Old Wooden Box Made Over

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Threshing Bee (which I'll talk about in another post) amongst other things, there was a little flea market being held there.
 The prices were terrific and I came home with as many goodies as the children and I could carry.

A man at the flea market tried to sell me this horrible box.
I said "no thanks".
He said "how about a dollar".
"Well, okay".
It's a crime that someone spray painted this little ol' box silver and covered up the typography, but since it was so cheap I decided it was worth making over.

I slapped one coat of each of these paints on.
I didn't even have the paint dry between coats.
 I just painted one layer on top of another.

Here's how it looked after the paint dried.

Then I broke out my "fancy" new wax and used it for the first time.
I wanted the piece to look older to match the inside of the box.
(which is pretty cruddy looking)
(in a good way :)

Here's the finished product.
I filled it with wild flowers from my back yard, they are inside mini vases that you can't see.
Next summer I hope to fill it with hydrangea's.
I'm putting in some bushes this Fall.

I upgraded my picnik account (for editing photos) so I'll be trying out different textures and lighting.
Hope it doesn't annoy anybody. ;)

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