My Patio

My patio is complete (for now).
We moved into this house in June and I wanted to use the patio right away.
So besides buying a new table I tried to use things we already had.

I used some purple toile fabric that I've had stashed for years to brighten up the table.

Next to my hypertufa planter I placed a real birds next we found near the patio when we moved in.
I got excited when  remembered I had this large aqua stone which helps tie in with all the other aqua pieces I've added to the patio. (which I talked about in my last post)

This little twig table used to be in my son's woodland themed nursery, but now that he's a very active toddler I decided a glass top table might not be a good choice for his room anymore.
The lanterns were on clearance at Target.

These flowers looked so pretty two days ago, but we've been getting alot of storms and a bunch of the petals fell off and blew away. The faux nest has little touches of grey/aqua on the leaves.

I seem to have a plethora of side tables in my house so I grabbed this makeover table of mine and placed it outside. You need to have plenty of places to put your lemonade glass. :)

I got the coffee table from World Market on clearance. Those of you who have seen my patio at my old house may wonder what happened to my old DIY patio table. It was slightly too tall which made lounging with my feet up uncomfortable. Comfort is a must at my house, so I sold it on craigslist .The lady who bought it is really the queen of re-using because she was going to turn my coffee table into a pot rack and hang it from the ceiling. So cool!

Now I'll move onto the other side of the patio.

I've shown you my pots I've turned into side tables last summer, if you'd like to see how to make them click here.  When I get a chance I hope to do a follow up post showing how these have held up.

I'm going to stop talking now and just show you photos.

I'm still looking for the perfect indoor/outdoor rug for the space.
I just used this grain sack style rug for the photos.
(thanks Dina :)

Don't be surprised if the patio looks different next summer. :)
There are things I still want to change, but for now I have a nice place to sit and watch my kids play.

Bringing color to my patio

Normally I love neutrals, but I was feeling like my patio was looking kind of blah.
A summer patio should have a sense of fun to it.
So how to add a little color, but not spend (almost) any money?

(my cuties in the background are getting ready for a squirt gun battle)

We've had some big thunderstorms this summer and the strong winds broke some of my pretty nick nacks I had sitting outside.
 So I gathered some metal items from around the house to use on the patio.
 Hopefully they will stay intact in a storm.

I sprayed them all with Rustoliem in aqua.
It was really bright. I was kinda horrified!
So I grabbed some sandpaper and sanded the heck out of them.

Ah, much better!  Much more me.
Spraying all the pieces the same color unifies them and sanding them gives them the vintage look I love.

We have this fabulous cloche my son gave me for Christmas a couple of years ago.
I did get his permission before I painted it. :)

This birdcage was originally dark green, but when I sanded it the brown metal shows through.

The small finial was cream and the larger one was brown.
The difference between the shades of aqua really surprised me.
It is much lighter on the finial that was cream underneath.
Which sounds like it should be obvious, but spray paint usually covers pretty good and I wasn't expecting such a difference.

Do you want to see more?
I'm going to show you the whole patio in my next post......  :)

Antique Faire Fun

One thing I was really excited about when I found out we were moving to Illinois was that I would be near lots of great antique shopping.
But since we have been here I haven't had the chance to do any....until now!
I was worried when we had thunderstorms all night, but the sign said rain or shine so off I went!

This was my favorite booth.
She had so many neat rusty metal things.
All kinds of beautiful plants and charming vintage items.

I was too shy to take photos at first, then I heard the vendor was in the bathroom so I started snapping away. When the vendor came back, my little guy started calling me, so it gave me the excuse to take off.

The more I think about it, the more I feel pretty foolish.
I should have just told the lady that I loved here space and asked permission to take photos for my blog.
Duh! Lesson learned.

So do you want to see what treasures I came home with?
(from a different vendor)

I found this very cute pediment.
It may be a reproduction. I'm not sure.
But, I wanted one for above my kitchen window and it was only $10.00.

I brought it home and it fits the spot perfectly, yay!
I can't wait to hang it, but I plan on waiting until I paint the kitchen.
Which probably won't be until this winter.
I want to spend as much time as possible in the sunshine while I can.

I also found this great vintage box.
I am quite sure that it really is old.

Side note, check out the pretty view in my backyard.
I love it here!

Love the chippy paint and rusted nails.
I think I'll have a lot of fun with this piece.
It was ten dollars too.

Spent my twenty bucks then ran home because it was huuuumid!
This mama is very happy with her new (old) white treasures!

Our little trip to the waterpark

Last week my husband surprised us by booking a stay at a waterpark resort.
The room was so cute. It had cottage style furniture, but was decorated in bright tropical colors.

Here's a big bucket of water being dumped on Grant.

I love the sweet little smile on Levi's face and that Grant was willing to take a break from the big water slides to spend some time with his little brother.

Love Gran'ts face here....pure joy!
Levi quickly learned to turn his head each time he went down so he wouldn't get a face full of water.

My favorite part of any water park....the lazy river!!

Thanks to my honey for the great family time!

Knock Off Potential-Coffee Tables

I fell in love with this gorgeous room the moment I saw it on The Paper Mulberry.
Especially the beautiful and unusual coffee table.
I just love the scrolly gray metal legs and the beautiful pale wood on top.

Here's another view of this breathtaking room.

But I wondered, where would one even find a coffee table like this?
And how much would it cost?

I found this table for only $25.00 on craigslist!
Now use your imagination.....
Paint the scrolly legs gray and then dry brush some white on top.
Remove the glass top and replace it with some wood planks.
Can you see how beautiful this could be and for so little money?!

I also love the industrial style coffee tables at Restoration Hardware.

This one is over $1,000......

This one is also over $1,000.
But there are some knock off's out there.

World Market sells this one for $279.99.

Lamps Plus sells theirs for $219.91 (who knew they sold coffee tables?).

Want to pay even less????????

I found this table on craigslist for $75.00!
I would cut down the sides on the top of this table so it is the same size as the metal base.
I would also remove the glossyness from the wood and distress it.

So the lesson is: Use your imagination and scour craigslist like crazy and you can save some dough!

p.s. I didn't buy either table from craigslist. I'm still designing my living room in my mind.
       (does that sound weird?) You know what I'm talking about. Right?!

p.p.s. I still plan on showing you what I bought at Ikea but I have been working very hard refinishing the table and chairs for my breakfast room. I will try to photograph stuff soon!