are for Spring break (or just spring in general) or if you've already had spring break, what did you do.
When you comment, if you don't have a profile that links back to an email address then make sure you leave me your contact info.
Head on over to Ramsign and see which sign you would like!
One of my little helpers (my sons) will choose the winner on March 5th.

A little rustic, A little white.....

A lot of swooning.....

Can I just transfer this whole area to my house please?
I love the warm wood on the curvy bench...
the lush white flowers an old bucket...
the white washed beams....
the big windows filled with light.....

I love me some rustic!
All these wood beams are yummy!

Would you ever think of putting two giant identical mirrors side by side in a room?
I wouldn't.
It's very dramatic!

Love love love these Swedish chairs!!!

Sigh, where to begin?
White slip covered chairs, sweet little gray chairs, gorgeous French doors...
and so on and so on....

Would you like to dine alfresco?

Lets leave dreamland for a moment though and get real.
How many of us are worried that our bottoms would break these little bistro chairs?
(sheepishly raises hand)
They're cute but they look awful rickety!

As most of the country is still surrounded by snow I thought I'd throw in this cozy scene.
I love me a big stone fireplace.
To have one in a sun room would be the ultimate luxury!
You'd have trouble getting me to leave.
I'd be lounging, reading a book in my room filled with light.
My feet oh so cozy from the fire.
"mommy, we're hungry"
"Now remember children mommy showed you how to call for pizza delivery"

Thank you Martha Stewart for all the gorgeous images!

Make your own apothecary (type) bottles

In this post I showed you how I took an empty sauce bottle and used Mod Podge to affix a label
from Graphics Fairy to make it look like an old apothecary jar.
Well the label became a little damaged from water and in a fit of cleaning I threw it in the recylcing bin.
I regretted it right away. So what's a girl to do?
Make some more!

I started with this old bottle of boysenberry syrup.
Rinsed it out, filled it with very hot water.
Then let it soak in a sink full of hot water.

Here's how it looks with it's new label.

Not actually an apothecary label.
Instead a vintage French chocolate label.

Another syrup bottle.
What can I say, we eat a lot of pancakes in our house!

With a vintage perfume label.

The purple heliotrope on the label are so pretty.

Once you've soaked the label they usually come right off.
Sometimes I use a sponge with an abrasive side for stubborn labels.

The vinegar bottle now sports a tooth wash label.

The great thing with the glass bottles is when you are changing the size of the graphic on the computer you can hold the bottle right up to the screen and see if the label is the right size.

One final tip for removing labels.
If soaking in hot water and scrubbing don't work....
You can use Googone and the label will slip right off.

After cutting your label out brush some Mod Podge on the back.
Place your new label on the bottle and brush more Mod Podge on the top. It drys clear.

I'm amazed at how lovely some of these food bottles are.
Many of them have beautiful ridges on them. 
Do you see the pretty scalloped edge around the neck of this bottle?

My four new bottles!

My hubby gave me a beautiful rose bouquet for Valentine's day.
When the roses died I was left with lots of pretty filler flowers.
Please indulge me, I decided to attempt some "artsy" flower photos with my click and shoot camera.

I've always loved daisy's.
Remember "he love's me" "he love's me not"?

I also adore ferns!
You may have guessed from the name of my blog!
Hmmm, someday I'll have to share why I chose that name.

Spanish lavender was not in the bouquet.
I bought a gallon pot at the nursery and am hoping it lives until I can get it potted up outside.

I don't know the name of this flower.
It started in the bouquet as purpley pink buds and then opened into these sweet delicate white flowers.


Faux Vintage Metal Basket

Many, many, times I've painted something white to make it look better.
But this time I actually decided to remove the white paint. *gasp*
I found this metal basket at the thrift store.
The shape reminded me of an antique basket.
The photo doesn't show this but the paint was a very glossy white.
Glossy paint was all wrong for this piece.

I felt my thrift store piece could look like this bushel basket from Pottery Barn.

I used spray on paint stripper, steel wool and lots and lots of elbow grease.
This project reminded me why I don't strip furniture.
It's hard work!
At one point I was on the garage floor scrubbing for so long my legs fell asleep
and I could barely stand up afterwards!

But this time the work was worth it.
Look at the wonderful patina the metal has!

For these photos I filled the basket with lavender.
I am loving having lavender in the house!

But I also think it would look cool sitting on a shelf in my son Grants room filled with old baseballs.

Or maybe I should set it next to my bed filled with magazines...
and the latest Pottery Barn catalog of course!  ;)

freckled laundry

Master Bedroom Makeover Inspiration

I have been gathering things for a makeover in my master bedroom.
Right now my room is cranberry red and chocolate brown.
It's pretty (if I say so myself ;)
But I'm craving neutrals.

Cottage Chic Store

Country Living

Coastal Living


Coastal Living

Country Living

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

House Beautiful

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

Viva Terra

Southern Living

So have you noticed a theme??????
There will be white, taupe's, and a bit of green.
Fluffy bedding that you want to sink into.
Soft and soothing and....pretty!

I'm hoping to have my room finished early this summer!