Lovely Aqua and Green Kitchen

I am working on projects around my home but I haven't had time to photograph anything yet.
So I thought I'd share photos of this gorgeous kitchen from BHG online.

I am thinking of using green and aqua in my kitchen as accents.
My kitchen won't look anything like this but it's still fun to get ideas.
Wanna see a before photo?

 Quite a difference, eh!

The white shelves just pop against the aqua beadboard.

I really think blue, green, and white is yummy together!!

A before shot of the sink side of the kitchen.
Are you ready for the after.......

Such a difference!

Love the curvy faucet!

Before photo of the breakfast nook.
Hello, the 1970's wants its nook back.

Isn't it so so pretty!!!!!

One more shot of pure kitchen beauty.

My (old) Family Room

I meant to post this before I moved, but with all the problems that Bloggers been having I didn't get to it.

We are all moved into our new house in Illinois now and are busy unpacking and cleaning etc.
These photos are of the family room in our old home in Las Vegas.
When we moved to LV,  I was very into the Old World style.
My new family room will look very different (no red), but
I thought it would be fun to show you these pictures.

I hope you don't mind if I don't chat, but just show you the pictures.

The BIG "Martin" chair (remember on Fraser).
I actually bought this big burgundy monster!
My hubby is 6'9" and I wanted him to have someplace comfy to sit.

I am on the hunt for a more attractive, but equally comfortable replacement.
~wish me luck ~