Soft and pretty and luxurious

I hope all of you on the East coast are safe, sound, and dry after Irene.
You have been in my prayers.
When I saw a few photos of this house at House of Turquoise I was blown away by how gorgeous it was.
I quickly made my way to At Home In Arkansas to see more.
Enjoy this very luxurious home in lovely tones of soft blue and taupe with metallic mixed in!

I'm starting with the dining room because it is my favorite.
I can't get over how gorgeous these chairs are.
I adore the fabric and the painted finish. Don't you?
I always love swirly metal chandeliers and the buffet's gorgeous too.
Oh yes and the rug! Yes, love the rug.

All kinds of prettiness on the buffet.
From the rich silver service on the buffet.
To the barley twist lamps.
The mirror is fab too!

The living room is very formal, but the furniture still looks comfortable.
I think that's so important.
One time I visited a very lovely home for a friends baby shower and all I could think about was how
 sore my hiney was.
Beauty never out weighs comfort.
(except with shoes (jk) :)

Another view of the living room.
Arched topped armoire's have always been my favorite.
Did you notice the framed fabric in the background.
A very economical wall decor.

A little eating area off the living room with one of the giant clocks I love so much.
I'm going to put my two cents worth in and say they should paint the chairs to have the same
 finish as the armoire.

The master bedroom looks so luxurious with it's touches of metallic.
Another gorgeous chandelier.

I think the fabric on the bedding is so lovely.
Did you notice the mirror?
It's such a pretty, feminine shape.

This is the nicest office I have ever seen!
So very functional, with tons of storage.

Check out the amazing ceiling!
Oh my goodness. So, so pretty.
A bedroom fit for a princess.
Make that two princesses!

Old Wooden Box Made Over

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Threshing Bee (which I'll talk about in another post) amongst other things, there was a little flea market being held there.
 The prices were terrific and I came home with as many goodies as the children and I could carry.

A man at the flea market tried to sell me this horrible box.
I said "no thanks".
He said "how about a dollar".
"Well, okay".
It's a crime that someone spray painted this little ol' box silver and covered up the typography, but since it was so cheap I decided it was worth making over.

I slapped one coat of each of these paints on.
I didn't even have the paint dry between coats.
 I just painted one layer on top of another.

Here's how it looked after the paint dried.

Then I broke out my "fancy" new wax and used it for the first time.
I wanted the piece to look older to match the inside of the box.
(which is pretty cruddy looking)
(in a good way :)

Here's the finished product.
I filled it with wild flowers from my back yard, they are inside mini vases that you can't see.
Next summer I hope to fill it with hydrangea's.
I'm putting in some bushes this Fall.

I upgraded my picnik account (for editing photos) so I'll be trying out different textures and lighting.
Hope it doesn't annoy anybody. ;)

The Lettered Cottage

More info on Target's French farmhouse dish towel

I got an email from Melaine of  My Sweet Savannah (my blogging hero!!) asking for more information on the French farmhouse style dish towel I got at Target yesterday.
Some of you may want the same information so I thought I'd share it with the whole class.

I feel I should mention that I shop at a Super Target.
 It has a full size grocery store in it, so it's possible it carries more merchandise than most Target's.

I feel that I practically live at Target so I'm certain that these kitchen products are new.

Everything is so cute!
It almost makes me wish I had red in my kitchen.

Here's close up for the Alabert dish towel.

Here's the front of the tag......

.........and here's the back.

I checked yesterday and they aren't selling the stuff online.
Hopefully they will soon!

I picked up an extra towel today which I will include in a giveaway I'm having in September.

Look what I found......

Just a quick break from my blogging break to to show you the darling dish towel I found at Target today! 
Squeeeeeeal, it's so cute!
They have other coordinating kitchen items too.
I plan on making my dish towel into a pillow for my twelve year old son's room.
Of course when I told him that he was horrified.
He's just not diggin' vintage style.......sigh.

Taking a Blogging Break......

....this month. I'll see you in September. Have a great rest of the summer!

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