What's Up?

Last week was my son Grant's spring break so we headed to Illinois for a house hunting trip.
It was the first time Levi (age 2) had been on a plane.
Not my favorite experience in the world and let's leave it at that!

The weather was kinda yucky while we were there but we still had a really nice time.
It was so lovely to see large expanses of green grass after living in the desert for six years.
Bulbs were blooming and we saw daffodils everywhere.
It was really beautiful!

We found one house that is a possibility but aren't 100% sold on it yet, so we will keep looking.
I'll keep you posted.
I'm trying my hardest to find a house with hardwood floors.
It would be a dream come true!
The three houses I've lived in (as an adult) have all has cream carpet.
I am so over cleaning light carpet!!!

When we got back to Las Vegas tons of stuff had burst into bloom.
Spring is so wonderful!
(the flowers on this tree smell heavenly!)

All of the flower photos in this post are blooming in my yard right now.
I overexposed them in picnic for fun.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy....
So, I took the boys to Legoland in the Chicago area and they had tons of fun.
(It is almost impossible to get Levi to look at the camera right now, grrr)

Our hotel in the suburbs had this cozy fire burning in the lobby everyday.
So nice after driving around in the rain to come back to a fire!
They also had a bowl of candy and cookies in the lobby.
You can probably guess that my kids were pretty thrilled with that!

For part of our trip we stayed in Chicago.
This fancy chandelier was in our hotel.
It's my dream chandy!

Proof that Levi does actually smile!
He loved going down the "big kids" slide by himself.

My vintage style pantry

I'm going to start out my pantry makeover post by showing you a little project I completed for it.
I found this crate at the thrift store.
It used to hold children's toys, I think fake fruits and veggies.

I wanted it to look like an old crate.
I started out spraying the whole thing with heirloom white spray paint.
I was using up a can I had and it served as a base coat.
I then mixed two gray paints together. Not mixing them completely.

Here's how it looks so far.
I wanted both grays to show as well as bits of the white to show through.

I then brushed on a coat of glaze.
The next day I felt the crate still wasn't dark enough so I added a second coat of glaze.

Here's the completed crate.
It has a vintage feel to it now.

I placed it next to an old Pepsi crate and filled them both with food.

I've shown you my beloved chicken wire baskets before.
They came from Homegoods.

I liked these baskets so much I went back and got a couple more.
I like shallow containers in the pantry so I can easily see and grab the food inside.
~please don't judge my food choices~  :)

On the floor I placed a gray basket from Tuesday Morning.
It holds a big bottle of vinegar and distilled water (that I use in my steam mop).

On the top shelf, my faux vintage locker baskets.

I didn't do anything to the shelf with canned goods because I wanted to be able to grab them easily and move them around as needed.
Maybe I'll make pretty gray labels for all of them....
ha,ha, just kidding!!

A shot of the whole pantry.
I also scrubbed the shelves before putting all the food back in.
 It's amazing how grubby they were!
I should mention, this is the cleanest and most organized my pantry has ever been.
Also, there is not nearly the amount of food that is normally in here.
Because we're moving I've donated a lot of un-opened food and have been working on using food up.

I must say I'm loving having a cute, clean, pantry.
I wonder if I can maintain this in my next house?

The Lettered Cottage

A wee buns makeover

A wee buns (very easy) makeover. 
 I've been reading Patrick Taylor's series of books An Irish Country Doctor
and I have all things Irish on the brain! 
They are very sweet books and I'll be sad when I've finished them.
Which has absolutely nothing to do with this project so I'd better plough ahead (get on w/ the story or task).

A Tuesday Morning store has recently opened up near me so I thought it was my duty to go take a look.
I found this cute little metal wall pocket for only $2.99.
Blue doesn't go with my decor,  hence the makeover.

I sprayed two coats on white spray paint on and then used a dry foam brush to highlight the raised design in front with black acrylic paint.
 I also painted all the edges of the piece black.
I didn't mind if the painting wasn't perfect because it gives the piece more of a vintage look.

The wall pocket even came with a plastic liner so the piece won't rust out when you put plants in it.

Then I had some fun playing with vignettes in my kitchen!
First I put a little fern inside and put some green pots around it.

Next I filled it with lavender.
 Can you make lavender look bad?
I don't think so!

Well, I'd better stop craking on (talking incessantly) about this and get some housework done!

Our Guest Room

This room used to be our office, but when baby Levi came along our guest room became a nursery.
We still needed some place for guests to sleep and once we got a lap top we didn't need an entire room for our office anymore.

The room is too small to put a queen size bed in.
I was thrilled when I found this Restoration Hardware daybed on craigslist.
It has a trundle underneath so the bed can sleep two people.
There's a down filled mattress topper underneath the white quilt and sometimes I like to
 sneak in here and read a book.
It's very comfy and cozy!
Then my kids find me and I'm terrified of their grubby fingers touching the white quilt- so I have to usher them out and leave my tranquil space.

I've loaded the bed with lots of pillows. It feels so good to sink into them while reading.

The burlap pillow is from Restoration Hardware (on sale).
The other pillow was custom made from the Etsy shop Styled Spaces.
 She listed it as a smaller pillow and the printing was black.
I asked  her to make me a 26x26 pillow cover and change the printing to a khaki color.
Like I said in my last post, I love Etsy because most of the sellers are happy to do custom orders.

I hung my French signs, which are thrift store makeovers, on the wall.
I also have put my French gray table, also a thrift store makeover, here in the room.

These ugly oak veneer bookcases had to stay in the room.
I gave them a little makeover with some fabric and wallpaper.
If you want to know more about it you can click HERE.
Behind the curtains are lots of books and photo albums and the top shelves hold pretty things and
 vintage style baskets.
 I love things that are both pretty and practical. The baskets look good, but also hold a lot.

In the little wall space between the closet and one of the bookcases I hung my beloved herb crates.
I got these for my birthday last spring and it took me quite a while to figure out what to put in them.
I'm finally happy with what I came up with. (the fourth herb crate is in my laundry room)

In the top box I placed a white crown oil pourer and a faux herb.
The crown pourer is propped up with a soup can.

I've had this ceramic pomegranate plaque for a long time.
I really loved it but never could find the right place to put it in the house.
I propped it up and wrapped some burlap ribbon around it and I like it in here.

In the bottom box some faux herbs and a little metal birdcage.
The birdcage used to be black but I painted it.

So that's it. Our cozy girly guest room.
There is more I'd like to do, but since we're moving I'm going to leave it like this and have fun playing with the room some more in the new house!

Which we haven't found yet..... (please pray for us) :)

                                                                     French Country Cottage

My Living Room

For those of you who are new to my blog welcome! G'day to those who have visited many times too!
For Poppies at Play homes tour I felt a post showing my whole house would be a bit too long so I decided to give you a tour of my living room. If you would like to see more of my home just click on any of the room photos on my sidebar and you will be taken to that rooms post. In this post you can click on any of the words highlighted in green to be taken to a post that gives tutorials on my projects.

I've never shown photos of my complete living room before and there are two reasons why.
Both reasons are behind my couch. Two huge windows that let in tons of light.
Great in "real life", but horrible glare when you try to take photos.

This little piece of furniture makes me smile because of the irony of the piece .
I only spent $60.00 on the bookshelf/cubby table at Walmart.
However I spent $120.00 on the baskets from Pottery Barn because at the time it was the only place that had baskets the right size. Crazy right!
It is a great piece though because it hides lots of kids toys.
I have plans to add some enamel numbers to the baskets when I get a chance.

I made this blackboard out of an $8.00 thrift store mirror.
The mercury glass candlesticks were after Christmas clearance specials.
I recently bought this awesome lantern at Hobby Lobby. It has great patina.
I had been looking for just the right lantern for awhile and this one was exactly what I was looking for.
Love it when you find that perfect piece that you've made up in your mind!

I know a lot of people don't like ceiling fans, but they are nice  to have in Las Vegas.
I think this one is pretty.
I got it for only $50.00 from Home Depot because it was a floor model they were getting rid of.
We had to borrow an extra tall ladder from the neighbors when my dad installed it for us.

The glass shades are really unusual.
They are shaped like flowers.
The inside is a bright amber color and the outside is frosted.
I wanted to point that out in case you just thought I needed to dust the piece. ;)

The fireplace isn't the prettiest around, that is for sure.
But it is a two sided fireplace, which is kinda cool.
The other side of the fireplace is in our family room (which I will be showing on the blog soon).

I got this great print off Etsy from the Kiki Comin shoppe.
She had it listed with white letters and colored background.
I asked her if she would switch it and make me one with brown writing and a white background
and she was happy too.
That is something I love about Etsy. It's so easy to get custom pieces made.

We have a nice chunky coffee table.
I searched for literally years trying to find just.the.right.table.
I loved this one so much. Now I'm kind of wanting something different. (oops)
Maybe sell it on craigslist and find something oval?
Hmmmm, we'll see.
The baskets underneath are from Ikea and are great for holding more kids junk toys.

Well there's that annoying glare.
On the table are two of my make over over pieces.
The pillow on the couch is from Restoration Hardware.
I'm slightly addicted to their pillows.
I always wait for them to go on sale before buying.
They are really well made and super cute, to boot!

(paint color: Valspar Faint Maple)

Next post:  I'll be showing you my guest room. :)