Good bye for a little while......

(our new home)

In just a few short days we will be leaving Las Vegas and moving to the suburbs of Chicago Illinois!

Friday was my sons last day of school and I am ready to take on summer vacation full force!

I probably won't have internet access for a little while, but I will be back soon.

Later lovies.....

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How about a room w/ an ocean view??!!

I'm not really able to do projects in my own home right now since we are getting closer to our moving date.
So I hope you'll *settle* for some dreamy beachy rooms!
This is serious eye candy!!!!!

Does it get any better?
Chippy table, roses, shell chandelier and a view of the roaring ocean waves.

This dining room is gorgeous and then you add an ocean view....there aren't words!

I think this is what heaven must be like.

Rustic table+ white couch+ ocean view=perfection

In love with this couch. Very fitted and formal.
It looks so great with the beachy casual table.

Okay, no ocean view here, but the whale artwork is really cute.
I am in love with the color of these stools!
I will be using this color in my new home.

I can't leave comments-boo :(

For the last two days I haven't been able to leave comments on your blogs. :(
I hope this gets fixed soon! I miss talking to you guys!

p.s. I changed my comments from pop up window to full page and I can now leave comments on my own blog. If you are not getting comments go to setting, then at the top of page click on comments, then fill in the bubble for full page comments.

Neutrals with a punch of color

I fell in love with this home when I saw it in BHG magazine.

I would not have thought of pairing dark accessories; black mirror, urns and dark purple candles,
 on top of a chippy white dresser, but it looks stunning!

The couch, rug, drapes, and walls are neutral, but the large art pieces on the walls are bright colors.
The room still looks very serene because of all the earth tones.
The graphic pillows on the couch also draw your eye.

White cabinets and black countertops and yet you look at the room and
all you see is all the green, orange and yellow.
The fruit and flowers can easily be changed out if you tire of citrus tones.

In the dining room once again all the main pieces; table, chairs and wainscoting, are neutral.
The wall is painted a fun aqua blue.
A woman has a prerogative to change her mind, so the room can be painted a different color in a day!

An earth color on the wall, but very bold and dramatic.

My favorite room of all!!
I love the bedding. The patterns look very textural.
The shell chandelier is FAB!
Again full of neutral color but not at all boring.

I bet you're wondering how many more times I can say "neutral" in this post.

Glam Rock

This home really isn't "me" but it is very beautiful and whimsical and I thought you might enjoy the tour.
Somebody likes Santos! How many can you find? :)
Great job of mixing rustic and elegant, don't ya think.

Check out the formal dining room.
So who does this elegant home belong to.......

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne!

Love the country touches in the kitchen.

This is my favorite of all the rooms.

More Santos....
Love the pretty pillows on the couch.

Moving from blue to purple.

This is where the "prince of darkness sleeps". Too funny!

Love this!
A big stack of books and the butler fetching me lemonade and I'm in heaven. ;)

So what did you think?

If you want to see more check out Architectural Digest.

A little entry way make over

There is a little space right next to my front door that is only about 15" deep.
Years ago I found this little metal table that fits well in this spot. The table was gold and red (really ugly).
I painted the table and the oval mirror above it with a brown rusty finish.

Here's a close up of the finish.
The mirror has been damaged and I decided it was time for the table to under go a change.

I started out using a can and a half of primer to cover the dark finish.
I then spray painted the table white. I originally planned to rough it up a little with some sand paper
and be done with it.

But then I remembered how much I liked the glazing treatment I did on my French gray table and decided it would look really pretty on this table too.
I mixed smoke glaze with gray acrylic paint.When I brushed it on it looked like pond sludge.
 But when you wipe it off you have a really pretty smoky gray color.
 I still wanted a lot of the white to still show through so my foam brush was pretty dry.

Because of all the swirls on this piece there were spots where the glaze splotched on and was too dark
(it's difficult to do nice smooth brush strokes on a swirly piece).
So I dry brushed some white paint on some spots and in some areas I mixed my glaze and white paint together and brushed it on.

It's a piece I had fun playing with. I wanted a build up of different paint tones
so it would look like an old piece of furniture.
 Instead of a cheap piece of furniture from Ross; I wanted it to look like it was rescued from an old French Chateau.

This weekend I had a lovely good bye dinner with two of my dearest friends.
My friend Babette blessed me with this amazing lantern from Pottery Barn.
 She picked out the perfect thing for me!
My friend Gina was also there and blessed me with some very cute gifts that gently poked fun at Illinois
 (she is from there so she's allowed!).
We were laughing and tearing up and had such a great time!
 Let me tell ya, good byes stink!!
 But God brought us together as friends and I know we will see each other again.

Beside my amazing new lantern I placed a crown pitcher full of flowers from a tree in my backyard.

I hung my framed tote bag on the wall behind my pretties.

I love pottery that has crazing on it. Do you?

Such a fun little make over. I love painting furniture!
I won't get to enjoy it for too long though, the packers are arriving in about two weeks!
So much to do! So for now I bid you adieu. ;)

I'm joining the Spray Paint Party @ Thrifty Decor Chick!

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

My Kitchen

Whenever we move I like to take pictures of my home so we have memories and reminders of our old house. This is the first time I have had a blog while moving so I decided I'd share the photos with you.
A reader recently told me she would like to see pictures of my kitchen, so here we go..........

I have been very, very, lucky with this house because the kitchen is huge.
I don't ever expect to have a kitchen this big again, but I have loved it while it was mine.

This is what the breakfast room in our kitchen looked like yesterday morning.
I sold the dining set on craigslist yesterday.  A glass tabletop and kids do not mix.

I'm not crazy about the black valence and sconces anymore, but kept them up for showing the house.

I added some farmhouse country below the window tying into the black.

I found these cute jars recently at Tuesday Morning.

Our house has a very open floor plan. You can see into our dining room and living room from the kitchen.
On the other side of this dining area is our family room which I will show you in another post.

I have been really pleased with what I came up with on top of the upper cabinets.
It can be a challenging space to decorate and you don't want it looking cluttered.
I used wood and wicker platters from Ikea propped up on plate stands.
Then cheap urns and faux plants. Everything is propped up on books and wood slats.
Whatever you put on top of the cabinets gets very dusty and greasy so you don't want to put anything up there that is too important to you.

I found this reproduction metal egg gathering basket from Homegoods and it's perfect for holding wooden spoons and such. The green pottery is a old piece that I love.

Moving around the room we have more cabinets.
In my other houses I've kept things like my punch bowl and crock pot in the garage and pulled them out when I needed to use them. In this kitchen I've been able to hold every single thing in the cabinets and then still have more room. I've been very spoiled!

This is the first time I've had an island in my kitchen and it's been wonderful!
You can see my entry way and front door in the background.
That's the one thing I don't like about an open floor plan...
Someone comes over and they can see all of your mess from the front door.

Behind the white door is my pantry.

Notice how I cropped the sink. That's because there were dirty dishes in it!

Usually my laptop sits on the island. It's a nice place to blog.

The counter stools were from Pier One. They are being sold too.

See the metal wall hanging above my range?
It's actually plastic! It was white and I spray painted it black.

So there you have it, a tour of my kitchen.
I have no idea what my new kitchen will look like.
We have found a home in Illinois that we are going to rent, but I haven't seen it.
My hubby took pictures of the house, but he didn't take any of the kitchen so it will be a surprise for me.