French Gray Table

ooh, la, la!!

I found this darling table (bench?) at the thrift store for $6.00. Yes, you read that right. Six dollars!!!!!
I was so happy when I plopped it in my cart. I then attempted to juggle the table and a toddler trying to climb out of the cart at the same time.
Moments later a lady passed by my cart, saw the table, and said "why don't I ever find anything like that!"
I said "get here five minutes earlier". Just kidding, I didn't really say that.
I just smiled. I was busy trying to make sure Levi didn't crack his head open.

Don't you just love all her curves!!
My original plan was to sand down the top and put on a fresh coat of stain and then paint the legs white.
However, when I started sanding the top I found out that at some point the top must have fallen off and someone had glued it back on.
There were little blobs of dried up glue all around the edges.
Not a great candidate for refinishing.

So I painted her a creamy white. Then heavily distressed the piece.
She was pretty, but I wasn't satisfied.
I knew what I wanted to do, but was scared.
So I lived with the piece for a week, hoping the white would grow on me.
No, it really wasn't what I wanted!
 I wanted an antique gray wash on her.

The glaze I own is brown and I didn't want to go out and buy new glaze so I decided to try an experiment.
I mixed two parts glaze with one part gray acrylic paint. It was the color of putty when all mixed up.
I started nice long strokes of gray on the top and then immediately wiped the excess glaze off.
It was exactly the look I was going for (don't you love it when that happens).

I have found that my glaze does not like to be wiped at a whole bunch.
So for the legs I would paint some glaze in the crevices, wipe it down, let it dry.
Then I would go over the rest of the leg with the glaze.
Trying my best to have nice even brush strokes and then wiping off the whole section I was working on.

I ended up with a few areas like this where the paint is "bunched up".
 Yes, that's a very technical paint term. I don't know why you've never heard it before?
Let the furniture piece cure (dry) for a day or two, then you can gently sand down the area.
You can go over the area with a little more glaze if you need to.

I like to pretend this little table was found in the attic of a very elegant old French woman.
Her children discovered it after she passed.
"Where did mama get this table?" they wonder.

See, she grew up in a very wealthy household.
But as an young lady she fell in love with a poor peasant.
He had dark eyes and dark hair and a heart full of sunshine.
Her parents disowned her when she ran off with him.
The only reminder from her old life was this pretty little table she brought with her.

When the children were little they would climb all over it and jump off of it, as children are known to do.
Mama was afraid someone would get hurt.
So up to the attic went the elegant little table and over the years it was forgotten.
Until now............

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Making Tags (and locker basket news)

I got an email the other day from Linda at Lavender Ridge.
She wanted to know how I made the lavender tag in my master bathroom.
Well, just in case anybody else wanted to know too, I thought I'd show the whole class. :)

I started with a Fresh Scent sachet, like these here.
They are paper packets with good smelling stuff inside. You can usually find them in the candle aisle.

Dump the contents out.
Then cut out the part of the image that you want to use for your tag.

Glue your image to a piece of scrapbook paper cut slightly larger.
Punch a hole in the top and you're done!

I used some twine to tie the Lily of the valley tag to a pot sleeve from Pottery Barn.

It's part of a vignette in my entry way.

The bunny looks kind of lonely.
I think I need to add a nest or something.

The beach tag was tied to a candle in my boys bathroom.

When my oldest son got home from school I asked what he thought of it.
He said it looked kinda "girly".
"What's girly about fish and shells?" I asked.
Well, it turns out the printing (which I didn't read) says the words calm and beauty, therefore, it's girly.
Uh, okay......

In other news:
Remember when I found these locker baskets at Homegoods.....

........and painted them to look like antique locker baskets?
If you want to read about it click HERE.
Well, I know not everyone lives near a Homegoods, so I wanted to let you know I saw some of the green metal baskets at Stein Mart this week.

Finally,  my giveaway for the red crown burlap sack and crown vintage tin is still going on.
If you want to enter leave a comment on this post.

Hope you are all having a lovely week-end!!!!


Lavender Spring Mantel

Spring is here and the lavender is blooming.
So why not bring some inside for a lovely lavender springtime mantel?

I wanted something tall on my mantel because I have very tall ceilings and it just doesn't look balanced if the arrangement consists of a bunch of small items.
 What is difficult though is my mantel is very narrow so a lot of things can't sit on it (w/o falling off!).
 I had this white crown pitcher that luckily was just the right size and I filled it up with branches from the back yard.

Then I used hot glue to affix these sweet little lavender colored butterfly's on the branches.
I printed them off from The Graphics Fairy.
How would I do any decorating without her?
I love these little butterflies on the branches so much! I had to stop myself from posting 300 photos of them.

I painted some faux eggs purple, then used an old toothbrush to splatter brown paint on.
I then used a toothpick to add a few larger spots.
 Finally I sprayed the whole egg with a clear coat to give it a light sheen.
I made a little "nest" of crinkly white paper and put in inside some little mercury glass votive candle holders. They were part of the after Christmas clearance at Target and were only about $1.00 a piece.

Finally I put some lavender in clay pots.
I had already painted the pots white at Christmas time and so I just decided to paint a purple band at the top for another pop of color.
The purples aren't photographing as well together as I would have liked.
But in person they look very soft and pretty together.

For Easter I usually decorate with pinks, greens and yellows.
It's fun to do something a little different this year.

March has brought wonderful sunny skies here in Las Vegas and we are enjoying every bit of it!

For those of you that still have snow on the ground...
Just a little while longer. Spring is on it's way!

ladies fair, I bring to you

lavender with spikes of blue

sweeter plant was never found

growing on our English ground

Caryl Battersby

Ugly signs turned into French signs

This is the first before sign.
It was on clearance at TJ Maxx for $3.00, I guess because it was broken.
I loved the shape so I decided to get it and give it a makeover.
I pulled out the rest of the hooks, filled them in and started started sanding down the bumpy surface.
After all that work I realized the back of the piece was in prefect condition, smooth and no holes.
Ugh, all that work for nothing!

My first attempt at the sign was hideous (sorry no picture). I had to strip off the paint and start over.
But every time I put on a coat of white paint, tannins from the wood bled though and the white paint was pink/orange.
 I didn't know what to do so I turned to my facebook page and asked for help.
Thank you to my dad and to Tammy from Home for 6.
They said I needed to seal it. So I sprayed it with poly.
 After it dried I painted the sign again and no bleed through! Yay!

After the sign was painted white, I used carbon paper to trace an image from The Graphics Fairy.
 I then used a black paint pen to fill it in. Finally I painted a black outline around the edges.

So how do you like this sign???? :)
I found it at the thrift store and loved the shape. I think it was around $1.50.

I made this one the exact same way as the first one.
The only difference was I sanded down a few areas on the sign to age it.
Finally at the end I added a tiny bit of glaze.

It was my first time using a paint pen and I don't think I'll use one again.
 Although it made it easier to trace the letters, I didn't like how shiny the paint was.
 I have decided painting signs is not my gift.

Maybe I'll win a silhouette someday. Then I'll be whipping out signs like nobodies business!

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